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Have compiled this particular document with the help of my cousins, Catherine Cooper, who did the proof reading and helped me in finding the data and in correcting the summary and Brownie Mackie, who has always been helpful in providing family data and finding data. Catherine is a “Ross” cousin and Brownie is a “Bonham” cousin. Both are serious researchers who are dedicated to finding the truth no matter what the “so-called” family history. Both are good investigators and interested in documenting the facts.

The purpose of the document is an attempt to trace the maternal roots of my maternal family, which of course is often difficult. This is a summary of what we have found so far. Would appreciate it if any Sellers´s recognize any of the families in the 1840 US census data I have included as to potential parents of Margaret Minerva Sellers. If some can be eliminated right away, that would help. If some seem possible, that would help.




Possible parents of Margaret Minerva Sellers

Margaret Minerva Sellers was born in North Carolina in 1824-8 (census data is inconsistent). In the 1850 census (St. Francois MO) Minerva Ross is age 24 or 26 (difficult to decipher); in the 1860 census (Tippah Co. MS, Cornersville) Maragaret M Saunders is age 32; cannot find Minerva in 1870; in 1880 census (Union Co., MS, Albany) Manerva M Sanders is age 53.

Margaret Sellers married twice: 1st husband Oliver Franklin Ross (b. July 12, 1825 Bedford Co. TN, died August 25, 1848 drowned in Sequatchie River in Marion Co. TN). Margaret and James married July 15, 1844 (source Oliver Franklin Ross´s obituary; family bible of Oliver´s mother Sarah Bonham Ross). Place of marriage thought to be Coffee Co. TN but place not documented. Margaret´s 2nd husband was William H Sanders. They md. in MS 14 Mar 1858 (Mississippi marriages Tippah Margaret M Rose (sic) to William H Sanders). WH Sanders died 29 July 1867 (Margaret petitioned for dower 18 Nov 1867- Tippah MS).

Question to ALL: would such a "petition for dower" provide any useful data if I could obtain a copy?

According to census data, both of Margaret´s parents were b. in NC. Margaret´s mother, Jane Sellers, is head of household in St. Francois MO census 1850, age 54 b. NC with:

John Sellers age 22, labourer b. NC

Emily Sellers age 22 b. TN (John´s wife) Emily is thought to be Emily F Ross (sister of Oliver Franklin Ross). (Oral family tradition, date of birth of Emily F Ross in family bible (of Oliver and Emily´s mother Sarah Bonham Ross) is 11 Dec 1827).. Marriage said to have taken place in Coffee Co. TN but do not have documentation of either marriage or place.

James R Sellers age 8/12 b. MO (John and Emily´s son) (means that the family was in MO prior to Jan 1850) Census taken 2 Aug 1850

Minerva Ross age 24 or 26 (is Margaret Minerva Sellers Ross) (hard to read) b. NC

Jane E Ross age 3 b. TN (daughter of Margaret and Oliver) full name Sarah Jane Ellis Ross

Martha Ross age 1 b. TN (daughter of Margaret and Oliver) full name Martha Verlinchia Franklin
Ross (b. 6 Jan 1849) means that family left TN after 6 Jan 1849 and was in MO as above for JR´s birth)

Justiana Sellers age 15 b. NC (Margaret´s sister)

Ruth E Sellers age 9 b. NC (Margaret´s sister) Ruth was b. 27 Sep 1839 in Rutherford Co. NC (according to Goodspeed´s bio of William W Bailey). (means that Jane Sellers and her children were in NC as late as that and that Mr. Sellers died ca. Dec 1838 at the earliest - hopefully after that so he and the family can be found in the 1840 US census). Margaret´s marriage (possibly) in Coffee Co. TN in 1844 means that the family MAY have moved to TN between 27 Sep 1839 and July 15 1844 - so in the 1840 US census the family would likely either be in NC or TN. But family could have been elsewhere and most likely in the Southern States.

