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Sellers, Jacob (Salisbury Hundred). Appointed by the Committee of Correspondence to solicit subscriptions in 1775 to purchase arms & ammunition. (History of Frederick Co., MD by Williams & McKinsey, p. 85)

Sellers, Robert. Corporal in Capt. Jospeh Wood, Jr.'s company of militia on Nov. 29, 1775 (MD Historical Magazine, Vol. XI,p. 53) Associator in Dec 1775. (MD Historical Magazine, Vol. XI,p.172) Juror to the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 (9000 Men Who took the Oath of Allegiance & Fidelity to MD During the Rev., Vol. 1, by Bettie Carothers, 1978, p. 28). Private in the Middle District Militia in 1776 in Capt. Valentine Creager's Company (Archives of MD, Vol. 18, p. 72).

The sources are listed after each piece of information above.