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Looking for information on Eliphalet Sellers, born 1829. Eliphalet is listed in 1910 Clayton, Union Co., NM census. His wife, Diana Templin Sellers is also listed in the 1910 and 1920 Clayton, Union Co., NM census.

Samantha C. married Daniel William Donovan
William J. married Nancy Ellis
Nancy L. married Sam Leonard
Viola married William Alvey

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Georgia Burnett Fletcher

Your will find Eliphalet D. Sellers in Montgomery County, Indiana census records. In 1860, he is married to a Asenath and has children: Mary E., age 5; Harriet J., age 2; Franklin T., age 10/12. He is living next door to his parents James M. Sellers born 1795 KY and Mary D. Johnson Sellers, born 1800 KY. His brother, Marshall H. Sellers, is still living in the household with the parents. James M. Sellers is the son of John S. Sellers born 1743 PA and Elizabeth Finley. John S. Sellers is the son of Nataniel David Sellers born 1720 in Ireland or Scotland and Mary (Crawford?).

This is not my family. I just have them in my database.


Eliphalet D. Sellers is found in 1870 Delaware County, Indiana, Harrison township, indexed under E. D. Seller. He is married to Didama and has children: Franklin T, age 20; Samantha C., age 18; William J., age 13; Nancy L., age 11; John C., age 8; George H., age 4; Milton D., age 1. All born in Indiana.


You will find the Eliphalet D. Sellers family in 1900 Putnam County, Indiana, Cloverdale Township.

Eliphalet D. Seller, May 1829, IN
Didama Seller, April 1838, IN
Milton D. Seller, March 1879, IN
Viola L. Seller, December 1881, IN


from Patricia Borden

Re: Eliphalet Sellers/Diana Templin
Author: Patricia Borden Date: 5 Nov 2005 5:57 AM GMT

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This information is from "One World Tree" It is based on information from 11 Trees.
Also, there is 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census info for you.
Hope it helps you.
Pat B.
This is not my family.

Eliphlet Decator Sellers
Born: 7 May 1834
Crawfordsville, Montgomery, IN, USA
Died: 1909

Spouse 1 Didama Templin
Born: 8 Apr 1838 in Danville, Hendricks, IN, USA
Marriage: 7 Mar 1861 in [city], Hendricks, IN, USA
Children Sex Birth
Mary Elizabeth Seller F 8 Jan 1855 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery, IN, USA
Harriet Josephine Seller F 3 Nov 1857 in [city], Montgomery, IN, USA
Franklin Theodore Sellers M 22 Jul 1859 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery, IN, USA
Samantha C Seller F 1864 in [city], [county], IN, USA
William J Seller M 1867 in [city], [county], IN, USA
Nancy L Seller F 1869 in [city], [county], IN, USA
1850 United States Federal Census: Indiana; Montgomery county; Union Township image 10 of 134
family 70/71
SELLAR, John M. 23 M 500 K-y <1827>
SELLAR, Harriet J. 26 F K-y <1824>
SELLAR, Henry C. 2 M Ind <1848>
SELLAR, Robert M. 1 M Ind <1849>
family 71/72
SELLAR, James 55 M 5,000 K-y <1795>
SELLAR, Mary D. 50 F K-y <1800>
SELLAR, Thomas P. 24 M K-y <1826>
SELLAR, Marshall H. 23 M K-y <1827>
SELLAR, Elizabeth J. 20 F Ind <1830>
SELLAR, Eliphalet D. 20 M Ind <1830>
BARLOW, Mary S. 13 F Ind <1837>
1860 United States Federal Census: Indiana; Montgomery county; Union Township; Crawfordsville Post Office image 27 of 124
family 633/613
SELLER, James 65 M 10,000/ 2,000 KY <1795>
SELLER, Mary D. 60 F KY <1800>
SELLER, Marshall H. 33 M 1,600 / 200 KY <1827>
family 634/614
SELLER, Eliphalet D. 31 M 1,000 / 1,700 IND <1829>
SELLER, Asenath S.C. 22 F IND <1838>
SELLER, Mary E. 6 F IND <1854>
SELLER, Harriet J. 2 F IND <1858>
SELLER, Franklin T. 11/12 M IND <1859>
1870 Census: Indiana; Hendricks county; Middle Township; Pittsboro P. O.; page 472A image 3 of 36

SELLER, Eliphalet 41 MW 2275 835 Indiana <1829>
SELLER, Didanna 32 FW Indiana <1838>
SELLER, Mary 15 FW Indiana <1855>
SELLER, Harriet 13 FW Indiana <1857>
SELLER, Franklin 11 MW Indiana <1859>
SELLER, Samantha 8 FW Indiana <1862>
SELLER, William 3 MW Indiana <1867>
SELLER, Mansa 1 FW Indiana <1869> (Nancy L.)
1880 census Indiana: Delaware county; Harrison Township.; District 178 image 30 of 40

SELLER, E. D. head 51 Ind. Kent. Kent. <1829>
SELLER, Didana wife 40 Ind. O. O. <1840>
SELLER, Franklin T. son 20 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1860>
SELLER Samantha C. daughter 18 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1862>
SELLER, William J. son 13 Ind. Ind. Ind <1867>
SELLER, Nancy L. daughter 11 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1869>
SELLER, John C. son 8 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1872>
SELLER, George H. son 4 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1876>
SELLER, Milton D. son 1 Ind. Ind. Ind. <1879>


nov 2005

Thanks but we have all the census information. We're looking for a death date and burial location on both Eliphalet & Diana.

I see New Mexico has birth/death info from 1919 .
We do Not have this info extracted posted.
Don't know if on line or has to be ordered.

Can you send us the census or places/dates on the child you connect to in 1920/1930, etc
And where they went and died.

Did their obit say where/when parents died.?

This New Mexico info and your family is important to OTHER SELLERS trying to connect .

Did you extract any other SELLERS living next to your family?

Have you contacted the Union Co, NM genealogy society for their records? = they are very helpful and save most records.
Please Send their records on SELLERS.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS
marie, iowa


I'm distantly related to this line and live in New
Mexico. I can see if I can find something out at the
library. It may be a week or two since I'm going out
of town this weekend.

Jim Sellars
Jim Sellars []


I saw on one listing at that Didama
Templin Seller was living in Oklahoma in 1917,
probably with a daughter.

Jim Sellars


Wm G Alvey Clayton, Union, New Mexico abt 1870 Indiana White
Vista Alvey Clayton, Union, New Mexico abt 1880 Indiana White
Wm Clyde Alvey Clayton, Union, New Mexico abt 1906 Indiana White
Sidney Saller Clayton, Union, New Mexico abt 1839 Indiana White, WD,.(Didama SELLER on census) both parents OH

marie, iowa



Viola Alvey Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA abt 1882 Indiana Head ,, WD, both parents IN, Hotel Maid
William Alvey Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA abt 1906 IN,Son , single, Caster, Caster factory, both parents IN