Question: Why did the family go to Saint Francois MO? They ended up in Tippah MS, Union Co MS, Marshall Co. MS, Mc Nairy Co. TN and Fayette Co. TN. If they were on their way to MS, why go to MO? Was there some family there in 1850?

1860 US Census data

1860 Tippah Co. MS, Ripley P.O.

Jane Sellers age 64 b. NC
Jettie Sellers age 23, teaching school, b. NC (this is Justiana Sellers)
Ruth age 20 b. NC (this is Ruth E Sellers)
Sarah Jane Ross age 14 b. TN (this is Sarah Jane Ellis Ross, Margaret Minerva´s daughter)

1860 Tippah Co. MS, Cornersville

William H. Saunders age 40, farmer, b. KY (This is William H Sanders)
Margaret M Saunders age 32 b. NC (is Margaret Minerva Sellers)
Michael H Saunders age 18 b. KY
Mary E Saunders age 15 b. KY
James M Saunders age 13 b. KY
William F Saunders age 10 b. KY
Martha C Saunders age 7 b. KY
Fredonia A Saunders age 5 b. KY
Justiana E Saunders age 1 b. MS (daughter of MM Sellers and WH Sanders - named for Marageret´s sister and perhaps her grandmother?)
Sarah JE Ross age 15(?) b TN (this is Sarah Jane Ellis Ross, MM´s daughter with Oliver, registered twice in census)
Martha V Ross age 11 b. TN (is Martha Verlinchia Franklin Ross, MM´s daugheter with Oliver)

1860 Census McNairy TN, Dist. 5, Gravel Hill P.O.

JW Cellers age 32 Mill Oner (sic) NC (this is John Sellers, Margaret´s brother)
Emily F Cellers age 32 TN
James R Cellers age 10 MO (Census taken 19 July 1860)

All of the family members from 1850 have been located in 1860 and are either in MS or TN (McNairy TN abuts Tippah MS)

1870 US Census data

1870 Tippah Co. Range 4, Twsp 4, MS, Ripley P.O.

WW Bailey age 36 Farmer MS
Ruth E Bailey age 31 NC
Edmund Bailey age 5 MS
George Bailey age 3 MS
Jane Selars age 74 b. NC (is Jane Sellers)
Jetty S Selars age 35 NC (is Justiana Sellers)

According to Goodspeed´s biography of Capt. William W. Bailey of Franklin Co. AR, William was born in Tippah Co. MS, near Springhill June 27, 1834, son of Edmund I and Lydia D (Mullins) Bailey, of NC and TN, respectively. He married Ruth E. Sellers Sept. 14, 1864. Ruth E. Sellers was born in Rutherford Co. NC, Sept. 27, 1839. Ruth E. Sellers was the niece of Judge John W. Thompson (Ripley MS). (See more later as to how this gives clues as to parents of MM Sellers, John Sellers, Justiana Sellers and Ruth E Sellers).

1870 Marshall Co. MS, Twsp 5 Range 1

JW Sellers age 45 NC labourer (this is John W Sellers, Margaret´s brother - age is wrong)
Jane Sellers age 20 MS (second wife, or is she?)
John W Sellers age 1 MS

The data indicates that Emily Sellers, John´s first wife, died between 1860 and 1868-9. It is not known where or when she died but she appears to have been alive in the fall of 1860, according to a letter from her brother Absalom Bonham Ross (A.B. Ross) to his 1st cousin (JW McKissick) dated 8 Nov 1860 (see note from CC as to content) (letter provided by Brownie Mackie - descendent of JW McKissick and of Rebecca Bonham who was sister of Sarah Bonham Ross). Andy was Andrew Ross, brother of Emily Ross and A.B. Ross; "Zealy" was Bezaleel Wier Ross also brother of Andy, Emily, Oliver and Absalom Bonham Ross. Rivers Ross was a family historian.

