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I am looking for some connection, if any, of Frederick Zollars d.1820
Wash.Co.PA and to the Sellers in Greene Co.PA.  Frederick's name is also
written as "Sellers" in court records.  Seems to have a connection to
the Bricker/Praker, Wise, and Hahn
families some of whom came from Baltimore/Carroll Co. MD.  Can anyone
tell me from where this Frederick Zollars came?

Also - are Zollars and Sellers considered distinctly different names?
Thank you so much for your help.


Will send thro our SELLERS discussion group for info. I believe someone has
sent info on a FREDERICK or a JACOB ZELLERS in Wash Co, PA  And that may
tell us if they connect back to whom or if proven Where they came From.

Some of the ZELLERS were Palatine's.
Many of the ZOLLERS/SOLLERS in Md, were SOLLERS/SOLLARS from England.
Many of our ZELLERS/SELLERS were from Weinheim, Germany.
Many of our SELLERS/SOLLARS were from Ireland.
Some of the ZELLER/SELLER were SELLERS and Whoever Spelled their name in
county documents, Just spelled it like They thought it sounded.
AND, we still seem to have Each spelling, so how they determined which
spelling they used now?

I believe we have members who could explain this Much Better than I can.
would appreciate a note, which we can send thro our discussion group
explaining same!

WHO do you connect to = name , date, age, place? Thanks for sharing, marie,

Thank you, Marie, for your prompt answer - makes me wonder even more!  So
many choices!  I did download the Frederick and Jacob Zollars material.  My
line is:

1. Frederick Zollars 1820 Washington Co. PA - E. Bethlehem Twp
     married Agnes ------. >       (Is he from MD?)
2. Daniel Zollars bca 1779 m. Catherine Praker/Bricker bca 1779 d. 28 Apr
3. Hannah Zollars b. 6 Aug 1806 Wash.Co.PA d 12 Oct 1851 Wash.Co.PA m.
      Nathan Barnard, s/o Ignatius Barnard and Eliz. Lewis, b. 2 Aug 1799
d. 5 May       1882.>
4. Ignatius (2) Barnard b 20 Apr 1834 d. 30 June 1900 m. 28 Sep 1855 Eliza
      Spindler, d/o George Spindler and Lydia Baker, b. 22 Jun 1838 d. 29
Nov 1907.>
5. Dora Belle Barnard m. Lebeus Holder.>
6. Albert Holder m. Bess Summersgill.>
7. Mary Belle Holder m. W. R. Mueller>
8. Me

This direct line stayed in Washington Co.PA until the 1930s.  Any help
greatly appreciated!


MAXINE, Thanks for sharing!, Will link you to Wash Co, PA  And WOULD
you sending us a copy of any additional info on ZELLERS/ZOLLARS etc you
marie, iowa

I am writing up my allied families and, as you can tell, am now on
Zollars.  Most of my information comes from the book "Frederick's Hope",
1980 - copy at Bowlby Library in Waynesburg PA.  Malvine Zollars, widow of
one of the authors, sent me a photocopy of the family record of Daniel and
Catherine Zollars and their children and has been most helpful.

There is a fanciful connection to Hohenzollern - "High Zollers" - in the
book which sent me to the encyclopedia tonight to check it out.  Columbia
Encyclopedia states the name probably originates with the German word
"zo:llers" (umlaut over the o, or the addition of "e" after the "o" to
denote an umlaut) meaning "Watchtower" or "Castle".  The umlaut over the
"o" changes the pronunciation to something closer to Tsiller/Tseller - I
think.  "Hohen" means "high."  The Hohenzollern castle, high atop a
mountain, is a much visited tourist site in the Black Forest area of

My German is pretty rusty, but perhaps someone out there knows better.  My
own name was one of those umlaut words and I know the pronunciation has
changed from the original German.  If that is true, it seems plausible that
Sellers and Zollars could stem from the same name, the Seller pronunciation
being closer phonetically to the German, and the Zollars being closer to
the spelling.  Can anyone out there add to, or illuminate, this


MAXINE - Thanks and interesting. Perhaps, one of our members can help on the GERMAN word  "HOHEN". marie, iowa

            Re: ZOLLARS/SELLERS
            "Donald Sellers" <>
Since "ZOLL" = Tax could it have been that the Zollars were tax collectors?
Most of the castles or schlosses were situated on main routes of travel
allowed them to collect taxes for usage of their land.