Mary Rysdale

 I am in search of information regarding Rachel Sellers, b. Jan
1876, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania; married George William Rysdale b. Nov
1875 in New Jersey. They were apparently married before the census of 1900.
They had as far as I can find, one child, a son George Burton Rysdale b.
1913 in Philadelphia. His birth certificate was not filed until 1942, and
it was signed by his Aunt Emily Jane Rysdale and a school official.
Burton was orphaned and raised by Aunt Emily, who never married. I don't
know when or under what circumstances their deaths occured.

Does anyone know where this Rachel came from? I know there were Rachels in
the Coleman Sellers line, and thought there may be kinship there if she was
named after the Rachel who died in 1870.

I am trying to get the official records in PA and Philly, but am not
certain that I will get anything back.
If anyone has come across this Sellers marriage, or perhaps death records
(I think that they may have died in the influenza outbreak) I would
appreciate any help I can get.
Thank you,
Mary Rysdale
Aptos, California.

MARY, sending thro our SELLERS discussion group as we have several researching this area, WHICH also INCLUDES the surrounding counties.
ON the 1880 PHIL CO, PA soundex index, I did not see a Rachael born 1876. But, her parents may have called her something else or they COULD be in county next to same. AND this does Not include ALL families.
WHERE was his family in 1880?
OBITS on this family ?

Would appreciate copy of the 1900 census extraction on this family, any neighbors, TOWNSHIP they lived in. Aunt Emily on this same census?
Any info may help. THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

Thank you for your reply.
I forgot to mention that she was called Ray in the census. I have Rachel from Burton's birth certificate
and from oral family information.

I hand copied the data from the index film (I noted index film # from FHS 1248158), so here it is:
1900 Pennsylvania Census, County: Philadelphia; Twnshp: Philadelphia
Vol. 180; Enumeration District 684; Sheet 3, line 24.
Street: Hagert
House Number: 2034

Rysdale, George W.; color:W; Sex:M; Mo of Birth: Nov; Year of B: 1875; Age:25; Place of Birth: New
Rysdale, Ray; Rel:W; MoB: Jan; YoB: 1876; Age:24; PofB: Penn
--------, Emily J; Rel:Si; MoB: Apr; YoB: 1878; Age:22; PofB:NJ
I'm not certain on spelling for the first name on the following, it was difficult to read:
Brighton, Arnie?; Rel:Bo; MoB: May; YoB: 1873; Age: 27; PoB: Penn

As I look at this I realize that I needed to request the actual census film and forgot to do so. Unless you
have it?

Also; here is the entry from for 1910 Census Index.

Search Terms: RYSDALE (2), GED (12)
Database: Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Combined Matches: 1

Ged W Rysdale  Age:  34       State:     PA Color:W    Enumeration District: 0454
  Birth Place:  New Jersey            Visit:     0108
  County:  Philadelphia, Philadelphia
  Relation:    Head of Household

  Other Residents:
                   Wife Ray 34, Pennsylvania
                   Sister Emily 31, New Jersey

MARY, Thanks.
I don't see much. I reread the 1880 soundex census on SELLERS and still
no Rachel 1876  in Phil Co, Pa.
I only have an index for the 1900 census, so can't tell if these are
same SELLERS here in 1880. Can't tell who they are.
Rachael and Geo. W. should have death cert and maybe even obits. IF you
find any info, please send and will see if we can help connect that
family. THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

             "Sherri Hall" <>

>From the actual images of the 1900 Pennsylvania census that Mary was
referring to:

Address: 2034 Hagert (possibly Stagert) street, Block F; household 47,
family 47:
Rysdale, George W., head of household, white, male,         born Nov. 1875;
age 25; married 2 years; born New     Jersey, father born England, mother
born England;         occupation, clerk; yes, can read; yes, can write;
can speak English; home is rented, is a house.

Rysdale, Ray, wife, white, female, born Jan. 1876; age         24, married
years; mother of 0 children (0 children     still  alive); born
Pennsylvania, father born                         Pennsylvania, mother born
Pennsylvania; (no                 occupation given); yes, can read; yes,
write;             yes, can speak English.

Rysdale, Emily J., sister, white, female, born Apr. 1878;     age 22,
single; born New Jersey; father born England;     mother born England;
occupation, stenographer; yes,     can read; yes, can write; yes, can speak

Brighton, Annie, boarder, white, female, born May,             1873; age
single; born Pennsylvania, father born         Pennsylvania; mother born
Pennsylvania; occupation,     stenographer; yes, can read; yes, can write;
yes, can         speak English.