It is not known whether John W Sellers age 1 in this census is child of Emily or of 2nd wife, Jane Sellers but data in both the 1870 and 1880 census would tend to "lump" the children together, as all of the children´s data are comparably "off" (i.e., in stating the father´s birthplace as SC and not NC, etc.). Also, if John were Emily´s son his mother should have been listed as b. in TN, bu due to the apparent inaccuracy of the data in both 1870 and 1880, not sure what to believe !). See also "mix ups in 1880 census data, which make me wonder whether John W Sellers was the father of any children other than James R Sellers!

Found a JW Sellers in Civil War Roster from Tippah, who may be John W Sellers (Pvt), Company B - Hovis´s Company, raised in Tippah Co. MS) - there are also an S Gossett (Pvt) and a William C Gossett (died Alton Prison IL, Oct 27, 1863) in same Company as J W Sellers. Do NOT know whether said JW Sellers is my Mararet Minerva´s brother.

[CC: In the letter from AB Ross to JW McKissick, AB states that brother Andy had gone by to visit Zealy and Emily. The 1860 census shows an A. E. Ross who appears to be Andrew E. Ross. If he were living in TX, he may have gone by TN and MS to visit family. Rivers Ross was told by someone in the family that Emily had married a Sellers and moved to Miss. around Holly Springs. However, it doesn't appear that he learned anything conclusive about Emily. The letter written by AB Ross was in Nov. 1860. Emily is listed on the census for McNairy Co., TN in July 1860. It's certainly possible that her family moved to MS in those four months. Or was she still living in TN when Andy went to visit her? Not enough data at this point to know.]

1870 Marsall Co. MS, Range 3

AF Calhoun age 33 TN
Anna R Calhoun age 25 TN
James B Calhoun age 3 TN
Ora Calhoun age 2 MS
Robert F Calhoun age 1 MS
Ellaren Calhoun age 73 TN
JR Sellers age 20 dentist MO (this is John and Emily´s son James R Sellers)

Bezaleel Wier Ross, brother of Emily F Ross Sellers was a dentist in Marshal Co MS at the time so possible that JR was apprenticing with his uncle (Catherine Cooper descendent of Bezaleel Wier
[CC: After some thought, it seems as if JR would have been living with Bezaleel if he was his apprentice.]

1870 Pontotoc Co. MS, Twsp 7

William Dodds age 24 Farmer TN (is William Preston Dodds)
Martha age 20 TN (is Martha Verlincia Franklin Ross)
Ida age 2 MS
James age 11? (must be 11 mos) MS

So far have not been able to find Margaret Minerva Sellers Ross Sanders in the 1870 census and can´t find her daughter Sarah Jane Ellis Ross either. WH Sanders died in 1867 leaving MM with 3 young children by her second marriage, plus some young children by WH Sanders´s first marriage (need to track the children by Sanders´s first marriage). She´s not with her mother Jane or her brother John or sister Ruth or daughter MVF Ross Dodds. Sarah Jane Ellis Ross md Joseph B Purnell and MM Sellers Ross Sanders was living with her daughter and son-in-law in 1880, but Joseph Purnell was married to another woman in 1870, so am assuming that Sarah would be found under her maiden name Ross in 1870 (if she was not married before she married Joseph).

1870 Tippah Co. MS, Twsp 6 Range 2

All of the following appear to be living in the household of Simeon Darden:

Simeon Darden age 66 Farmer GA
Essie Darden age 63 SC
Joseph Pernell age 39 Physician SC - name should be PURNELL (future husband of Sarah Jane Ellis Ross)
SC (female) Pernell age 23 AL
Jas D Pernell age 2 MS
Lilla Pernell age 3/12 MS
MW Darden (male) age 28 AL

