MCDANIELS in Fayette Co, KY
             Enos McDaniel family
             Sherry Mazzetti <>

Have started (again) to copy the stuff I brought back from library at Salt
Lake.  Since Enos and Sidney came up again, I’ll just reiterate what I have
written before.  Will continue with McDaniel in some records.  Just a
more notes of that.  Then I will shift to some of the Sellers and Keller
stuff I picked up.

Note that none that follow is new info.  I think that I have listed all
before, but I am trying find out how many McDaniel families were in the
general area of our Sellers families and if they were related to me.  I
that Mack McDaniel left Spots Co VA for KY and some of these other McDaniel
families came from PA, but emigration patterns make it quite possible that
they were still related.

In January 1783, Mack McDaniel/McDonald was in Lincoln Co KY and served
briefly with the Lincoln Co militia guarding the approach to the Falls of
Ohio (now Louisville).  Francis McDonald, John McDonald, and William
McDonald (at least) were inside the fort at the same time.  There were
serving in the Fayette Co militia.  I think these were the sons of
Enos/Eneas McDaniel.  There were two men named Mastin in their group—Hustin
and Samuel—and Mack McDaniel had land dealings with another Mastin both in
VA and in KY.  By 1790, Mack McDaniel wound up living in what was then
Fayette Co.

1787 Personal Tax List No. 2 Within the District of Thos. Lewis Fayette Co
John McDaniel
John McDaniel
James McDaniel
Hugh McDaniel
Henry McDaniel
Francis McDaniel

1790 Tax Lists—KY
Fayette Co
Francis McDaniel
John McDaniel
Mack McDaniel
Michael McDaniel
William McDaniel
Woodford Co
Mac McDaniel (owned property in Woodford but was resident in Fayette)

Enos/Eneas McDaniel lived Westmoreland Co PA.  In Bourbon Co KY by 1776d.
1802 (will rec. Bourbon County) m. 1st Sidney Unknown (she appears to be
mother of all children); 2nd Frances Cambell 1797 Bourbon Co KY; 3rd
Isabel/Isabella Caldwell 1800 Bourbon Co KY.

In LDS records, I have found several references (not checked out) to early
Roland McDaniel(s) who would appear to be related, as the name appears
repeatedly in Eneas’ family.  The earliest Roland also supposedly had a
daughter named Sidney.  I have listed these before.

Note that I have found a Mason Co KY record which refers to an Enos
a couple of months after this one’s reported death.  I cannot explain it.
Will list later.

Will lists children and the following additional heirs:  George Givens,
Benj. Kendrick, and Chas. Smith Jr.  Witnesses were John Clarkson, Charles
Clarkson, Wm. Kendrick.

1) Alexander McDaniel m. Elizabeth McCann 1798

2) John McDaniel m. (these are not certain on my part—maybe two different
men) Polly/Mary Hamilton 1792.  Another John in the area married
Martha/Patty Carrington 1793--at least I think these are two different men.

3) Rowland McDaniel m. Lettice Neal 1795

4) Robert McDaniel

5) Francis McDaniel d. Harrison County 1829 m. (prob.) Dolly McNew Jan. 18,
Children:  Sidney m. ___ Howard; Polly/Mary m. _____ Hoggins; Rachel m.
_____ Coonrod; John;  Chesiah/Kesiah m. ?John Parrish 1798; Suffrona m.
?John West 1826; Nancy m. _____ Parker; James; Andrew.
NOTE:  There is no widow listed in the will which was written in 1826.
states that James and Andrew, the youngest, are to be educated.  Executor:
William Tucker. Witnesses:  Saml Tucker, Benjamin Ward, Dolly Ward.
6) Jane McDaniel m. Devore
A Roland McDaniel married Lettice Neal in 1795 in Bourbon County, I
however,  I have seen records for a John Roland (not John and Rowland)
McDaniel who married a Hannah Susan Cleveland.  By children’s birthdates,
I’d guess the marriage to have taken place by 1809.  I believe he died in
Missouri.  Mack McDaniel’s daughter, Phebe, married a John Cleveland in
Bracken Co KY in 1798.   Cleveland relationship, if any, is unknown.

I am also looking for possible connections to Max McDaniel’s family.  Mack
McDaniel is buried in the same graveyard with his McDonald/McDaniel
ancestors in Clark Co OH.  Max is descended from an Andrew McDaniel whose
will is referred to in Chalkley.  Andrew died in 1799 Berkley Co VA.
Andrew’s son William (think the latter) lived for a time in Harrison Co KY.
One son is listed as born Boone’s Fork, Harrison Co and a daughter, Jane,
married Isaac Yarnall  in 1801 Harrison Co KY.

Whether all of these McDonald/McDaniel families are related or not, I
tell as yet, but I’ll work on it.
See next note for more Mason Co entries.