Sat, 18 May 2002 09:25:11 -0400
    To:,,,,,, follows McDonald's and McDaniel's.
Butler County wasn't very old in 1805.
A portion of my Abraham's and Winn's pioneered there.
My personal library has only a little book on Paddy's Run,and a
history of Miami U re Butler Co.
ARBOWLING11@YAHOO.COM lives just west of Butler Co,though she
was raised attending the Concord Methodist of Williamsburg TWNSP,Clermont
that I've been writing about on

On Fri, 17 May 2002 22:40:00 EDT writes:
> Hello Hermon:  Forgive me for writing offline, but you are so
> knowledgeable,
> that I thought I would take a chance on seeking your advice.  My
> Enos McDonald, died in Butler County around 1805 or so.  It seems
> there are
> very few records.  Do you have any advice with regard to early
> records, or
> possible cemeteries I could contact in order to trace his death
> record and
> final resting place?
> Sincerely,
> Mary

am replying to a letter you had sent HERMON FAGLEY, re ENOS MCDANIEL.
WE have the SELLERS discussion group which is very interested in ENOS MCDANIEL family from KY and kids to ?

CAN you send us a Small list =
NAME, age and places of your children that connect to this ENOS MCDANIEL?
ONE or Whoever you connect to and where they came from =
And Where they went =
an 1850 census would be great
or an Earlier document/census/marriage would help.
THANKS for sharing. IT will Help.
marie, iowa

       Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:13:39 EDT


I have been searching for information on my Enos McDonald for a long time.  I also exchange info with Don MacDaniel,  I believe that he has
posted at times on your list.  His ancestor, another Enos McDonald, lived in KY is the one you are following.  It seems that both his Enos and
mine, lived in PA, about the same time, just to make things interesting.

I believe that Don's Enos, lived in another county.  My Enos was born about 1750 in Scotland, according to my G GFather's family history
account of the McDonalds, Logans, Dicksons and Brownlees.  He immigrated to PA and married Rebecca Duncan (according to marriage
records) in  November 1772, in Middle Octoraro, Lancaster County, PA.

They settled in Nottingham Twp., on Mingo Creek (about 400 acres), in Washington County, PA and lived there until after 1803, when they
removed to Butler Co., Ohio.  Their children were: Daniel, Leah and Rachel.  Daniel, my GGG GF, married Catherine Logan, in 1807 in Butler Co.,
OH.  She was the daughter of Patrick Logan and Nancy Sally Harper of PA.  Their son THomas McDonald was my GG GF, who married
Elizabeth Dickson; their son Daniel, writer of the referenced historical account and "A History of Marshall Co., Indiana, 1836-1888", was my G

Hope this gives you some additional comparative data.  I have been unable to establish when and where my GGGG GF & GM, Enos and
Rebecca, died and are buried.  Any info that may apply to my McDonalds, would be deeply appreciated.


INTERESTED in the WASH CO, PA connection, marie, iowa

ANOTHER extraction that I believe pertains to our REV WAR MICHAEL
John Michael SELLERS from Bourbon Co, Ky, died 1836 Bracken Co, Ky and
came to US to  Lancaster Co, Pa with parents  when very young.
Had a daughter Sarah MCDONALD  - 1853 in Bracken Co,Augusta, Ky
So, we do need McDonald info also.- There are other McDonald deeds, I
posted only from the online page=
SHE may be one child we couldn't find/prove? msh
SO your MCDONALD, etc connection to LANCASTER CO, PA =?
SHARE as you can, marie, iowa wrote:

> Marie:  Please keep my email address and let me know if you find any
> more info on MY Enos.  At any rate, knowing all your data would help
> me to eliminate what is not relevant to my McDonald line.  Would you
> consider adding me on your list?  How do I join? Thanks
> Mary

       Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:11:59 EDT
    Hi Marie:
Yes, I would like to join your list.  Don Mac Daniel is the GGGGG something descendant of Enos McDaniel/MacDonald from Kentucky.

His email

Dr. Donald L. MacDaniel
390 Richard Drive
Connersville, Indiana 47331

I am sending you copies of all (sorry this is such a lot to send, but you may find it interesting when you have time) my email exchanges, etc.,
with Don, or from Don to others, or from others to me, such as the architectural historian Terry Necciai ,  who surveyed the area of Mingo Creek
which was the original homestead of my Enos McDonald.  Note:  My ENos and wife Rebecca, named their homestead "Cathness", which may
be the county in Scotland where Enos hailed from.  They built a log cabin there, which eventually evolved into a stone cottage, now a historical
marker area in the Mingo Creek area.  Hope it gives  you some helpful info!.


   Don MacDaniel 12-31-01.ZIP

                             Don MacDaniel 12-31-01.ZIP
                             Zip Compressed Data (application/x-zip-compressed)


           Thu, 8 Aug 2002 20:40:27 EDT

Sherry:  Is this my Enos McDonald who was born in Scotland, married Rebecca
Duncan, lived on Mingo Creek/Wash. Co., or the one from KY, who married
Sidney?  How would we be able to determine which of them is shown on the
you describe?  I would love to find out.  How can I access the list?

Mary McDonald S.

Fri, 9 Aug 2002 11:45:08 EDT
Marie and Sherry:  Yes, the "other" Enos McDonald was born 1750, Caithness,
Scotland.  It looks like Enos-KY m. Sidney and returned to KY from
Westmoreland County, while my Enos married Rebecca in Lancaster Co., Middle
Octoraro in 1772 and then settled in Washington County until about 1803,
he removed to Butler Co., OH.

Mary McD. S.

MARY, thanks.
Can you send us a TIME CHART of  ENOS MCDONALD born 1750 SCOTLAND?

IT may help us show the diff between ENOS MCDANIEL  born ca 1750 that is in 1776 VA/BOURBON CO, KY

don't know how good of chart we have on ours either - BUT, will try and continue these families for clarification.

DO you have any WAR/LAND/WILLS info on your ENOS MCDONALD and his kids?
THIS will be a separate page, but, linked to yours.
Thanks. marie, iowa