1880 US Census data

1880 Union Co. MS, Albany P.O. Dist 202

Joseph B Pummell age 50 Physician SC SC SC (name should be PURNELL)
Sarah JE Pummell age 34 TN NC NC (is Sarah Jane Ellis Ross - father should be TN not NC)
James D Pummell age 12 MS SC TN (child of Joseph Purnells first marriage)
Lillie E Pummell age 10 MS SC TN (child of Joseph Purnell´s first marriage)
Joseph B Pummell age 6 MS SC TN
Oliver H Pummell age 3 MS SC TN (presumably named after Sarah Jane´s father)
Robert L Pummell age 1 MS SC TN
(The following should be SANDERS)
Manerva M Pummell (mother in law) age 53 NC NC NC (is Margaret Minerva Sellers Ross Sanders)
Justana E Pummell (sister in law) age 20 MS NC NC (is Justiana E Sanders)
Ione Pummell (sister in law) age 18 MS NC NC (is Ione Sanders) (Ione and Irene were twins)
Irene Pummell (sister in law) age 18 MS NC NC (is Irene Sanders)

1880 Tippah Co. MS, Beat 2

WW Bailey age 45 MS NC TN
Ruthia E Bailey age 40 NC NC NC (is Margaret´s sister Ruth E Sellers)
Edmund I Bailey age 14 MS MS NC
George S Bailey age 12 MS MS NC
Jetta S Gossett age 44 NC NC NC (is Margaret´s sister Justiana Sellers)." Jettie J Sellers md MC Gossett June 22 1875" Tippah MS marriages. So looks like Jane must have died soon before June 1875 as I am guessing Jettie was not up to living alone, was her mother in 1870 census, married and husband died and moved back in in with her sister and her family.

1880 Fayette Co. TN, Dist. 12

John Sellers age 52 NC NC NC (Margaret´s brother John W Sellers)
Jane Sellers age 28 AL SC GA (probably the same Jane as in the 1870 census but data off)
John Sellers age 11 MS SC NC (father´s birthplace should be NC)
Mary Sellers age 8 MS SC NC ("" "")
Robert Sellers age 5 MS SC NC ("" "")
Martha Sellers age 11 mos. MS SC NC ("" "")

[CC: Why do John's children list their mother's birthplace as NC if Jane was born in AL? Confusing!]

1880 Fayette Co. TN, Dist. 12

James Sellers age 30 farmer MO NC TN (is James R Sellers, son of John W Sellers and nephew of MM Sellers Ross Sanders)
Nannie Sellers age 26 TN NC TN
Emma Sellers age 8 MS MO TN
Pearl Sellers age 2 TN MO TN

So who were Jane, wife of Mr. Sellers, and Mr. Sellers, parents of Margaret Minerva Sellers, John W Sellers, Justiana Sellers and Ruth E Sellers?

Jane was b. 1796 in NC and according to consistent census data (given by the children above), her husband "Mr. Sellers" was also b. in NC. Presumably, "Mr" Sellers would also have been b. ca. 1796, not much later, though could be much earlier. Their known children were all b. in NC: Margaret Minerva 1824-8, John W. 1828, Justiana S. 1835-6 and Ruth E. 1839. It´s possible that there were some children b. prior to MM Sellers´s birth (most likely anywhere btw. 1816 and 1824), who might or might not have been b. in NC as the other children were. If there were children older than MM Sellers they were in their own separate households in 1850. Some more children may also have been born between 1828 and 1835 (if so, any of those children would most likely have been b. in NC and either have been on their own in 1850 or have died in childhood).

So looking for Mr. Sellers and family in 1830, the family would most likely be in NC and would HAVE to include a female age 30-40 (Jane b. 1796), a male age 0-5 (John W), a female age 0-5 or 5-10 (Margaret Minerva). Mr. Sellers would be registered as a male in his own Sellers household or hopefully in another Sellers household, most likely age 30-40 (could be younger but not likely) or anywhere up from age 40. In the 1840 census, the Sellers family would have to include at least 3 girls and 1 boy (1 girl age < 5 = Ruth; 1 girl age <5 or 5-10 = Justiana; 1 girl age 10-15 or 15-20 = Margaret Minerva and 1 boy age 10-15 = John W). Mother Jane would be registered as a female age 40-50 and if Mr. Sellers was still alive, most likely as a male 40 or over.

