will send info when typed up-
Marcia Holpuch

Marcia K. Holpuch wrote:8-23-97
> Marie -
> Can you accept a gedcom as an attachment?  Or would you prefer a text
> descendent listing?
> Just about finished with a listing of all my undocumented finds from
> vacation.  About 35 - 40 Sellars names.
> Let me know which format works best for your (our!) page.. :)
> Marcia
> *********
MARCIA - text is easiest for me to put on page -
marie, iowa

      From:             Marcia Holpuch <>       August 18th, 2001 Giant City State Park, Cobden, IL, noonish, welcoming  all descendents of Burwell and Mahala Sellars.  Bring a dish to share.   Peach cobbler will be provided.