Ill try to get my cousin Jerry Sellers to participate in the dna testing He
is son of Laymon Winnifred Sellers, grandson to Fred S Sellers, g- grandson
to Thomas E and gg-grandson to Noah. Send me all the info and Ill get on

Mary Fesmire Flake
_snow5365@aol.com_ (


MARY, in case you didn't receive =
our main page which will have a link of members and also a result page.
The order page =

This would be very good to have this family as a dna member. It is a swab
you brush inside your cheek. It costs about $100 and you can see where the
result pages has had good results when we get enough entries.

It also makes a good christmas, birthday gift for family members.

Thanks,best wishes, marie, iowa


Timneys parents were Abington Parsons d-13 -April 1826 Cheraw/
Chesterfield District, South Carolina and Mary "unknown" [died inEllis County Texas]


I am Mary Fesmire Flake descended from Noah Sellers--- Thomas E.Sellers----
Fred Simpson Sellers---Mildred Derue Sellers Fesmire

The Charles you are looking for is at
_pub.clwhite@cox.net_ ( as of Jan. 2005 His
address changed He has a wealth of info and has helped me tremendously in my
search for what happened to Timney and the group that went to Texas I am
compiling my info on the Fred S. Sellers branch to add to his I was lucky as I grew
up with a lot of these people as I was an in between age and was in a lot of
the homes we are now researching in Hend. Co, Carroll Co. and Madison Co but
it is a shame we did not know to get more information from our elders


MARY, thank you.
don't think we show your connection to this family.
We have some info on Thomas E. SELLERS, but, not his kids.
would you like to send a small Name, Date, Place chart on child you connect to and where they went, etc.

Yes, Charles White has shared info with us, I see someone sent his webpage, will try and refind and read.
but, mayNot be active member now And don't see where he sent his web page = should be posted on his page!
but, he sent his new email in Jan 2005!

thanks for helping.
marie, iowa