Possible Sellers families in the 1840 US Census

I did a soundex search at Ancestry which gave 752 Sellers or variations in the US. The soundex may not have caught all variations, so if none of these pan out will have to do a soundex of variations. I considered all families in NC, TN, KY, SC, GA, MS, AL and GA. Though NC and TN are most likely, the family could have moved around but don´t think they would have gone north. Have o date done SOME follow-up in 1830 and 1850 census but have not checked all and would like some help from anyone who has knowledge of these families as to whether to pursue or eliminate.

Abram Sellers Sampson NC: 2 males 5-10; 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40; 1 male 60-70
2 fem <5; 2 fem 10-15; 1 fem 40-50

Cross checking Abram Sellers in Sampson NC in 1830 and 1850, Abram could be MM Sellers´s grandfather but not father,

Benjamin Sellers Johnston NC: 2 males<5; 1 male 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 50-60
1 fem<5; 2 fem 5-10; 2 fem 10-15; 1 fem 40-50

Benjamin Sellers appears to have md. a Sally Taylor 5 Aug 1820 in Johnson NC so not a likely spouse of Jane , MM Seller´s mother, if Jane were a Word or Thompson (see below).

William Sellers Sampson NC: 1 male10-15; 1 male 20-30; 1 male 50-60
3 fem<5; 1 fem 10-15; 1 fem 15-20; 1 fem 20-30; 1 fem 40-50
Note, the entry was difficult to read, so not sure whether the female infants were there or not!

William Sellers of Sampson NC in 1830 had no boy age < 5 so no John Sellers, so not a match.

Eman´l Sellers Spartanburg SC: 2 males 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 40-50
1 fem<5; 1 fem 5-10; 1 fem 15-20; 1 fem 40-50

Henry Sellers Franklin AL: 1 male<5; 2 males 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 50-60
1 fem<5; 1 fem 5-10; 1 fem 10-15; 1 fem 20-30; 1 fem 40-50

Joshua Sellars Bracken KY: 1 male<5; 1 male 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 20-30;
1 male 40-50
1 fem<5; 1 fem 5-10; 1 fem 10-15, 1 fem 15-20; 1 fem 40-50

William T Sellars Humphries Dist. Harris GA: 1 m 5-10; 3 males 10-15; 1 male 40-50
2 fem<5; 1 fem 5-10; 1 fem 10-15; 1 fem 40-50

William Siler Macon NC: 1 male 10-15; 1 male 20-30; 1 male 40-50
1 fem<5; 3 fem 5-10; 1 fem 10-15; 1 fem 15-20; 1 fem 40-50
Note - the soundex did not catch the name Siler so may have to go through census searching for that variation.

William Siler was still in Macon NC in 1850 with a large family so not a match.

Other notes of interest:

There was a John Sailors in Coffee Co. TN: 2 males<5; 1 male 20-30 and 1 fem 20-30
Could possibly be family, considering the Coffee Co. TN connection.

There was a J Darden for J Sillers in Jefferson MS. May be of interest considering that Joseph Purnell was living with Dardens in 1870. I don´t know what this means??? How could someone have been a "substitute" in a census????

There was a William Sellers in St. Charles MO age 30-40, no children.

Families eliminated from 1840 census because they lacked a child or the age of the mother was wrong or the name of the mother was wrong:

John Sellers Williamson TN: no baby girl

Larkin Sellers Robinson TN: no baby girl

Mary Jr. Sellers Chesterfield SC: was head of household that otherwise "fits" but Jane was Jane and not Mary.

