MATHEW SELLERS 1743/1807(son of Ben1720/1761)

married Ann Corbett

WILL of 1807 =Livingston Co,Ky

Wife, Ann

John - (ck Warren Co., MS)
Salome Travis (ck Warren Co., MS)
Mary Sellers - Heather's Page
Ann Galloway (ck Warren Co., MS) ck DAVID'S PAGE
Rhoda Taylor
Samuel ( ck Lawrence Co., MS)
Matthew (youngest son)

Exec=Rhoda Taylor and Ann Galloway
Wit= Samuel Harris and D. Jarrell
(several went south - show connections, msh) 

             Re: Matthew Sellars Livingston Co., KY
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Livingston County, Kentucky Will Book A-B 1799-1873
Brenda Joyce Jerome
p. 27 (will book)

Matthew Sellars, sick of body but of sound mind, recommend soul to the
hand of God and to
be buried in a Christian like manner.  Lawful debts to be paid and the
debts due me to be
collected and the state price of my land be paid out of it.  To beloved
wife Ann, 200
acres of land whereon I now live during her life and at her death equally
divided among
my children.  To wife, negro woman India during my wife's life and at her
death India to
be emancapated.  To wife, negro man Ben for her use and benefit under the
direction of my
executors during the life of my wife and at her death divided among my
children.  To
wife, a certain black horse, an old bay horse, and sorrel mare, saddle
and bridle, four
milch (sic) cows, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, and
horse geers
(sic).  To son John, two cows and two sheep.  To daughter Salomy Travis,
one cow.  To
daughter Mary, roan mare and yerling (sic) colt which has been called her
own, one side
saddle and bridle, feather bed and furniture, four cows, and two sheep.
To youngest son
Matthew, ballance(sic) of my land, being 287 acres and the 87 acres to be
appropriated to
the schooling and education of Matthew, also young bay mare, saddle and
bridle, four
cows, feather bed and furniture, and my books.  All my young Negroes to
be equally
divided between Ann, Rhoda, Salomy, Samuel, Mary and Matthew and if there
are more than
will amount to the value of David or Anthony to each of the children, my
son John to have
an equal part of the ballance (sic) with the other children and the
remainder of the
sheep to wife.  Ballance (sic) of my real and personal estate to be
equally divided
between my wife Ann, daughter Rhoda Taylor, daughter Ann Galloway,
daughter Saolmy
Travis, son Samuel Sellars, daughter Mary Sellars, son John Sellars, and
son Matthew
Sellars.  Appoint faithful friends Stephenson Fowler and Joseph Miller
and beloved wife
executors.  Signed:  Matthew Sellars.  Wit: Samuel Nunn, Demcy Jarrell,
S. Fowler.  Dated
20 Dec 1807.  Thomas Grayson Davis, deputy clerk of Livingtston County
Court, certifies
that the will was presented in Jan. court 1808 and proven by the oaths of
Samuel Nunn and
Demcy Jerrell (sic).

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