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        Sabert Sollars
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Hello, I am not a member, but since I have been researching in Greene Co. Tenn as
per Hannah Sollers Henderson Tallent, have seen your [what are they called, lists??]
I am a Sollers.
The Sabrett Sollers that left Maryland to go to Duplin County N.C. died there 178-
something. He is listed on some of the lists of census as Sabert Sollios. He is the
Sabrett from Maryland.
Okay the other Sabrett is the one I am working on, he was born in VA. It is he that
fought Amer. Rev. from VA and NC.
It is he that married Mary Morrow Jan 1785 in Greene C. Tenn. He also had a business
in Greene Co. a BONDING CO. whereby when it says "security" as per a wedding this
was through his bonding co. This Sabrett lived on the So. side of the Nolichucky
river in Greene Cty Tenn. [Greenville] is the original site of the State of
Franklin. John Sellers signed one of the petitions dealing with all of that, is in
"Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S Ray. Sabrett is on Census lists in Greene County
Tenn.  He removed to Missouri and died there in mid Eighteen hundreds.
Okay Hannah Sollers was sister of Sabert and she married James Henderson {son of
Samuel] James Henderson was security for marriage of Sabert Sollers to Mary Morrow
and through the marriages became brothers in-law.  James Henderson was killed by
Cherokee Indians on a raid led by Dougherty on the N.C. border on Aug 15, 1793, he
left a Will
too many arguments going on about that document, its on a Henderson site as per
Greene Co. Tenn.  Okay then comes a court hearing whereby a Hannah [mine??] is
awarded money from a man sur name of Love for a base born child he is the testified
father of. Then Hannah married James Tallent
think it was in Dec of 1799 and then Hannah Sollers Henderson Tallent was taken
[kidnapped] by Indians and never seen again.  James Tallent went to MO. about this
time with his Henderson Step sons. Samuel Henderson
a son of Hannah and James Henderson became a Mormon and they ended up in Utah.  So
there is more than one Sabert Sollers, Sellers.  Lots more in Maryland, but area,
and era, seperate them.  Oh yes the Duplin Co. N>C. Sabert is the one mentiioned as
"gone to the Carolinas" in his brother's Will in MD. I have been on this for a long
while without finding out a lot, am also using "naming patterns" to try to find
parent names.  Should also tell you that there are
2 johns in the Hannah James Henderson marriage, the first one is John A Brown and
the other is John Henderson. But that is a whole nother story.  So do not continue
with the
who am I??   Mary Sollers Duke . Best Wishes   Mary