"Mary Oconnor" <>
   Looking for info on parents of Carol Eugene Sellers (3/12/1883,
Pittsburgh-1/6/1924): Jacob S. Sellers/Zellers and Victoria (or Mary)

Thank you!
Mary Lawyer O'Connor

MARY - Jacob SELLERS is parent of Carol Eugene SELLERS born 1883?
do we have  an obit  with any brothers and sisters?
My info only goes to 1880 - but, perhaps someone else will recognize a
Thanks, marie, iowa

Marie- Thanks for response. Possible Siblings for Carl Eugene Sellers (b.
Pittsburg, PA 1883) are Raymond, Goldie, Ethel.  Jacob S. Sellers/Zellers
poss. b. Harrisburg PA; wife Victoria(Mary) McCormack poss. born Illinois.
Jacob was PA Dutch/German.
Mary Lawyer O'Connor

Harrisburg = Dauphin or Philadelphia