Michal Sellers Spartanburg SC: no boy age 10-15

Richard Sellers Marion GA: wife 30-40

Simeon Sellers Henry AL: both man and wife 30-40

Young Sellers Jackson AL: wife age 30-40

Elisha Sellars Columbus NC: wife age 30-40

Jane Sellars New Hanover NC: no babies and no boy age 10-15

Alfred Cellars Wilson TN: no boy age 10-15

Alves Cellers Wilson TN: no boy age 10-15

Josiah Sellars McMinn TN: wife too young

Samuel Sellars Jefferson TN: wife too young

John Salyers Livingston KY: wife too young

Littleton Salyers Lincoln KY: no baby girl

Benjamine Sulliers Caiborne KY: wife too young

Need to continue follow up 1840 census data and look at 1850 next and then backwards at 1830.

Pursuing clues as to who Jane (Sellers) was:

The greatest clue is Goodspeed biography of WW Bailey (bio can be found at Franklin AR genweb and at Sellers family website), husband of Ruth E Sellers, Jane´s daughter and sister of Margaret Minerva, Justiana and John W Sellers. According to the bio, Ruth E Sellers was the niece of Judge John W. Thompson and "reared by" him.

Thompson family:

Judge John W Thompson - John Wesley Thompson was married to Justiana (sometimes spelled Justianna) Dickenson (sometimes spelled Dickerson) Word. This would imply that Jane (Sellers) was either a sister of John Wesley Thompson or of Justianna Dickenson Word.

John Wesley Thompson was b. 28 Apr 1809 in Haywood Co. NC. His parents are said to have been Reverend Nathan Thompson b. 28 Aug 1762 NJ - d. 10 Oct 1854 Jackson NC and Esther (Hester) Black b. 17 Jan 1769 in Rowan Co. NC - d. 23 May 1835, Jackson NC. They married 19 Aug 1785 in Lincoln NC. The couple is said to have had 12 children.

US Census 1810 Haywood Co NC

Nathan Thompson: 3-1-2-0-1//1-1-2-2-1//0-0
So: 3 sons<10; 1 10-15; 2 16-25 and 1 daughter <10, 1 10-15; 2 16-25 and 2 26-44 and parents both age 45+

Note - the 2 women age 26-44 would not fit marriage in 1785. The oldest children in 1810 would be expected to be 25.

This is all gleaned from the WWW, from different trees and with no documentation:

The children are said to have been: Elizabeth b. 1786 or name Esther Eliza b. 1800 ; Mary "Polly" b. 1787 or 1802 Lincoln NC (md. Alexander Crisp); Miranda b. 1788 Lincoln NC; Nancy b. 1790 Lincoln NC; a Samuel and a Jesse b. 1792 Rutherford NC; Nathan b. 1794 Lincoln NC; Ruth Richardson b. 1802 NC; William b. ?; and John Wesley b. 1809 Haywood NC

I only find names of 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. Esther Eliza and Elizabeth could be separate individuals so that would bring it up to 5 boys and 6 girls. According to census there should be 6 6] sons and 3 daughters + the 2 odd women age 26-44. So the data is inaccurate and not finding a Jane Thompson does not mean that there wasn´t one.

An interesting find from the US Census St. Francois Co. 1850 (where Jane and family were in 1850 also):

Samuel Thompson age 55 NC
Justina W Thompson age 4 MO

Have tried tracing both of them to no avail. Could be Jane´s brother and brother of JW Thompson and could be why she was in St Francois MO.

John Wesley Thompson md. Justianna Dickenson Word 24 July 1834. Am not sure where they md.. They are said to have had a child Mary Elizabeth Thompson b. 14 Dec 1839 in NC.

Cannot find John Wesley Thompson in 1840 census, with an infant but have not searched hard.

In 1850 US Census Tippah MS, Dist 2

John W Thompson age 41 lawyer NC
Justiana D age 34 NC

No children in household.

In 1860 US Census Tippah MS, Ripley P.O.

