(Crosstitch Grandma)

Hi, I am new to this list.  Just learned that a James Monroe WILLIAMS
married  Lena/Laura SELLARS in DeKalb Co, TN, in 1867.  Need to know if
this is MY James Monroe Williams, and is this his second marriage?
There were many Williamses, and of course they all had the same first

Is there anyone on the list researching the Tennessee SELLARS?  Want to
make connections with you.  Thanks.

Mary Bryant Park

MARY, Thanks, yes, we have a few working on the SELLERS in Dekalb Co, TN
and also another WILLIAMS marriage. = LeRoy married Canzada SELLERS, dau
But, I sure don't see a Tera/Lera/Lena/Laura SELLERS here in Dekalb Co.!
Who was James M. WILLIAMS parents?
What are the names of James and Lena 's kids?
They both should be living with parents on the 1860 census - have you read
it - Send us what you can. marie, iowa

             "Jean" <>
   I have a Laura Sellers b 1849 Dekalb Co TN d/o William Sellers and Frances
Melvina Bradford. Sorry but I don't have a husband listed.
Okla City

Thanks for your reply, Marie.

James Monroe Williams' parents were William  M. Williams, b. abt 1784,
Nash Co, NC to William Williams & Lucretia "Lucreasy" Braswell.
Williiam Williams (1784) m. Rachel ----- abt 1805 , TN.

William Williams & Rachel's children:

Temperance m. C. Hiram Fite
Matthew m. Darthulia Gray
Elizabeth "Betsy" m. John Simpson
Rebecca m. John Hays
John W. m. Martha A.----
Nancy m. William C. Avant
Maria L. m. Wm. F. Hays
Leroy Lee m. Canzada Sellers
Thomas Jefferson m. Ellizabeth Robinson
Vincent  (no info)
Paralee m. Josiah S. Bass
James Monroe Williams m. :(1) Anna A. Dodd
possible (2) Laura Sellers

The 1860 DeKalb Co census Dist 3 (Pea Ridge) lists:
James M. Williams  23 b. TN, $1400 & $800
Annie A.. 20 b. TN
Martha A.   1 b. TN (my gr grandmother)
        (m. William Riley Bryant)
Bethel A. 7/12 b. TN
Annie Williams  78 b. MD

Note:  children born to James M. & Anna after 1860:  Hiram Nelson
Williams (my grandfather was Hiram Nelson Bryant) b. 1861;
James Monroe Jr. b. 1862 , m. Laura P. Brazel

Their mother,  Anna A. Dodd Williams died about 1865.

The 1870 De Kalb census lists:
District 2 (Liberty)
57/57  James Williams 35 b. TN $1200
Laura 21 keeps house, b. TN
Francis P.  4 b. TN
(if this is MY James Monroe Williams, where are the children from his
first marriage to Anna?)

parents of Laura Sellers, b. 1849, DeKalb, were Wm. Sellers and Frances
Melvna Bradford

I am aware that there was at least one other James Monroe Williams & a
dozen or so William Williamses.  I have the Bible of James Monroe &
Annie A. Dodd's daughter, Martha Ann Williams so I know that part is
correct; also, on the 1860 census James M. & Annie A. lived next door to
Willliam Gleason  Bryant, whose son William Riley Bryant m. James
Monroe's daughter Martha Ann Williams. (my gr gr m).

Anything you have or might suggest to me will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, "Cousin Mary"

Mary Bryant Park

MARY, Thanks, helps some -

Where were the children of JAMES and ANNIE WILLIAMS married=
Where were James and Annie married?

IS there ANY Civil War info - fast glance, I did Not see - Maybe someone
family? Sometimes, you do need to study all the other kids!

IF Dekalb Co, TN - Take an 1870 census AND study each kids named -
esp, brothers/sisters or HER parents =
(last name may be copied as PEOPLE they are living with)

They may be on 1880 census =
1880 census will show where parents born =

COPY of MARRIAGE license/certificate = who is bondsman/security =

I  see 2? wills or estates on WM WILLIAMS in DeKalb Co, Tn - One did list

WHEN/WHERE  did JAMES and LAURA die? Obit? Funeral Home Info?
1925 census gives parents names

AND, read land transfers on DeKalb Co, TN = FROM WM WILLIAMS to=
And where did these JAMES WILLIAMS live =

IF you have extracted LeRoy Williams and Cassaranda SELLERS kids from
- Sure would appreciate info!

NOW, I didn't understand this = WHO James Monroe WILLIAMS parents are?
William WILLIAMS and Lucretia BRASWELL?

Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

James Monroe Willilams' parents were William M. Williams and Rachel
unknown.  I am not 100 % sure that these were his parents.

James Monroe Williams' children were:

Martha Ann b. 1858, TN; died 9 April 1899 in Farmersville, TX; m.
William Riley Bryant in DeKalb County, TN in 1875

Bethel Allen, b. 6 Nov 1859 , no other info

Hiram Nelson, b. 25 April 1861 , no other info

James Monroe, Jr., b. 7 Oct 1862 TN, d. 28 Jan 1941, buried Sycamore
Cem, Cannon  Co. TN; m. Laura P. Brazel on 18 June1885, Cannon Co, TN.

Thanks for your help.  Mary

Mary Bryant Park

MARY - there are only a few wills in DEKALB Co for WILLIAMS - I believe I
copied the one on Wm to our TN page (don't belive James?listed or

RACHEL WILLIAMS = 1851 r 39-1-217 DeKalb Co, Tn (some type of estate
record=you can order these from Tn )
MARY WILLIAMS 1847 r39-1-47
WILLIAM WILLIAMS 1851 r39-1-211
SAMUEL WILLIAMS 1848 r39-1-73

YOU could do a search or query on the DEKALB CO, TN page
OR order all and study.

I believe info is on Dekalb or State of TN page -
Thats all I see, marie, iowa

Hello cousins - a long time researcher came to my house  today to help
me sort out things re Sellers, Braswell, Williams, etc.

She saw something that I had completely missed -- or looked at a long
time ago and forgot   Anyway,  my James Monroe Williams died in 1863
(in daughter's bible),so he couldn't be the James Monroe Williams who
married Lena/Laura Sellers in 1867.

So -- forgive me -- seems like I have caused a tempest in a teapot!

Thanks!  I still need info on the Williams family.
Cousin Mary

Mary Bryant Park

MARY,  great - Now We are still interested in LAURA SELLERS married a James
WILLIAMS - so when you get your census and read and find LEROY or JAMES
WILLIAMS , please Send info.

JANE, if you have already extracted, would like info on Dekalb Co, Tn page
So many times when I do the orginal extraction, I don't have or remember
All these other names and if not next door neighbors, I don't copy.  - IF
you have a printed copy, instead of film, much easier to go back and get
MARY, Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

Crosstitch Grandma wrote:

> Hi, Marie.  Saw the discussion re Sellers and James Monroe Williams on
> the list.  I appreciate you all comparing notes on them, and for helping
> me.
> I THINK that James Monroe Williams' parents were William M. Williams and
> Rachel ?  ; however, I've learned that there was at least one other
> James Monroe Willliams and about 100 William Willamses!
> On the 1860 DeKalb census, my James M> Williams was 26; wife Annie A.
> (Dodd) was 2; children Martha Ann (my gr grandmother)  was 1, and Bethel
> A. 7/12, all . TN.  There is also Annie Wlliams, age 78, . MD .  I don't
> know yet who this is.
> I have the 1870 census ordered fromLDS and probably should get the 1880
> also.
> I assume that someone on the list knows where Laura/Lena Sellers is
> buried.  Will you please give me that info also?
> I appreciate gettingthe census info on William Sellers.
> Thanks a bunch!  "cousin" Mary
> Mary Bryant Park

MARY, perhaps the Dekalb Co, Tn page will help -
I just mailed you the url = hilited number = click on and follow thru-

All, I ever saw was where her parents were buried and the two girls names
inscribed with birth dates?

The Lady 'Jean?' that answered the first query, probably has more info on
these DEKALB CO, TN SELLERS and We All Share - You may be able to get some
info from the wills/estates/county records, I listed - Rachels sounds
Yes, Your actual census will help and Yes , I would order 1880 also (I
have soundex on SELLERS)
ANNIE WILLIAMS , sounds/looks like a Mama? Sure would find her in 1850
census !
She is Not in Wills up to 1861 - But, did one of the guys have a wife

SEND copies of any info to us - marie, iowa