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            I am looking for information on J. W. Sellars from the 1870 Census. (1880? msh)
 The only information I have is:
             J. W. Sellars  68     farmer                born in South
             Robinson, M. 50      sister - in - law   born in Ala.
             Sellars, Martha   5    daughter             born in Ms.

        I think his first name may be John. Martha is my great grandmother.
I have not been able to find him before or after 1870. Martha's mother died
and I have no info on her.


                         Martha Belenchia

MARTHA, thanks for sharing SELLERS.

now, WHERE are we in 1870 =

and any kids names and ages and married when/where =
when/where Martha born =
first or any child born when/whre =

AND maybe we can Look and See what info our SELLERS have in these Counties/States?
WE have to start in a Proven County/State to PROVE families!

THANKS, marie, iowa

 Sorry for being incomplete it is my first time to post. I found J. W.
Sellars in the Mississippi Census, Calhoun County, Big Creek area in 1870. (1880? msh)
Actually I really don't know anything else such as birthdates or marriages.
Martha was my grandmother's mother. J. W.'s wife died early as did Martha
when my grandmother was 3 y/o.  My grandmother never knew anything else about
the Sellars family except the last name and what area they were from. I
suspect that Abram Sellars could be JW's father he was from the same area.

Actually I found her mother, Martha on the Census and put it together. Martha
married William Duncan Price (when I don't know) and moved to the Clarksdale,
Coahoma County Miss. area. I have extensive info on the Prices, they were a
prominent family in Calhoun County.
      Thanks for your reply and I hope you can help me. 

MARTHA, Thanks.
Do you have the 1860/1870 CALHOUN CO, MS census so we can add it to our CALHOUN CO, MS page =

I added some info today - BUT, if this info isn't posted. NO ONE can follow these famlies = WE should be able to find them in 1850? (famous last words)
HELP us as much as you can in this area.
AND , maybe now that we know your county/state.
OUR members may have info on CALHOUN CO, MS they could send us = census - marriages, etc.
OTHERWISE, go to USGENWEB - STATES-COUNTIES = ask for a look up and please advise any new info. THANKS.
marie, iowa


       I really don't know. My JW was born in 1803. I really suspect that JW
1803 was really a grandfather and maybe yours is a son of my JW. There is a
gap there that I cannot fill in, and I suspected that maybe the Civil War had
orphaned my Martha Sellars.
       We really know very little about this side of the family. I am
organizing what I do know and will try to post the little bit I have. Who was
your JW married to and what happened to her?

All I know of Martha Sellars' mother is she was born in Ala. and died when Martha was very young. In fact
my grandmother thought her mother's name was Mattie Maggie Sellars born 1874
died 1906. I found her in 1880 census listed as Martha. That means My
grandmother and I both were named after her and didn't know it.
                   Thanks, I hope I have not confused you too much.

                         Martha Belenchia

the 1861 etc CIVIL WAR FILES maybe could help connect these families and tell us Where they are born.
Check the Calhoun Co, MS us genweb page for info or
MS civil war page

ALSO check out the connections with counties next and made from CALHOUN CO , MS = made from =
AND I think this link will go to Calhoun Co, MS
STUDY this names, etc and advise new info
marie, iowa

Thanks for your interest. I looked back on what I had and all I
really know for sure is  the 1880 Census. You have given me some ideas though and I
think I need to make a trip to the Dept. of Archives in Jackson.




       I have very few facts but I will give them to you. J.W. was gg
grandfather. We know very little about that side of the family. I do know my
grandmother's mother was raised by her grandfather and an unmarried aunt, we
think she was a sister to the mother.
She was raised in Banner, Calhoun County, Mississippi. Her name was Mattie Maggie Sellars, born 1874 died 1906
of German measles. I don't even know Mattie's mother's name. Mattie married
William Duncan Price also from Banner. They had three children : Willie Mae
Price Young, Linder Warren Price, and Lottie Martha Price, my grandmother.
       Here is what I know of J.W.
             From the 1880 Census Calhoun County, Banner

       Sellars, J.W.  w m 68 widowed farmer  SC  SC  SC
       Robinson, M. w  f  50  single sister-in-law keeping house  ALA   ALA
       Sellars, Martha  w  f  5  dau  MS   SC   ALA

       There are several Sellars listed on the Census for Mississippi but I
cannot make
       connection to any of them.

                   This is all I know.  Thanks.

