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        Sellers in Bucks Co Pa

Do you have anything on Eve (Sellers) dau of Philip Sellers, sister of Samuel, who married Philip Hittel in
I think Milford, Northampton Co? Any other siblings of Eve and Samuel?

Thanks for all the great information you give. When I get my line under control, I will send it to you. I am
very new at this, and inherited alot of it..
Mary Lou Knight
Venice, Fl

MARY LOU - sending thro our SELLERS list, as they know these Names Faster -
And Can Share info-
LETS see what we have ( I need Names/Dates/Places and can do a fast check and see where we are, etc)

EVE SELLERS, dau of Philip, son of Samuel
EVE 's age and lived where=
EVE married whom and went where=
and Eve's Kids =

THEN we can Enter this info on those county pages
And Check on Wills, etc
PERHAPS, we have some info?
AND others can Find You - Others, May have kids related? WE must have All kids info that we can share.
THANKS for sharing and understanding.

 WOULD like to Link/Connect Each of these kids on 1800 CENSUS - marie,
> iowa
> In 1808 his Oldest Sons were John and George
>               12. John, settled in North Carolina.
>               13. George, settled in North Carolina.
>               14. Philip
>               15. Abraham
>               16. David
>               17. Jacob
>               18. William
>               19. Isaac
>               20. Catharine, m. Abraham Darstone. (Derstine? Bucks
> Co,PA-msh)
>               21. Elizabeth, m. John Brunner. Issue:
>                     21a. Margaret, m. John Brunner.
>               22. Polly, m. Henry Rohr, Jan. 1, 1797. (Pres. Ch.,
>                     Abington, Pa.; Pa. Ar., 2d Ser., Vol. 9, p. 369).
>                     (Abington = Mont Co, Pa,msh)
>               23. Eve, m. Philip Hittle.
>               24. Susanna
>               25. Hannah, m. John Geisinger.

.This is what I was looking
The father of Ellen Jennings (Hittel) Starkey was Sellers Hittel. He was
of Philip and Eve (Sellers) Hittel. He had a considerable Hat Manufacturing
business in Phla. which he sold and moved to Detroit. So Ellen is his dau,
Seems Eve's husband
left her quite poor..her daughter
Ellen Hittel married Henry Starkey, they had 3 children: Harry Starkey,
Ellen Starkey (who was my g grandmother) and Jenny Starkey. Henry was
of the Detroit Free Press, and Jenny wrote the society page. Harry fought
the Civil War & War of 1812. Mary Ellen was the only one who married. She
married William Hanning Sanford in Detroit. Their dau Louise Sanford was my
Thank you SO MUCH for the Sellers help. The sibling list was the total
tie-in.  Mary Lou

        "George Knight" <>

This is Sellers Hittel taken in Detroit Mi
son of

   From: MARY LOU
        "George Knight" <>

This is the picture of Philip Hittel, father of
Ellen Hittel Starkey. Her mother was Eve Sellers.

Most of these are taken from family records.

Philip Hittel, bn 1758/59  in Upper Milford,Northampton Co., Pa
wed in Upper Milford, Pa @1780
Eve Sellers, bn 1763/64  in Bucks Co, Pa. Eve d. 15 Sept, 1846. Buried German Lutheran, Phla.
  Eve being dau of Philip Sellers and

Children of Philip and Eve:
   Peter Hittel 12 Sept 1781 in Upper Milford
    Catherine, bn @ 1784 in Upper Milford
    Samuel, bn 1788 in Germantown,Pa
    Sellers Hittel (my ancestor),bn 28 Jan 1805 in Phla
    Phillip, bn 1808 in Phla
    Solome, bn 1810 in Phla.

Sellers Hittel moved to Detroit,Wayne Co, Mich w/ his family where he died 1850.
wife: Jane P Taylor,bn 10/1/1806. d. in Detroit 1844.

Children of Sellers and Jane Hittel:

    Samuel, bn 1838. Jeweler in Detroit. State Legislator. Married Amelia ??
   Ellen Jennings Hittel, bn Phla,Pa  4/23/1840. Married Henry Mitchell Starkey.
      lived at 88 Pitcher St, Detroit,Mi. Ellen died in Detroit 1912. Henry died                  10/28/1888 Detroit. Henry was Editor of
Detroit Free Press.
  Mary Hittel, bn 1842. married and lived at 1118 Mt Vernon St, Phla, Pa. Children             Nathan,(wife Ada) had hardware
store in Phla, and Ella.

I have pictures of Philip Hittel and Sellers Hittel which I will attempt to attach...(sending
seperately..having trouble attaching to this letter)
Let me know if you can open them.. ML Knight