Thank you. I am hopeful my requests for birth certificates will result in some hits - and maybe match up to the other names you found. I'll get back to you when they come through. I appreciate the extra detail that came off the actual census from Sherri.
Do either of you know anyone who has a 1880 Census (or index) for Essex County NJ?
Mary Rysdale

MARY, Thanks, only info I see we have posted on NJ SELLERS =

MAY have 1900 Index, IF you have NAMES.
THANKS, for sharing, marie, iowa

I recently uncovered a link in my upline that takes me to a John Rysdale
or Risdale (b. about 1828) of England who moved to New Jersey, USA likely
in the late 1860s. He was married (prob in England)to Ellen (b. about 1845
in England) and they had a baby, Bertha, born in 1870 in NJ. They are listed
in the Newark (City), Essex County, New Jersey census of 1870.
I have other information that leads me to believe that they had 2 or 3
(at least) other children: unknown name- boy (Nov 1873), George William
(Nov 1875) and Emily Jane (Apr 1879) all born in Newark.
John is listed as Risdale in the unknown named baby boys birth record in
1873. The census (1870) showed that as of that year he was unable to read
or write, as was Ellen.
It appears that the family moved to Pennsylvania to the City of Philadelphia
before 1898 as George William appears to have married Rachel Sellers of
Philadelphia in that year.

George William and Rachel Rysdale had at least one child - George Burton
Rysdale, b.1913 - d.1971 who was our grandfather.

If any of this helps or if you come across my John and Ellen/ Helen please
let me know.

Well folks, I finally heard back from the City of Philadelphia Archives
regarding the request for birth records of Rachel AKA Ray Sellers.
According to her son's birth certificate (which was a delayed birth
registration), she was 38 in January of 1913 (which puts her at 1875 for a
birth year), and born in Philadelphia.
According to the 1900 census, her birthdate was Jan 1876.
The archives checked 1875, 1876 and 1877 for the months of January and
February and came up with nothing.
So, I will next try to find a marriage document in hope of finding better
information regarding her birth.

Please, if anyone knows of a Rachel Sellers who married George William
Rysdale, please let me know. George William Rysdale was born in Newark, New
Jersey in 1875 and they were married about 1898. Their son George Burton
Rysdale was born in 1913, but orphaned "when young".
I have not had success in finding Rachel or George William Rysdales deaths.

Thank you for any advice or leads you can offer.
Mary Rysdale

MARY, thanks for keeping us up to date.

QUESTION = is CITY of PHIL same as COUNTY of PHIL on birth records? (many are
 Sherry sent us/you this census =
             "Sherri Hall" <>

>From the actual images of the 1900 Pennsylvania census that Mary was
referring to:=

NOW, when I look at this now. RAY SELLERS RYSDALE born ca 1876 PA and both
parents born PA
and the Boarder living with them =
ANNIE BRIGHTON born ca 1873 PA and both parents born PA
makes me think of possibility of SISTERS

NOW in 1880 PHIL , PA =SAVERY STREET (soundex film)
ELLA SELLERS 3 PA (we don't know RACHELS full name! and RAY ELLA is kinda
pretty,too )

COULD someone get us a complete census reading on this? I believe I extracted
all kids, ?
(on soundex, EACH child is listed individually living with , etc)
but, don't have his wife's name, WHICH we need to prove WHO married a SELLERS .

THANKS for any/all help, marie, iowa

According to the information I found at in the section of
"Genealogical Resources at the Philadelphia City Archives (I don't have the
complete link), the registration of births in "Philadelphia City and County
began on 1 July 1860 under the provisions of an act of the Pennsylvania
Another item at the same page under "City Directories" mentions that the
first act of Consolidation occurred in 1854, so I would guess that this is
when the City and County began to have the same borders.
Thank you so much for the idea of Annie Brighton being a possible sister to
Rachel - I hadn't considered that and only assumed that she and Emily must
have been friends.

Mary Rysdale
researching Rachel/Ray Sellers in Philadelphia PA
Subject:  [ENG-LANCS-YORKS] Rysdale Research by American Newbie

I've just subscribed to this list. I am completely new to English genealogy
research - although I've gotten somewhere in the US.
My jump across the pond occurred last week when I found the marriage of my
husband's gggrandparents. They were John Rysdale (1828-after1880?) and Ellen
Fisher (1845-before 1896?). According to the Newark, New Jersey census of
1870, they were born in England, and had a new baby girl, Bertha, born in
May of 1870.