                         Martha Belenchia

William D. Price
Birth: <1864> - Mississippi
Birth: 1863/1864
Residence: 1880 - Calhoun, Mississippi



MARTHA, thank you.

IS this YOUR Martha SELLERS that married William Duncan Price?

And you stated they had kids =
Mattie married
William Duncan Price also from Banner. They had three children : Willie Mae
Price Young, Linder Warren Price, and Lottie Martha Price, my grandmother.

If so,
WE/I need
WILLIE MAE PRICE and when/where she married YOUNG and any of their kids names/ages
LINDER WARREN PRICE, AGE, = any info on Where Born/Died?
Any of kids names, etc

I CAN NOT follow without ages/places.

DO you have ANY OBITS on your family?
Have you checked the MS DEATH info?

Thanks for helping. Understand what we need.
marie, iowa


dec 18, 2005

Willie Mae Price Young
Born-Jan. 13,1897
Died- June 17, 1968
buried at Clarksdale, Miss. Coahoma County
had 2 girls, I will get their information

Linder Warren Price
Born- Aug. 26, 1899
Died - June 12, 1961
buried at National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.
career Army, no marriages or children

Lottie Martha Price Davis My grandmother
Born- Feb. 24, 1904
Died- July 31,1090 (1990? msh)
Buried at Clarksdale, Miss. Coahoma County

she had 2 children
Charles E. Davis, Jr.
Margaret Duncan Davis Hughey
both still living can get birth dates

Their mother is the Martha in the 1880 Census

Mattie Maggie Sellars Price
Born - Feb. 1875
Died- 1906 of German Measles
Buried at Clarksdale, Miss.

I have no death records on J. W. Sellars.

Martha Belenchia


jan 2006

MARTHA, thank you for sharing.

To Prove, I believe I would contact the local genealogy society for death records/obits, etc. They save ALL this info and can extract and send for a small price/donation.
And maybe some Marriages in this area!

Don't believe we can PROVE, without some documents. Marriages, deaths, war, etc.
I will send What I See and Hope you and others can connect more info.

ANYONE have a chart on JOHN WARREN SELLERS 1824, son of Abraham Sellers? msh

I did study these census, etc and I wonder if J. W. SELLERS = JOHN WARREN SELLERS 1824 , son of Abraham and Mary Norwood Sellers .
Living with his brother and next to his dad and new wife with son John A. 1828=

1850 YALO, MS
p. 450B:1061 Sellers, Hardy 34 M SC
Jane 27 F SC
Martha 6 F MS (ck 1860 Calhoun)
James 3 M MS "
Louisa 10 F MS
Sellers, John 26 M SC (ca 1824) (brother? msh)
Mary 2 F MS



1870?1870 CALHOUN CO, MS=
John Sellers Township 13 Range 1 West, Calhoun, MS abt 1812 South Carolina White Male
MARY BULLOCK 33 MS (ca1837 )is this John's sister Mary? (ck 1860 Yalobusha, MS)

Census Place: Calhoun, Mississippi
Source: FHL Film 1254642 National Archives Film T9-0642 Page 578A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
J.W. SELLERS Self M W W 68 SC Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: SC
M. ROBINSON SisterL F S W 50 AL Occ: Keeps House Fa: AL Mo: AL (WHERE 1870?)
Martha SELLERS Dau F S W 5 MS Fa: SC Mo: AL

CAN'T PROVE this M. ROBINSON born ca 1830 AL = do a search on her family? Msh

Thanks, that's all I see.
marie, iowa



William Duncan Price
Born: 30 Nov 1863

Died: Jun 1937

Linder W Price
Birth: abt 1900 - Mississippi
Residence: 1930 - Fort Riley, Geary, Kansas

U.S. Veterans Cemeteries, ca.1800-2004 Record
Name: Linder W Price
Birth: 26 Aug 1899
Death: 12 Jun 1964
Other: 14 Jun 1961


1930 same?

John H Davis Martha Davis Beat 4, Bolivar, MS abt 1900 Mississippi Head ,married at age 20,both parents MS
Martha Davis John H Davis Beat 4, Bolivar, MS abt 1906 Wife , married at age 17, both parents MS
no kids


Sam Davis Martha Davis Beat 4, Coahoma, MS abt 1900 Mississippi Head ,M at 20
Martha Davis Sam Davis Beat 4, Coahoma, MS abt 1899 Wife , M at 14