J W Thompson age 50 Circuit Judge NC
Justianna Thomson age 45 NC
Jno W Falkner age 11 mo MS
Justianna Word age 84 VA
James W Falkner age 29 Atty at Law TN

1870 US Census Tippah MS, Ripley

J W Thompson age 61 lawyer NC
J D Thompson age 45 keeping house GA (this does not make sense as Justianna died 1898, age is off and she was b. NC)
JW Mitchell age 29 law student TN

At Rucker Cmty: Mrs. Justiana D Thompson b. 10/21/1815 died 9/19/1898
Need to look up headstone again but Judge Thompson is also at Rucker cmty, died 21 Jun 1873

So it appears that JW Thompson and Justiana Dickenson Word Thompson had no surviving children and that is perhaps why they seemed to take nieces and nephews in. Justiana Word appears to have been b. in NC in either 1815 or 16.

Word family:

Justaiana Dickenson Word was b. Oct 21 1815 NC and is said to have been the daughter of Thomas Adams Word (b. 10 or Dec 1768 (Surry NC) - d. 12 Feb 1831 (Habersham Co GA)) and Justiana Dickenson (b. 3 Apr 1776 - d. 20 Feb 1865 (Ripley, Tippah Co MS)). Thomas Adams Word md. Justiana Dickenson 15 Feb 1792.

The family is said to be well documented though I have yet to see any documentation (most of the reported documentation appears to be from a book by Flora Hooper Collier - Hooper Genealogy: A Southern Branch, vol. 1, 1958 and vol. 2 1972 and it appears that the account as to the Words is based upon a family history given by a James Word, grandson of Charles Word, who was father of Thomas Adams Word - but I have not seen the book so documentation could be good). Thus, it is said that Thomas Adams Word and Justiana Dickenson Word had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls: 1) Martin Dickenson Word, d. unmarried; 2) James Dickenson Word b. 17 Mar 1797, md. 1st "Miss Faulkner" in 1817 who died 1818 (there is a record of a James Word who md. a Nancy Forkner 11 Oct 1816 in Surry NC - NC Marriages), whereafter he md. 2nd Amelia Monroe Hooper 16 Mar 1826 (see below). James Word died Inka MS 30 May 1890 age 93; 3) Caroline Word md Charles Faulkner (actually it was William Falkner) (Caroline was b. 1800 - d. 31 Aug 1864 age 64); 4) Elizabeth Word md. Charles Humphrey (I cannot find any trees for this marriage anywhere and find 2 claims of an Elizabeth Word, one of whom was a daughter of Thomas´s brother William Word and Elizabeth Bryson (that Elizabeth md. a Richard Hooper); 5) Justiana D Word (was b. 1815) md. John Wesley Thompson; 6) Jefferson Word = Thomas Jefferson Word b. 1809; 7) William Word (b. 31 May 1810 Rockford, Surry NC md. Caroline Christian 24 Apr 1844 in Pickens AL) (this data IS documented by descendent of William from family bible); 8) Charles Word; 9) Cuthbert Word.

James Dickenson Word and Amelia Hooper are said by the family historian to have had 8 children, 5 sons and 3? daughters, a daughter "Sarah Jane" being unaccounted for - so the question is, lacking documentation, whether this Sarah Jane may have been a daughter of Thomas Adams Word and Justiana Dickenson Word instead of Elizabeth. Or even if there were a Sarah Jane, daughter of James and Amelia, what the proof is of the 3rd daughter of Thomas Adams Word and Justiana Dickenson being named Elizabeth? (Actually, have found a James Word in the Inca MS census in 1870: James Word age 73 b. NC, wife Jane B age 54 b. SC; Sallie J Ware age 28 b. GA, Meary (f) age 7 b. AL and Edward age 4 b. TX. - this must be the James Word son of Thomas A Word and Justiana Dickenson Word and Sally J Ware could be daughter Sarah Jane who md. a Ware? or was unmarried? and was a Word?, relationship was not stated)

1800 Census Surry Co. NC, Salisbury:

Word A, Thomas: 2-0-0-2-0//1-0-1-0-0// 0//2

So: 2 males<10; 2 males 26-44; 1 female<10 and 1 female 16-25, and 2 slaves

If Thomas and Justiana md. 1792, all of their children in 1800 should be <10 and at any rate, due to their own ages, they would not have a son age 25 or older. So in 1800 census there were 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, who would be: James b. 1797, Martin? and Elizabeth? (or was it Jane?). 1 male 26-44 is unaccounted for.