A marriage record in the Parish of Manchester was found with the birth years
matching, so I think it is them. That record reads:

Marriage solemnized at the (?)Cath + Parish Church in the Parish of
Manchester in the County of Lancaster.
No. 38;
When Married: May 18th, 1868;
Name and Surname (Age): John Rysdale (39), Ellen Fisher (22);
Condition: Bachelor, Spinster;
Rank or Profession: (John's) Painter, (none given for Ellen)
Residence at the time of Marriage: (both listed the same) 35 Chester St.
Father's Name and Surname (Rank or Profession of Father): William Rysdale
(shoemaker), George Fisher (Pork Butcher)
Married in the above church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the
Established Church by ____(left blank) or after Banns by me, (terribly hard
to figure: MM Westmore Minorcasson.
This Marriage was solemnized between us (signed by) John Rysdale, Ellen
in the Presence of us (signed by) A Hodson, (unsure of initials) M A Baily
or Bailey

Can anyone tell me what the "Cath+" or "Cash+" in the first line means? Was
it common for newlyweds to list their new address?

This marriage record, combined with a suspicion that the William Rysdale may
be the same I found in the IGI as a family of William and Ann Rysdale with
children George, Edward, John, Jane and Ann, is all I have to go on.

Anyone have any suggestions of which records I should start with? I am using
the LDS library in my  town, but I'm still terribly new at all this.

John and Ellen must have come to America the year after they were married,
and so far I've found they had Bertha A.(1870-), George William (1875-) and
Emily Jane(1879-). I don't really know what happened to any of them. Bertha
and George signed Emily's autograph book in 1889 or 1890, and were probably
living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. George married in 1898 in Philadelphia
to Rachel Sellers, known as Ray Sellers. The only child of theirs that I
know of was George Burton Rysdale (1913-1971), known as Burton, who was
supposedly orphaned and raised by Aunt Emily. Burton was my husband's
grandfather. Burton was raised in Philadelphia.

Mary Rysdale
Santa Cruz County, California

           "Mary Rysdale" <>

Well, I received my copies of the marriage license and certificate today.
Unfortunately, I did not learn some crucial information.
Underscores indicate a blank that was filled in (or not if __ appears)
Transcription of the license is as follows:

No. 103844
June 16, 1898
I, _Charles F Hendricks_ hereby certify that on the _fifteenth_ day of
_June_ one thousand eight hundred and ninety _eight_ at Philadelphia _George
W. Rysdale_ and _Ray Sellers_ were by me united in marriage, in accordance
with License issued by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Philadelphia
County, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, numbered _103844_.
(signed) _Chas F. Hendricks_
Minister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace or Magistrate.
(At the bottom in fine print it reads:) This Duplicate Certificate to be
returned to the Clerk of the Orphans' Court, Room No. 417, City Hall, within
thirty days after the solemnizing of said marriage, under a penalty of Fifty

The Transcription of the application is as follows:

(Form 40)

State of Pennsylvania,

Personally appeared _George Wm Rysdale_ who hereby requests the Clerk of the
Orphans' Court, for the said County, to issue a License for the Marriage of
_himself_ to _Ray Sellers_ and who, being duly _sworn_ according to law,
doth depose and say: that _he_ was born in _Newark. N. J._ , on the _2nd_
day of _Nov_ A.D18_74_, that he resides at _No 1424 Borie Ave._; that he _Is
by_ occupation _Salesman_; that he is _not_ related by blood or marriage to
the person whom he desires to marry; that he as _not_ been __ married
before, that _Ray Sellers_ whom _he_ is about to marry, was born in _Philada
Pa._ (I take this to be abbreviation of Philadelphia) on the _(left blank)_
day of _23 years old_ A.D. 18__; that she resides at _No. 2624 Colorado St.
Ph., no_ occupation; that she has _not_ been __married before, that he knows
of no reason why the said marriage may not be lawfully made.

_Sworn_ and subscribed before me, this _13th_ day of _June_ A.D. 189_8_
(illegible signature) JSBorg? Asst Clerk of Orphans Court
(signed) George Wm. Rysdale

Any comments on why "Ray" is used instead of her (presumably) "proper" name.
I also find it peculiar that her birthdate was unknown. Unfortunately, no
parents names are recorded, nor does this say WHERE the marriage  took

Mary Rysdale

MARY, Thank You .
We have an 1890 city directory and I didn't see EITHER of these Street
addresses? maybe they were added or not in that district?
There is a HELEN RYSDALE, WIDOW OF JOHN, living on Seybert St.
Several SELLERS, but none living on COLORADO sT.

