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Margaret Sellers, parents unknown. Born in PA, died before 1827 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Married to Capt. Archibald McCurdy born 16 Apr, 1752 in Mecklenburg or Anson Co., NC. Died 10 Nov, 1843 in Cabarrus Co., NC. Daughter Mary Sellers born 20 May, 1776 in Mecklenburg Co. She married John Morrison.

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MARY, we have 2-3 differant land descriptions for SELLERS here in 1762/4- do you know where Archilbald McCurdy's land laid? Might be a start! or names of her children for a name pattern possibility? SURE would be nice to connect a PA SELLERS to NC, might solve a lot of things. MARY, Thanks for sharing SELLERS! marie, iowa

I can't tell you anything about where Archibald McCurdy's land was except
that it was in the part of Mecklenburg that later became Cabarrus. 

Archibald married twice. Margaret was his first one and I have the names of
their children who were: Samuel and Mary (who were twins. Interstingly, my
former husband descends from Samuel and I from Mary), Archibald, Jr; Jane;
John; Nellie and Margaret.

Here are some leads I have which I need to follw: a fellow genealogist has
given me a bibliography which concerns the McCurdys, but I may learn more
about the Sellers' in it. The McCurdys are almost surely from PA. 

Also, and I have just learned about this part, Samuel was named for his
grandfather, Samuel Kirkpatrick, son of Valentine Kirkpatrick. These folk
were also from PA. I think there is every reason to believe the Sellers'
were also from there and that they moved more or less en masse from PA to NC
(and the Kirkpatricks and many McCurdys later to GA and SC.) I'll let you
know if the bibliography turns anything up.

MARY, thanks- My NC land patents go to 1764- did not show any MCCURDY'S OR KIRKPATRICKS- 10-20-1772 - ISAAC SELLERS of Mecklenburg buys 185 acres on south side of Rocky or Johnstones River from Wm WHITE and wife Margaret of Province of NC, conveyed to sd WHITE 6-29-1762. Recorded Jan 1775. My 'THEN and NOW' map of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Co's = appears this area would be in Cabarrus Co - next to Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg has land records, I only have the SELLERS extracted - and I need to find out when he sold and where this Isaac went - if I look or find the info, will check out McCurdys also- I feel SELLERS were already here, but, I DON'T know where this bunch? came from - should be a REV war record mentioning this county! Was CAPT Archibal McCurdy in Rev War - do you have his papers? I will post your info on your page and what I have on Mecklenburg page and maybe we will find someone else from here. I can link you to GA and SC if you know when/where they went - SOME of our SELLERS there are connected back to NC. This would be any of MARGARET SELLERS MCCURDYS children that went? Thanks for sharing, Mary - marie, iowa Mary Grimaldi