Cannot find Thomas A Word in the 1810 census - wish I could!
1820 Census Surry NC, Capt Farkners (or Forkner´s) Dist:

Ward A, Thomas: 2-2-0-1-1-1// 1-0-1-1-0
So: 2 males<10; 2 males 10-16; no males 16-18; 1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45 and 1 male 45+; 1 female <10; 1 female 16-26 and 1 female 26-45.

The 2 males less than age 10 could be Thomas Jefferson and William, the 2 age 10-16 could be Charles and Cuthbert; James could be the one 16-26 and Martin the one age 26-45. The female <10 could be Caroline and the female 16-26 could be Justianna. We lack a girl age 16-26 who could be Elizabeth or (Jane), but a daughter b. prior to 1800 could and would have most likely md. and left the family by 1820.

I have found documentation as to Justiana Word b. 1815, md. John W. Thompson (see under Thompsons). An interesting lead to pursue is some correspondence between JW Thompson and Justiana Word and William Faulkner (in a file of a biographer of the author William Faulkner -need to get a hold of that file!).

As to Caroline Word (Falkner), b. ca. 1800, I have not been able to find her in the 1850 or ´60 census. Have found her by inference in the 1840 census:

1840 Census Clay MO

Wm Falkner: 2males<5; 1 male 5-10; 1 male 40-50; 1 female 5-10 and 1 female 30-40

According to Goodspeed´s biography of Col.William Clark Falkner (available at the Tippah MS genweb), WC Falkner was b. in Knox Co. TN in 1825, as his parents were migrating from NC to St. Genevieve MO. Falkner went to Tippah Co. MS around 1842. "Several reasons for leaving the family have been recorded". "JW Thompson adopted his nephew upon his arrival".

William Clark Falkner´s parents are said to have been William Joseph Falkner (d. ca. 1842) and Caroline Word b. ca. 1800 Surry NC, d. Ripley MS. This is data culled from family trees on the internet and not documented. Note that the family appears to have been long in migrating to MO in that the 1st child b. in MO was Frances Falkner b. 1839 and the rest were b. in TN. (Col. Falkner´s grandson was the author, William Faulkner).

Note the similarity in the "adoption" story, between Ruth E Sellers and Willam Clark Falkner and note that both families migrated to MS via MO.

As to an Elizabeth Word who md. a Charles Humprey, have so far not found evidence of that but that does not mean that the 3rd (would actually be the first) daughter of Thomas Adams Word was not an Elizabeth.

I did in the 1800 Surry Co NC Census, Salisbury, find these Word families also:

William Word: 3-1-1-1-0//1-1-0-1-0//0//2

This would be consistent with an Elizabeth Word b. prior to 1800, daughter of a William Word, brother of Thomas Word, who md. an Elizabeth Bryson.

Randolph Word: 1-0-0-1-0//2-0-0-1-0//0//0

John Word: 2-2-1-0-1//2-1-0-1-0//0//0

Also intriguing as to a possible connection between Jane (Sellers) and the Words is that a descendent of a Thomas Word left a message at genforum about her ancestor, a "Margaret Minerva" Word b. in Burnett Co. TX.

So who was Jane (Sellers)? Was she (Sarah) Jane Thompson or (Sarah) Jane Word? Or none of the above?

Her daughter Ruth E Sellers was said to have been the niece of JW Thompson and Justiana Dickenson Word. She had a daughter and a granddaughter named Justiana, but daughter Justiana was b. shortly after the marriage of JW Thompson to Justiana Dickenson Word so her daughter could have been named after her aunt by marriage. JW Thompson and Justianna Word could have been grand-uncle and aunt, but cannot see how. Lacking sufficient documentation of both the Words and the Thompsons, the question is still open.