Please make welcome to the Ruddell & Martin family the following new
    Margaret Sellers Harris who lives in Marion, Kansas. She descends from
John Sellers. She likes our newsletters. Her Email is

MARGARET - We have the SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP which shares families , dates and places -
Would you like to share Your Family connection to this JOHN SELLERS -
Would Appreciate, esp when we get to the kids and Where they Went. =

You don't Have to be a member and receive ALL letters, etc
You Can Share your Names, Dates, Places and We link you to these counties/states
SO we can ALL find each other!
And Share Info.

THANKS for Sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

I subscribed to your discussion group about a month ago. I really enjoy
reading it.  I have been doing genealogy only about 2 months so feel quite
overwhelmed with all of the possibilities.  I need to find more definite
dates.  My grandfather came to Kansas around 1890 and had seven children.
These are all listed with Jim Sellars line.  I am working on the
great-grandchildren.  I will let you have the patent on msh.  My official
name has been Margaret Sellers Harris for 21 years. I found it amusing that
we have the same initials.I will share information as I can verify it.
Thanks for all the hard work.  Margaret

MARGARET - Thanks - Would you share Granddads name and age and perhaps his
And the child you connect to? Where in KS are we ? And we will see what KS
we have in that area.
My first name is MARGARET! marie, iowa

My father's stone reads "August Sellers, Aug. 8, 1877 - Aug. 15, 1961." He
is  buried in Florence Ks. in Marion Co. His father"s stone  reads
H. Sellers, 1843 - 1927" Wife of W. H. stone reads "Mariah L. Sellers -
1846 - 1916." Also in same cemetery are James F. Sellers, May 24, 1870 -
Nov. 9, 1923, son of W. H. -  daughter - Lilly Sellers - Dec. 14, 1872 -
Sept. 1, 1891-
Mariah's Mother is also buried here,  Stone reads Wife of J.P. Ford,
Elizabeth,Died Jan. 28, 1901 = age 75Y1M.
Sister of August - Elizabeth "Bessie as we always called her" is buried at
Peabody which is also Marion, Co.  Those stones read = John F. Cunningham -
1875 - 1936.  Bessie Cunningham - 1879 - 1974. and one of their sons is
James F. Cunningham - May 24, 1908 - Feb. 2, 1914. other son was William
Sellers Cunningham and I believe he would be buried in Chicago.
According to the research by the genealogy  guru, James Sellars - W.H.
decends from Thomas Johnston Sellers and Amanda Ford from Woodford Co.
Ky.This holds true as my father said he came fron Versailles, KY. I hope
this gives you a start as to the Sellers in Marion, Co. KS.