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Hi.  My name is Mac Buntin.  My wife is a descendant of Elisha Sellers
through Ann Peoples Sellers.  I saw on Erin's Page (I believe) that the
lineage started with William Sellers (b. bef 1657), then John, Matthew,
Benjamin, then Elisha.  Do you have the sources for William and John.  I
see a partial source for Matthew in a deed where Benjamin mentions his
father.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Mac 

MAC - Please send us a small chart of Names, Dates, Places on your SELLERS and PEOPLES.
This lets Us and Others Find you.
We will be glad to share the Deeds, Etc we have on these families. And would appreciate any documents, etc you have found. Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

My wife, Gloria Grissett Buntin, is connected to the Mintz and Sellers
through her great grandfather, George Washington Grissett b. 1819.  He
married Hannah Jane Mintz, daughter of Henry  Mintz b. 1774 and  Ann
Peoples Sellers, b. 1782.  The dates of Henry Mintz and Ann Sellers come
from "Descendants of William and Sarah Grissett of Brunswick Co., North
Carolina" booklet by Bessie Mae Stover Frink, from material collected by
Versie (Grissett) Parker.  Some info on the Mintz family comes from "Mintz
Families of the Old South", by Moore. Several of my wife's family still
live in the Brunswick Co., NC area and we have been to several of the
Grissett, Mintz cemeteries, some  of which are on private land.
        I have seen many postings on the Rootsweb and Genforum and other
web sites, but rarely do I see a source.  That is my reason for asking
about the sources for the Sellers family beginning with William  b. bef
        I have no sourced information on parents of Ann Peoples Sellers.
Only that information which is on the Web, which I'm sure you have.  The
Sellers family apparently has been very confusing and I am trying to piece
it together.  Many of the people I have e-mailed that have postings,  no
longer use that e-mail address and cannot be reached.  Thanks for
        From the info that I have seen, it seems that  Ann Peoples parents
were  Elisha Sellers and Sarah (Jane Peoples?), not Mary Willets.  But I
have no direct source.  Just looking at  children's names and dates of
birth.   I e-mailed Carlah about the Sarah Jane Peoples source, but  the
e-mail came  back.  Does anyone know?  Thanks, Mac

MAC, Thank You,
Please send us Hannah Jane MINTZ 1822 married Geo Wash GRISSETT kids and where they went/who married. I did link you to Grissetts , hope that may help also.

Our County/State pages usually have Only Documented Info.
Our Members Pages have their info = anything they want/believe=some may be documented and some may not be.

You have Been to some of these pages, perhaps, But, if you follow These Names and some of the counties/states that are Linked on these pages, You may pick up more proof Or more places to search. I am Not the Best Explainer, some of our SELLERS are Very Adapt at This. I try when No one else does AND some of our NonSub members letters come to me first and they can't answer, till I send this on to them.
They Are Very Helpful when you Share families. We like the First Letter of Contact to be Sent to our SELLERS group=Ones sharing this info/documents.

BENJAMIN SELLERS born ca 1720 =
will connect you to deeds of Benjamin and father WILLIAM SELLERS=

PLEASE send your Family Info, to Help others in these counties/states,  And Anyone connected to
marie, iowa

 Here are the kids of George W. and Hannah Jane Mintz;
Father: George Washington Grisset b.Feb 26, 1819, d. May 10 1891 (source:
Bible of his grandson, Alfred Brown of Supply, NC) CSA,  George was a
surveyor and surveyed and named the town Grissettown, NC in Brunwick Co.
Mother: Hannah Jane Mintz b. 1822 , d. after 1891(applied for widow's
They lived in Brunswick Co., NC
Children from Bible records:
        1. Samuel W., b. 4/211840, d. 11/3/1854
        2.  Frances A. b. 2/9/1842, m. Mr. Holden. She d. 5/28/1881
        3.  Sarah A. b. 1/29/1845, d. 1/5/1903, m. James A. Muse
        4.  Lenora b. 3/11/1846, d. 10/21/1921
        5.  William C., b.3/11/1849, m. Lyda (or Louisa) Tharp in 1867.
        6.  George W. b. 2/10/1852, m. Georgia Tharp in 1873, d. 5/10/1876
        7.  Emy A. b. 10/21/1854, d, 6/5/1855
        8.  Mary Eliza b. 10/5/1856, m. John Brown of Supply, NC,
        9.  Oliver G., b. 5/1/1858, never married. d. 7/2/1930
        10. John Stanton, 2/14/1860, d. 1947, lived at Supply.
        11.  Lucian Hall, b. 1862, m. Sarah Martha Hendrix, b.  ca 1885 d.

Lucian Hall Grissett was my wife's grandfather, Sarah was her grandmother.
They  died in Ray City, Berrien Co., Ga.
It is said that some of G.W. Grissett's   sons left at an early age and
went to Alabama to live.   Jimmy Brown, son of Alfred Brown and grandson of
John Brown,  lived on the old Grissett farm in Supply, NC.  Jimmy died a
few years ago.    

MAC, Thanks, So they should be on the 1850 BRUNSWICK CO, NC CENSUS?
Would Love to have copy of that census info to post on our Brunswick Co, NC page-

ANY of the Other MINTZ children YOU have proven of HENRY MINTZ and ANN PEOPLES/PENELOPE SELLERS.
IN FACT, If you have, I would like NAMES of KIDS of ANY of their KIDS =
would Kinda Help Prove this Name?

IN FACT, What Was the EXACT spelling of this name?
DO we Have COPY of ORIGINAL? So we can kinda Study?
Would Like Copy of Same -
marie, iowa