Mary Inglis Sims - her SELLERS page

I believe she asked me to change this to Mary Inglis PAGE. if so, I will do and add as Mary Inglis Sims aka. (dec'd)

in gratitude of many years of helping us trace our  'SELLERS ROOTS'

Mary passed away March 6, 2006, ovarian cancer.

Mary Inglis Sims letter


Isaac SELLERS 1747/53Pa/after June, 1799 Harrison Co,Ky
married ca 1775/6


1. JONATHON SELLERS  1776/bef Oct 1844
married 2-27-1797 Woodford Co, Ky
Elizabeth CATHER ,dau of Edward CATHER, Rev War of VA and Eliz GILLIS?
       a.  LEWIS 1803 Knox Co?Ky/9-20/30-1846 Lawrence Co,In
            married ca 1822 Nancy Jane MOORE 1803-3/1889
                lived in Laurel Co,Ky 1827-33   (50 acres on Rock Castle waterway)
                to In from Lincoln Co KY ca 1834/5

        b.  EDWARD 3-18-1802 Knox Co?Ky/7-23/27-1872 Mason/Eff Co.IL
             married 3-20-1823 Amelia MARTIN
                1827 Laurel Co,Ky tax list 1827-28 (100 acres on Rock Castle waterway)
                 ca1830 to Lawrence Co?,In and ------ to Illinois

            married 8-2-1824 Knox Co,Ky William FARRIS
                lived Lawrence Co,In

         d. AMANDA 1-22-1810/8-9-1892 Daviess Co,In
             married 1-28-1830 Laurel Co,Ky Uriah MOORE 1811 Lin Co,Ky/1888 IN
             (Uriah Moore and Nancy Jane Moore are brother/sister)

          e.ISAAC 1806/bef 1834? (on will of grandfather EdwardCATHER 1814, but, Not on list of
             Johnathon SELLERS children of 1834.
            1827 Laurel Co,Ky tax list
            1828 Laurel Co,Ky tax list (50 acres on Rock Castle waterway)

2. ISAAC SELLERS  1775/85-1825 Wayne Co,In(lays next to Preble Co,Oh)
    married 1-29-1803 Harrison Co,Ky Nancy BRANDON  dau of Samuel?
    1810 Harrison Co,Ky =
       1male 16-26=1784/1794
       1female 16-26=1784/1794
        3females u10=1800/1810
    1820 Wayne Co,In=230010/32011-0100
       1male 26/44=1776/1794
       3males 10-15=1805/10
       1male u10=1800/1810
       1female over 45=bef 1775 (who is this - a mother/mil/brother/sister???)
       1female 26/44=1776/1794
       2 females 10-15=1805/10
       3 females u10=1800/10
            a.REBECCA 1804KY/bef 9-18-1834
                 married 4-19-1825 Wayne Co,In
                 John MERRITT
                      i.One child

             b.LAURAHANNA/Ann Ruhannah 1806/ on probate of 9/1834
                  married 10-16-1827 Wayne Co,In
                  Aaron WRIGHT

             c.NANCY/1808/1856 Wayne Co,IN
                   married 12-31-1829 Wayne Co,In (adm. Othniel BEESON)
                   Benjamin HARVEY

              d.ISAAC 1810/
                    married 8-12-1834 Wayne Co, IN
                    Emma TROXELL

               e.ELIZABETH 1812/
                     married 1-8-1835 Wayne Co,IN
                     Granville F. HASTINGS

                f. MARY ANN

                g.JOHN? 1823 In/
                     married        Elizabeth
                       1850 Wayne Co,In = John SELLERS 27, Eliz 24, Lucullus 2, Estella ,
                                                         NANCY 69 PA, Earnest HARRIS 6 IL

      married 1-6-1803 Harrison Co,Ky,consent by mother, Rebekah
      Daniel MCLONEY

      married 12-31-1826 Harrison Co,Ky Joseph D. BROCKMAN

4.JOHN SELLERS 1780/85-bef 10/1822
       married 7-2-1812 Harrison Co,Ky* Lucy COPPAGE , dau of Charles Coppage

         JOHN SELLERS estate = Oct 1822 Harrison Co,Ky court record
            Exec =Lucy SELLERS and Rhodam COPPEDGE
                children = Malvina, Harriet, Cassandra, infants (under 14) of John SELLERS

