I have just connected to the Sellers family. Louisa C. Sellers married James M. Hicks abt. Jan. 1870. The 1870 census has them living in Wealkey, Tennessee. The 1880 census still has them living in Weakley County, Tennessee. Louisa's (Lucy) mother is living with them - Mary Sellers. All three list their birthplace as North Carolina. Louisa and James Hicks eventually moved to Georgia and died in Georgia.

James Savannah Hicks Stager Gossett's death




Louise C. "Lucy" Sellers Hicks' tombstone



NOV 2003

MARY, we don't have a lot of WEAKLEY CO,TN documents.

Can you send us your 1860/70 census/marriages, etc? =


MY 1880 census shows LOUISA SELLERS HICKS born ca 1836 TN,

so maybe on an 1850/60 TN census?

DO you have? please send.

LOOK for Louisa, etcborn ca 1836

and first ? child born ca 1866 TN, should be on 1870 census.

please send.


THIS is kinda old,? married before?, etc. CHECK out all possibilities OR she is still living at home.


Her mother MARY SELLERS = born ca 1808 NC, both parents born SC.


DID you check civil war records for JAMES HICKS?

VERY interested in WHERE in GA they went, please send.


ANY Death Certificates?



THANKS for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa


HENRYETTA SILLINS 66 SC #1502-226(is this wife of John SELLERS, dec'd 1844?)

YOU must use all sounds/spellings when researching families. PLEASE send your GA info on your families.

marie, iowa

Dec 1, 2003

Hi Marie,

I have been away from my computer for almost a week.Sorry for the delay in answering your message.

I don't know if I can help much.I will answer some here and when I get caught up, I will try to send anything that I have.


My great grandmother was James Savannah Hicks (married William Stager and then William Gossett).I know almost nothing about her.My father, the oldest of his generation is dead, plus neither he nor his siblings liked her.They all say that she was physically dirty, nasty house and was mean.

So much for a loving grandmother. James Savannah Hicks Stager Gossett died January 2, 1942.At the time she was living in Rome, Georgia (Floyd County, about 75 miles northwest of Atlanta, not far from the Alabama state line).

Floyd County is where she spent her adult life and all of her children were born.At the time of her death she was living with one of her sons from her second marriage.(I am descendent from her first marriage.)


James Savannah Hicks was the daughter of James Hicks and Louisa "Lucy" C. Sellers. I did not know her mother's maiden name until I ordered a copy of her death certificate.James Hicks was born March 26, 1848 and died January 10, 1922.Lucy Sellers was born August 9, 1835 and died February 3, 1907.

After I received James Savannah Hicks' death certificate, I ran a search.

The 1880 census came up with a James Hicks married to Louise C.with

children John, Lillie, and James S.Living with them was Seller, Mary listed as mother-in-law.They were living in Weakley, TN.James S. is listed as a son, but the age is right to be James Savannah and if she was not in sight when the census was taken, it would be a logical mistake.Plus she was called James or Jamie a great deal, as well as Savannah.Also, I know for a fact that she had a sister named Lillie.Lillie also lived in

Floyd County and was around when my dad was little.She married a man named T.S. "Bush" Washington.


Backed up to the 1870 census.I found James and Louise married in Weakley.

They had one child- John who is four.It has them as being married in January of the census year.So either John was illegitimate or Louise had been married before.I also found a Joseph and Mary Sellers in Sampson County, TN.(They have a Nancy Matthew and Nancy's two children living with them.)


O.k.Let me know what else you want.I have:

1.More on James Savannah

2.Tombstone pictures

3.Census information - 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1930.

4.Death Certificates - James Savannah, James Hicks


If you do connect, I would love any information that you have.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Mary Hall(I live in Floyd County, Georgia)

DEC, 2003

MARY, thanks.

NEED the age of your James Savannah Hicks =

okay, maybe listed as son/male born 1873 TN?


Do you have the 1900 census reading?

I would check ALL SPELLINGS in 1850? CARROLL CO, TN???


THANKS for sharing.


According to her tombstone, James Savannah Hicks was born August 7, 1876.

The 1880 census was taken on June 22, 1880 and lists James S. as three years

old. (Weakley County, TN, Meridian Church, ED #15, Page 35, lines 37-42).


1900 Census -

I am interested mainly in James Savannah and her parents - I just haven't

gotten much further.


Georgia, Floyd County, Barkers Militia District, sheet number 124, lines


James Savannah has married William Stager and he has left her (classic -

"I'm going to the store" and never returning)


Hicks, James, head, w, m, 1848, 52, m, 30 (yrs. married), GA, GA, GA,


Hicks, Lucy, wife, w, f, Aug. 1837, 62 M, 30 (yrs. married),, 4 (children),

2 (living), TN, TN, TN

Stager, Jane S., dau, w, f, Aug, 1875, 24, 7, 2 (children), 2 (living), TN,


Stager, James W D D, grandson, w, m, Feb. 1894, 6, s, GA, OH, TN

Stager, Alonzo, grandson, w, m, April 1896, 4, s, GA, OH, TN


I haven't made it to 1850 yet.





dec 2, 2003

MARY, thank you.

would like James Savannah Hicks death cert info.


I believe her mother Louisa Sellers may have been married before, perhaps a GRIMES on the 1860 census. no kids then.

JOHN W. HICKS/GRIMES death cert would tell =

Don't have the marriages on either of these.

Don't have her mother MARY SELLERS on 1870 census.

You could send the one you have to compare.

I believe this MARY SELLERS could be living in 1850 CARROLL CO, TN.


CHECK it ALL out and advise.

Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa