LYNN'S PAGE  (originally Lynn and Janice Page-because both linked back to Abraham)   (Feb 1, 2000)

I am attempting research into Sellers & also Gaunt (mothers maiden name). I am originally from NJ
& now reside in FL. I believe my father had English linage & I know my mother did. Her parents
immigrated from England. Lets compare notes.

LYNN, thanks - Am sending this thro our SELLERS list for Their Info and
will resend your
entry to our New Rootsweb GenConnect Group! (they are still

PLEASE - Send some Names/Dates/Places =
marie, iowa

Myself - Bertram Lynn Sellers, Jr. - Born Englewood, NJ - 4 Dec 1935
        Father - Bertram Lynn Sellers - Born Mount Holly, NJ - 6 Apr 1902
                Father - Cornelius Elmer Sellers - Born ? - 1874
                Mother - Laura Mae Sellers nee Armstrong - Born ?
        Mother - Ann Gauntt - Born Masonville, NJ - 14 Jan 1894
                Father - Thomas Kirkland Gauntt - Born ? - 23 May 1862
                Mother - Jane Gauntt nee Dunstan - Born Manchester,
                England - 28 Apr 1863

 I know that my Mothers parents migrated from England, but do not have a
date. My Father claimed English heritage but I have nothing to verify
The history on that side of the family is spotty. The spelling of Gauntt,
Gaunt, Gant seems to vary with the person. In looking at English genealogy
I find that this is a common occurrence, I guess because Olde English
spelling had no definite rules for so long.


LYNN, Thank You - IF we read the 1880 census, he should be on it with his
Or a death certificate may show his parents?
We have some Older NJ info - not much new - Perhaps someone will recognize
some names.
marie, iowa

Hello Sellers Researchers;

I need help. I have reached a dead end at my Grandfather's parents. Here
is what I know for sure.

Great Grandfather - ? Sellers (could be Sellars)
Great Grandmother - Catherine Owen Fox - b. Sept. 1849, Phila., PA
Grandfather - Cornelius Elmer Sellers - b. 1874, York?, PA - d. 1918
Grandmother - Laura May Armstrong - b. May 7, 1882, Burlington, NJ - d.
Oct. 23, 1970
Father - Bertram Lynn Sellers - b. Apr. 6, 1903, Mount Holly, NJ - d.
Jan. 23, 1995
Mother - Ann Gauntt - b. Jan. 14, 1894, Masonville, NJ - d. Jan. 19, 1986

Catherine was re-married in 1882 to George W. Moore who raised my
Grandfather. We assume that ? Sellers died, but have no hard data.

My Father's siblings are George Moore Sellers, Catherine M. Sellers, &
Nellie Elizabeth Sellers. At this time we know of no siblings to my

Can anyone make a connection?

We have acquired a book of the Sellers in Pennsylvania & will be glad to
research it for you. It didn't help us yet, but may assist someone else.

LYNN, Thanks - Will Share What we have =
1880 PHIL CO, PA =SOUNDEX =does Not Show All
Not Sure if Living With/But Looks Like ?
WM F. OWEN,  lists Elmer C. SELLERS 5 PA as Nephew
There is a CORNILIUS B. SELLERS born ca 1820 PA  in 1850 PHIL , PA = WHO

AND where did he go ?

Thanks so much for the info. That seems to be my Great Grandmother & Grandfather that you found in
the census. The dates match. Do you know if Phila Co includes York?
LYNN  - Our 1850 BUCKS CO, PA annotated census =
Franklin P.SELLERS 49 Pa, publisher, page 331 Doylestown
Rachael 39 Pa
Cornelius 5 Pa
Franklin 3 Pa
Sidney S. 11/12 Pa
Spencer R. DOANE 21 Pa

Do we list a will for Abraham or Sophia SELLERS?
You have our Bucks Co page=
See if you can find more info and advise. Thanks,
marie, iowa

             "Roger L. Sellers" <>

Hi, I have not checked dates but it appears that this may be connect to
Leonard Sellers,dying in Bucks in 1805. By his second wife, an Abraham was
born but I have found
no one tracking these children. My line is via his first born son, Philip
Henry, who was born in Bucks Cnty and died in Franklin Cnty. I do have
limited info provided by a lady who
has been investigating for many years.
Roger in Las Cruces,NM

ROGER- Thanks for time to suggest, etc - Appreciated - And Connecting these PA families is SO important!
Perhaps, LYNN will continue on -
marie, iowa

My new e-mail address as of Feb. 1 will be . Please
adjust your mail list. Thank you.

New Sellers findings.

1850 PA Census:
Doylestown, PA

Franklin P. Sellers, 49, Printer/Publisher - B. 14 Aug 1800, Franconia,
PA ( My GG Grandfather )
Wife - Rachel, 39 - B. 1809, Leesberg, PA
Sons - Cornelius, 5, Franklin, 3
Daught. - Sidney, 11 mo.
Real Estate Value - $ 1800

1860 NJ Census:
Belvidere, NJ

Franklin P. Sellers, 59, Editor/Publisher
Wife - Rachael, 50
Sons - Cornelius, 15, Printers Apprentice, Franklin, 13
Daught. - Sidney, 11, Mary, 7
Real Estate Value - $ 3000 !, Personal Estate - $ 6000 !!!  ( Quite a
change. I wonder if he sold his PA business? )

Franklin's Parents:

Abraham Sellers & Sophia Bader -  M. 17 Mar, 1780, Franconia, PA, North
Wales Yellow Church

Franklin's Siblings:
Bro. - Tobias, Jesse, John, Cornelius
Sis. - Sarah, Lydia, Mary, Tirzah
All children born in Franconia, PA ( Montgomery Co. )

LYNN - Thanks, Nice - If you read the articles, etc on ABRAHAM SELLERS, you
may be able to search a little more and find more documentation and find
out Where we are in each Years census, tax list . We have a couple pages ,
perhaps, you have already found AND we would like to link more kids to
these Parents. So others can prove their families.
The second page is linked to some towns, people. The first page still
should be read.

Any documentation, census you find, Please send, so we all can use. It is
marie, iowa

LYNN - There was a Cornelius G. SELLERS enlisted 8-8-1862 in the New Jersey Union Army -
marie, iowa

"Bertram L Sellers, Jr." wrote:

Does anyone have a record of a Cornelius G. or Cornelius J. Sellers
enlistment in the Union army in 1862 ?