                      *Lucy Coppage Sellers married 2-24-1825 Harrison Co,Ky Wm ANDERSON

5.REBECCA SELLERS 1798/1876 Harrison Co,Ky
        married 5-13-1813  John ADAMS       /after 8-30-1852 enroute to Mo (where his
        cousins=     sons of Wm and Margaret ADAMS lived   son of John ADAMS and Mary

This is to continue the information on that family.
Sent by:Mary Inglis        (Mary Inglis Sims

5.)  REBECCA SELLERS  (additional info) b ca 1789 KY, d Harrison Co., KY
& her will dated 27 Mar 1876; m 13 May 1813 JOHN ADAMS.  She had 7
children by JOHN ADAMS.  One of her sons, JOSEPH ADAMS b ca 1829
Harrison Co., KY m 26 Nov 1850 Harrison Co., KY  to REBECCA SELLERS (not
yet identified).  (Rebecca and her sister, Ellenor, married brothers,
John and James ADAMS)
6.) ELLENOR SELLERS b Harrison Co., KY; m 12 Dec 1813 Harrison Co. (mrg
bond 10 Dec) JAMES ADAMS who was brother to the husband of her sister,
REBECCA  (#5 above).  She & husband resided on Mill Creek, nr Lees Lick
& Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY.  In 1834, ELLENOR's husband brought a
suit against her mother, now  REBEKAH HINTON,  to claim a share of the
estate of ELLENOR's father, ISAAC SELLERS,  who had mysteriously
disappeared many years prior.  James and Ellenor ADAMS moved to Putnam
Co., IN and then to Hendricks Co. where Ellenor and some of her family
are buried in the Old East Cemetery in the town of Danville.  (REBEKAH
7.) MARTIN SELLERS b ca 1800 Harrison Co.  Living in Scott Co by 1834.
Mrg record not found, but census shows wife Catherine. 1860 Scott Co.,
27 KY, JOHN 23 KY and Polly 16 KY.
8.) MARY HENRY SELLERS ("Polly Henry SELLERS") b 1800-06 Harrison Co.,
KY; d 1880-02 Scott Co., KY; m JOSEPH VANCE Marrison Co., KY mrg bond 26
Feb 1824.  JOSEPH L. VANCE was son of WILLIAM VANCE and wf REBECCA
HINTON.  This REBECCA HINTON was daughter of JAMES HINTON by his 1st
mrg. (This James HINTON m/2 REBEKAH SELLERS, the widow of ISAAC SELLERS)
William m/1 Keziah PRICE; m/2 Nancy PRICE
Rebecca m/1 Newton PRICE; m/2 Nathaniel SUTTON, m/3 Walter WEST
Martin H. VANCE m/1 Calista PRICE; m/2 Martha BARNHILL
Elizabeth m/2 John T. SUTTOON; m/2 Nelson HARMON
all children b Scott Co., KY
Sent by:

Mary Inglis        (Mary Inglis Sims)



april 2006

Hi Marie - thank you for contacting me. I'm very sorry to have to tell you but Mary died March 6, 2006 of ovarian cancer. I have some of Mary's research here on cds so as time permits I'll go through what I have and see if I have anything on Sellers and will get back in touch with you. Is there anything in particular that you are searching for? Margaret
Margaret Posehn []


MARGARET, thank you.

Mary Inglis Sims wrote the SELLERS LETTERS in 1980's and our SELLERS GENEALOGY FAMILY group now is trying to make a copy of same to share with our members. She gave us permission to use , but had given her Last copies to LDS and TX univ.(Library of Congress, msh)
Now, we don't have Mary!

I haven't talked with her for a few years, she had a couple other groups she was working on and our paths just haven't crossed lately.

IF YOU do find anything or who to contact, would appreciate.
I did find the film at LDS , but not in TX. I believe the actual booklets would be easier to copy than the film.

Thanks for your time.
marie, iowa


Hi Marie - I think if you found the film at the LDS you had best use it to make copies; I'm sure the family doesn't have any of that left at all. Mary got rid of so much of her stuff when she found that she only had a few more months to live. I had to convince the family to "save" their own family lines and photos. So sad when none of the family is really interested. Margaret

Margaret Posehn []


MARGARET, thank you for caring and advising us.

I believe the SELLERS were her husbands side and don't believe he was interested in family history.
And she didn't keep after he died!
and her kids would be before that
So maybe her kids Not interested in that/his family.

But, she did Many years of work on SELLERS and our Sellers families are so grateful. 1982/1989
She helped us connect to our other SELLERS families before we had Internet.
Where All info was ordered/paid for/ and You waited 3/4 weeks to get it!

Sorry for the rambling and best wishes to you.

marie, iowa