I wonder if this ORPHAN court license means a record thro Orphan Court OR
were ALL licenses granted thru there?
IF SO, there could be Orphan court records for her and her family? Most of
the addresses to write to for info is on the PA USGENWEB page and I'm sure you

RAY, probably a nickname for RACHAEL? maybe her mom's name Rachael and
called her Ray to tell the diff?
We have the DAVID SELLERS/RACHAEL COLEMAN marriage. Does ANYONE have a chart
of them and their kids? I'm sure they And their children named their kids

THANKS for sharing and we will Continue! marie, iowa

Marie and all,
The Orphans' Court as I understand it covers "orphan" parts of the system,
that don't have any other home. All marriage records are held there, for

I would truly love to find the line of Rachel Coleman and David Sellers and
descendents, as well as the Franklin and Cornelius (brothers) Sellers who
lived in Philadelphia in the 1800s. The timing of their families is such
that I think they may be good candidates as well.

Does anyone on this list have the 1880census or index for Philadelphia?
Please let me know if you are willing to do lookups.
Mary Rysdale
MARY, the 1880 Phil Co, PA census is at

We have the or some of the 1880 soundex Phil, PA posted at

This also shows = I believe/memory/  David Sellers ? wife Rachael living in Dauphin Co, Pa? If you piece together anything, advise.
marie, iowa
Researching the RYSDALE family which came via England (1868) and New Jersey
(1870-1879) to Philadelphia (by 1889 or before): John Rysdale b. abt 1828
married in Manchester, Ellen Fisher b. abt 1845 both of England, moved to
Newark New Jersey and had children Bertha A. (1870), George William (1874 or
1875), Emily Jane (1879).
Family moved to Philadelphia, but don't know if John died prior or after
move. In 1890 Phila city directory, "Helen, wid. of John" is listed on
By the 1896 directory Helen isn't listed, but George is.
In 1898 George William marries Ray SELLERS.
They are enumerated in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, with Emily living with
them, unmarried.
In 1913, George Burton Rysdale is born to George and Ray.
An unknown short time later, he is orphaned, and raised by his Aunt Emily.

George William is listed with a variety of occupations, moving from clerk to
salesman to piano maker to cabinet maker.

Does this family connect or ring bells with anyone?

Mary Rysdale

Rev. Charles F Hendricks
I would like to know what church this reverend was associated with. He
married George William Rysdale and Ray Sellers on 15 June 1898 in
Can anyone help?
Mary Rysdale

The original (first census extraction I sent on this family, was the soundex and it showed =

NOW, when I went to ?
I WENT to page 9, E.D. 330 on 1880 film = thats all I wrote down.
SOMEONE sent us some nice hints on using these census, not too long ago. THANKS.
HOPE, it helps.
marie, iowa

Mary Rysdale wrote:

Marie - this looks like a good lead - can you give me an ED and ward # by
any chance? I'd like to look at it at images online.
Mary Rysdale
Hi listers-
> I just recently reread all the census and other information on the
> Philadelphia and nearby counties pages at the Sellers site. I'm still at a
> brick wall with Ray/Rachel SELLERS born about 1875 ostensibly in
> Philadelphia.
> So far I know that she married in 1898 to George W. RYSDALE, and most likely
> at Our Redeemer Reformed Episcopal Church, at N. 16th and Oxford.
> George and Ray are enumerated in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses. (I have
> these.) I have directory listings for George and Ray from 1900 to as late as
> 1935 (finally settling at 22 Westview (Georgetown/Mt. Airy area) in
> Philadelphia.)
> I've contacted an Episcopal Church in Philadelphia that is going to help me
> track down the marriage records of the Church.
> Their son Burton RYSDALE shows up on the 1920 census and the 1935 directory.
> My big sticking block is that I haven't found the 1880 census for the
> RYSDALEs nor for Rachel SELLERS - mostly because there are SO many SELLERS
> in 1880.
> I've ruled out the Cornelius Sellers and Franklin Sellers families as the
> wives are listed as widows in the directory (1870 I THINK).
> I saw the Dauphin Co PA census listing for Jonas and wife Rachel, but no
> daughter has been posted of the right age. Dauphin seems to be pretty far
> considering that Jonas was still in Dauphin in 1900 - not likely she would
> be of this family.
> Any help, suggestions, offers of 1880 Census readings in Philadelphia?
> Thank you so much in advance,
> Mary Rysdale

MARY, did a rough search and maybe you can follow thro =

1880 PHIL  CO, PA
t9-1189, page 280a
FRANCES 8 PA (sorry forgot the sex)
T9-1175, PAGE 423C
living? with SARAH LOOKES
T9-1174, PAGE 359A
and others
Hopefully, these numbers will allow you to find them on the 1880 census film at
marie, iowa