Marcy Roman Winters <> on Sat, 21 Oct 2000

                              I have been researching my family on and on for years. However, my great-grandfather, William
David SELLARS, has me stumped. He was born August 12, 1861 and died July 23, 1908 at
Harvey Community, Brazos County of appendicitis. No one seems to know anything about where he came from or any other family. He married Susie Ellen Kincannon on November 16, 1887 in Brazos County and they are both buried in the Old Bethel Cemetery. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Bill and Marie--
You don't know how your little bits of information encourage me!
Great-grandfather Sellars died of a ruptured appendix while the doctor was operating on him on the
kitchen table. Great-grandmother kept the family together but died of pneumonia in 1914. She told my
grandmother, Bertha Mae Sellars, not to put off her wedding so that Bertha could provide a home for
her siblings, as Susie had done. With the children so young at the time of their father's death, none
seemed to pass on any recollections of him. The Kincannon family was all over Brazos county so Susie
had plenty of support but it has always seemed odd there was no contact with any Sellars.
Bertha Mae Sellars married William Buchanan Roman March 16, 1915
Lola S. Sellars married Will Raines and lived across from Aunt Lillie Kincannon Dowling. Their children ended up in San Antonio.
Marion Edgar Sellars married Bess (?) June 17, 1921 in Addicks, TX. They lived in Galveston.
Lillian Ethel Sellars married Gordon Mitchell and lived across the street from Bertha & Bill Roman in Bryan.
William Robert Sellars married Kibbie (?) and is still living in a nursing home in Pearland.
I have kept up with many of my Sellars cousins but not all of them. Margaret Kincannon has done a wonderful job on the Kincannons if you haven't connected with her.
Thank you again!
Marcy Winters

I would ask for a lookup (on This Brazos Co,Tx board) and see if anyone
has a reading on this BILL SELLERS, PAGE 62 IN 1870 census.

Did they have Obits in 1908?
I didn't extract these names in 1910 and 1920=soundex is all we have on
this county. Could tell of a relative living with.

KEEP on 'digging' and Share any info you find, so we can search what we
do have. Thanks, marie, iowa