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 Marie Clayton wrote:
> > Thank you for your speedy response to my querie on the Sellers. I don't
> > have much but will give you what info I have. George Pinkney Sellers was
> > born 24 Sept. 1879 in Huntingdon, Tn.
> > Not "Huntington" it is with a "d". He married Victoria Frances Hallowell b.
> > 10 May 1879 in Camden, Tenn. Not sure if that is a county or town? They had
> > six children. Three boys and three girls. Right now I can't put my hands on
> > the papers that has that info. But will send it when I find it. My step
> > mother was Elsie Sellers b. 18 Apr. 1912 in Hollowrock, Carroll co.,
> > Tn.This is all I have right now. Any help you can give me would be very
> > much appreciated. Thanks, Marie Clayton
1880 CARROLL CO, TN (Soundex and may NOT list every SELLERS)

ISAAC V. SELLERS 59 SC (ca 1821)
Jessy HUTCHISON 8 TN, stepson
WM D. SELLERS 24, not reported
WM D. HUTCHISON 11 TN, not reported

AMY T. 22 TN

1900 CENSUS - would prove more - looks like a remarriage - ?
We may have 1860 census already posted and Isaac SELLERS should be on there. 

MARIE C. Thanks - What makes it nice and possible - is All the members
sending info on SELLERS when they read/find it. And we can add to the
name or county it pertains to so others can read and use and send us
THEIR SELLERS info, and where they went etc.
Please send a small chart of names/dates and places yours went. And
thanks for taking the time to tell us you appreciated. marie, iowa
I did add some more census to Carroll Co,Tn and I believe someone else
is working on this county and I don't have your page linked to this site
- advise and will add.

Marie Clayton wrote:

> What a fantastic website you have. I was just looking around and found
> several of my step sisters line. I'm Marie Clayton. I was in contact
> with
> you a few months ago. You helped me a lot. Now your website. I know my
> step
> sister will be thrilled. Just had to let you know what a great website
> I
> think you have. I'll be back. Marie, Thanks

I am waiting to hear back from my step sister on more info. I had sent you
part of what I

had several months ago. I called her. She said she would get back to me.
Then I even

sent her a SASE. Still nothing. So today I called her again. She
apologized. She is waiting

to here from an uncle who has the info. He is elderly. She promised me she
would get it to

me as soon as possible. I'll give you a run down on what I had given you
before. So you

will have an idea.

I had her grandfather George Pinkney SELLERS b. 1879 Hollowrock, Carroll
Co., Tn.

m. Victoria Agnes Hollowell date of marriage unk. she b. 1879 Camden,
Benton Co.,Tn

Her father is Rev. George Hollowell.

I am waiting to get a list of George and Victoria SELLERS children. I knew
all of them,

but don't know but two birthdates. Two of them were born the same day only
5 yrs apart.
I have since found out who George P. SELLERS father was and grandfather and
gr grand.
Isaac P. SELLERS was father, married 1st. Elizabeth Burken. mar.2nd Clory
A. (last name unk) she was a widow when she married him. George is by 2nd

Isaac P. SELLERS father was John SELLERS b. 19 June 1772 SC md. Henrietta
John SELLERS father was Hardy SELLERS b. @1801 NC md Ann Odle 22 Nov 1831
Today I found a list of their children on your website. Found marriages, of
Hardy Sr. , Hardy Jr., Isaac P. m.1., I was thrilled. I had to call my step
sister and tell her what I had found. She was amazed.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll keep in touch and send additional info
when I get it.
Marie Clayton

MAY 2005

The Hardy Sellers born 1801 NC and married Ann Odil/Odle 22 November 1831 in
Maury County, TN is my Sellers line.

Hardy Sellers and Ann Odil did have a son named John James Sellers born June
1836 in Maury County, TN. This John James Sellers married Mary Ann Neeley
on 25 April 1867 Maury County, Tennessee. He stayed in Maury County, TN
until his death in December 1912 in Maury County, TN.

Georgia L. Fletcher []

Hi Marie, your email below reached me. I'm Marie Clayton. No relation to the
Sellers, but my step sister is and that is how come my name was here. Don't
really know much, has been some time since I worked on this. I do genealogy
research and she doesn't so was my way of helping her. I can check what I
have and see if I have anything that might help if you will tell me what you
want. Hope to hear from you soon. Marie Clayton
Dodie []


Does your stepsister's family have a living Male SELLERS? we have dna tests
available that helps separate/connect families which I can send other info

I don't believe you sent us the child she connects to, married whom/when and
where they went to? kinda like to have a copy of same.

THANKS for your concern .
marie, iowa


Hi Marie, what i sent I got from someone in Kentucky I think . It has been
so long. No I didn't send any info on my step sister. Her mother, my step
mother was Elsie Sellers.
She was daughter of George Pinkney Sellers and Victoria Agnes Hollowell
This is the way the line runs as far as I can tell.
John Sellers b. 19 June 1772 SC d. 22 Jan 1844 Carroll Co., Tn. bur Sellers
Cemetery Carroll Co, Tn.
md. Henrietta Norwood.
children : 14 names
Isaac P. Sellers (probably Pinkney) b. July 1819
md. Clory A (unk) widow of Hutchison
1. Sam Sellers b. Tn
2. Mittie Sellers b. 18 April 1907 Tn.
3. Henry Sellers b. Tn
4. Elsie Sellers b. 18 April 1912 Hollow Rock, Carroll Co, Tn.
m.1. Leo Kroll
one daughter still living.
m.2. Melvin L. Dodenhoff (my father) Jan 17, 1945 Covina, L.A. Ca.
5. Paulene Sellers b. Tn
1 mg don't know name. Had daughter. died a few years ago.
6. Eddie Sellers b. Tn
m Ecky
I think they had two sons. Both died.

This is all I have right now. But am going to California in a couple of
weeks and will try to find out more then. Hope to see my step sister then.
I know there were other children, sons, but don't remember the names. Sam
and Henry both had sons.
Hope this will keep you for now. Marie of MO.


MARIE CLAYTON, thanks . looks good.
If you find a living male Sellers willing to do the easy dna test (swab your
cheek), let us know, appreciate. If financial situation, advise.
marie, iowa


May 29, 2005
  I will let you know if I find out anything that will help. I'm thinking my
step sister told me there was only one male cousin still living. Not sure if
there is any descendants from them. Marie of MO.