Subject: sellers. wayne co. ky. 1910. census. lucy. sellers.
Author: marilyn hendrix . tutorow
Date: 08 Oct 2002 1:03 AM GMT

father name is mose sellers. wife mary e. lucy sellers. married to walter. jackson. mahoney. walter father
is leroy. mahoney, born Indiana.1862. wife belle. in mumcie Indiana. lucy sellers & walter jackson
mahoney. married mar 23 1926. looking for the family line.and cousins.

MARILYN, thanks.
LUCY SELLERS was born ca when/where =

HER parents = MOSES SELLERS and MARY E. ?
do you know their ages and where born or Died?

DO you know ANY of LUCY SELLERS brothers/sisters?


ARE we connected to 1910 WAYNE CO, KY census?
SEND info you can, marie, iowa

oct 9, 2002
lucy sellers.  is my  the lucy i know was born in wayne co, ky. the year. of 1910.she 36 years. old.  wend the census. was. taken . she was not name is yet lucy.  fathwe  name was mose seller.  mother name was. mary  e. don.t know. her last name let.  thear was 7 children,  the boy was kill about 17.   the 6. others.  was girl.     florence in 1910 she was. 14. years.    eva  was 12.     allis was.10.    dove. was 5.     lizzia was 3.    lucy was born in april 19.    if this your family, lucy  would had to born  in ky,  i would  love is to be the lucy. is i could stard to find  some family.    oh lucy  married      walter  jackson  mahoney. lucy death. was mar  1963.  in lakeville. indiana. in st joe co.   but i send in the 1910. census. in mic fulm. i send to my library.  from the state of ky. and other countys.  other lucys.  sellers.   go  to your. library. and have them send to ky  1910 census. it well cose you. about  $3. 50. and end it come in. thay well ca!
ll you. and look at the film.

  MARILYN, thank you. believe I see your family here in
1920 WHITLEY CO, KY = (I believe these   counties all lay close)
  HURATH? 4 6/12 SON, KY
  LOUIS 1 4/12 DAU, KY

  if you have extracted the 1910 census, would appreciate you sending us the info from same OR send the
  page and township name. have access to the census, but, no index or page #.

  My marriages only go to 1900, so don't know if we have MOSES SELLERS or not. She is suppose to
  Believe we have other families working on the kids of his parents. JOHN SELLERS and SARAH
  We will show a link to your info from this county, so others can find you also.

  There is a book written on this family, but, we don't have extractions on line? by Harold E. SELLERS,
  Springfield, VA.
  maybe available thro library/loan?

  But, we don't have all the kids continued on and where they went, so it is nice of you to show where
  Lucy went/died. Did you send us your mom's brothers/sisters names? or was that Lucy's kids names
  you sent? I hate to leave this page as sometimes I lose it when I come back!

  Thanks for sharing SELLERS. marie, iowa

marie. i really hope. we are same lucy. the 1910 cesus, says mary e. is 36 year's old thin. and mose is 36
  also. this is lucy sister and 1 brother. lucy i thank it lucy marie. sellers. she married walter jackson
  mahoney. my mom. is lillian edith mahoney, robert. mahoney. carl. richred. mahoney. and my mom
  married robert eugene, tutorow. and 5 kids. marilyn sue tutorow hendrix, phyllis marie lester. robert e
  tutorow.jr. carrie daine. tutorow shepherd. and vickie linda. tutorow richheart. vickie death. her
  hasband. kill her, in 1999. and he onlt got 8 year's. and the girl married and my brother never married .
If you have page number, township of the 1910 WAYNE CO, KY
  census. please send.
  need neighbors. need to read, etc.
  THANKS, marie, iowa

oct 9, 2002
hi thanks marie. if  this is grandma family. you made
my day. mon is stell living.  the only thing .we know
is grandma name lucy or lucille or lucyie. we just
call grand lucy. and granfather walter. carl an
richred. is my age. lucy have thin the same time mom
have her family. we paly to gother.  mon say grandma.
had one time i hear 9 sisters. an a nother time 7
sisters. and thay moved from one plece to another.
lucy an walter moverd to indiana. married walter in
1926, walter, was born in munice. 1889  and not for
sould. walter mother name is belle. thank  it belle
jackson. i find him in the census. on his mother dad,
and brothers. no sisters.  mose seller i thank he born
about ,1875.  and mary  we didn.t her name  only name
was sellers  she the same, age  as mose is.   if you
find any thank out please email me. thanks alot.  marilyn.

 i have  wayne  S462 SELLERS   082 0230 0125.       and i thank this is the  page, 467, it's the 2th one down. it's in sone dex. 1910 the state of ky.  marilyn,

 1880 Census Place: E.D. 88, Pulaski, Kentucky
 Source: FHL Film 1254440  National Archives Film T9-0440     Page 163D
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Polly SELLERS Self F W W 50 KY
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Marion SELLERS Son M S W 15 KY
 Occ: Works On Farm Fa: KY Mo: KY
Mary E. SELLERS Dau F S W 11 KY
   Fa: KY Mo: KY
Rachel SELLERS Dau F S W 8 KY
   Fa: KY Mo: KY
Moses SELLERS Son M S W 5 KY
   Fa: KY Mo: KY

jan 23, 2003
 i find this family. iam descendants, from JOHN R, Sellers.and levi[ sellers] jackson. and here is a name
  change, to sellers. here is the family john r sellersbirth 1794 rutherford co. n c died 1873 in pulaski [
  now McCreary] co. ky belivieved to be the s/0 levy [I] and elizabeth [sellers] jackson, and md jun 1813
  in wanyne co. ky, sarah '' sally '' roberts [bron 1794 in burke co. nc. died 1873/ 1879 in pulaski. childen
  1. daughter[ unknown birth 1814 in wanyne co. ky 2. henrey sellers birth 1816 in wayne co. died ky
  1895 in pulaski co. ky, md mary ann coffey. 3. stephen sellers birth 1818 in wanyne co ky. md rebecca
  maidwa [e] ll. 4. bailey sellers birth 7 april 1821 in wayne ky. died 12 nov 1883 in wayne md lucy ann
  carrigan 5. fleming sellers birth 1824in whitley co ky. mary '' polly '' roberts. this is my family line. 6.
  lydia sellers birth 18 dec 1832 in pulaski co ky; md nelson ramsey. 7. john riley sellers birth 6 feb 1837
  in pulaski co ky. died dec 1925 in danville , boyle co ky. md rebecca frances sandifer. 8. evan sellers
  birth 1839 ky. and i have all thair famil allso. anf any one want to know more, e mail me at .

jan 23, 2003
 marilyn hendrix []
> Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 12:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: i find my familyin the sellers.
> i find my mother side of the family.iam connected to
> moses & mary ellen keith.  and his father is fleming
> sellers &mary "polly" roberts. ifind a harold  e.
> sellers. and he had my ggrandfather name in his
> family tree. so i have give him. the rest on my side.
> and this makes my day.  marilyn.
MARILYN, Great, You put it all together. Thanks for advising.
and Thanks to HAROLD E. SELLERS for helping us!
marie, iowa