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1.  Dr. John Ward Sellers about 1850, from an old tintype.

2.  Dr. John Ward Sellers about 1860

3.  Lynia Jane Godwin Sellers about 1868

4.  Dr. John Ward Sellers and #2 wife, Nancy (Clements) Sirman Sellers about Oct. 1870.  She was widow when Dr John married her.


I am still searching for Dr. John Ward Sellers' parents
which are shown to have been born in NC.  I first find him and Lynia Jane
Godwin on a marriage license dated 1845 in Pike Co., AL  Then he is listed in the
1855 Coryell Co., Tax list right next to Edmond Eldred Sellers and close
to Almond, Joel, and Solomon.  We next find Dr. John Ward Sellers and
his wife Lynia Jane (called Jane on the census) on the 1860 Wise Co., TX.
census with children Emaline, 12; Marvel 7 (misread and indexed
incorrectly as "Marvie"); Laura F. 4; and Orrin 1.  They are then all on
the Sept. 29, 1870, Coryell Co., TX census with additional children,
Oliver & Belsora. On this particular census, Marvel is spelled correctly but
Orrin is misspelled as Aaron.  Another interesting fact about this census is the
oldest child, Emaline, is said to be living with the family and she is 20
years of age;
however, she is also listed with her #2 husband, Jacob
Bruner, and her daughter, Susan, 4, from marriage #1 to Levi Dean and she
and Jacob's first child, Beatrice.

We know that Lynia Jane (Godwin) Sellers died sometime
between September 1869 and September 1870, since the census method was to
still show a family member if they were alive anytime with 1 year of the
enumeration date.  I think maybe Emaline was staying at her father's house
helping out due to her mother's death but I've never found a death record or a
tombstone.  The only thing we know for sure is that Dr. John Ward Sellers
married a widow,
Mrs. Nancy R. (Clemons) Sirman, on Oct. 20, 1870, and that
would have really been quick if Lynia had only died between Sept. 29,
1870 (the census date) and the marriage certificate date of John & Nancy.

We next find Dr. John Ward Sellers & wife, Nancy R., on the
1880 Burnet Co., TX census with sons, Orrin Pierce (misspelled again as
Arrin P.) and Oliver L.

>From great granddaughter, Addie Mrytle Minix's 1924
personal interview with Marvel Whitney Sellers, John Ward went out to Glorieta, New
Mexico in late 1888, to visit Marvel & family.  John climbed a mountain,
became ill and never recovered.  He died there, far from home on Jan. 1,
1889.  I have been to Glorieta and Santa Fe and the surrounding area
searching for his grave but none was found.  I visited the New Mexico State
Library & Archives in Santa Fe, NM, searched 3 years of newspapers on
microfilm and still did not find any mention of Dr. John Ward Sellers'
death.  I searched the roster of the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM since
the Director of the State Library said if John had died at the old Fort
Marcy, his body would have been moved to the National Cemetery.  I checked
all the cemetery rosters on file at the State Library and John Ward Sellers
was not listed.
The area that is known as the Civil War Glorieta Battlefield
was not open to the public since it is not ready for viewing.  It was
once part of a ranch owned by the late Greer Garson and before her death,
she sold it to the Mellon Family of Pennsylvania.  They have given it to
the State of New Mexico and sometime in the future, it will be open to the
public.  I'm hoping that when that happens, my dear husband will take me
out there one more time to search for the grave of Dr. John Ward Sellers.

While we were in the area, we also searched the one cemetery
in the tiny community of Glorieta.  It is located by what was once the
highway over the mountain pass but is now closed off and behind a locked
fence.  We walked up the old highway to the cemetery and saw more unmarked
graves that we did marked graves.  I contacted the person in charge of the
cemetery, pastor of the Glorieta Baptist Church, and there is not a roster of
the cemetery.  If John Ward Sellers is there, he has no marker.  The mystery
remains along with the mystery of who his parents are.  Maybe the secret
lies hidden away in a dusty courthouse basement in Montgomery, AL or
somewhere in NC.  I will continue to search.

We are fortunate to have a photograph of Dr. John Ward
Sellers with wife.
We don't know for sure which wife it is, but guessing at
John's age and the clothing style of the lady, I think maybe the "wife" is
Nancy (Clemons) Sirman Sellers rather than Lynia Jane (Godwin) Sellers but I
just don't know for sure.


Arthur Ward Sellers' death certificate states his father,
Marvel Whitney Sellers, was born in Birmingham, Al. which is Jefferson
County; however, Montgomery & Pike Co., AL are also possibilities since my
grandfather, Arthur, always told me that Marvel was born in Montgomery,
Al.  (Pike Co. was formed in 1821 from Montgomery Co.)  Also, Winnie
Sellers Bakos, Oliver's daughter, told me that her daddy always told her
that four doctor brothers came from Wales and settled at Montgomery, Al.  I
don't know who Oliver was talking about because census records indicate
John Ward was born in AL. and the 1880 Burnet Co., TX census indicates John
Ward's parents were both born in NC.  Further, Addie Mrytle Minix's notes
from the 1924 interview with Marvel, indicate Louisiana was his birthplace
as does the "Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929"
record below.  The 1860 Wise Co., TX census shows AL; 1870 Coryell Co., TX
census shows LA;
1880 Burnet Co., TX census shows AL and the search goes on.

>From Marvel's verbal history given to Addie Mrytle Minix in
1924:  " Marvel was named after Bishop Marvel and the inventor, Eli Whitney.
Marvel came to Texas, with his family (Dr. John Ward Sellers & Lynia
Jane Godwin), in 1854 and lived on the old Edmund place, 10 miles north of
Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX."  (This is confirmed by John Ward Sellers'
brand being registered in the first Coryell Co., TX Brand Book dated
1854.  John W. Sellers is also listed in the 1855 Coryell Co., Tax List.
The family is then in the 1860 Wise Co., TX. census.)

I believe maybe "the old Edmund place" might have meant the
old Edmond "Sellers" place since the Coryell Co. Brand Registration
book shows that J.W. Sellers had the same brand as E.E. Sellers.  I think
this E.E. Sellers must have been Edmond Eldred Sellers, a Baptist minister and
son of Almond Lewis Sellers.  In Oct. 1870, John Ward Sellers and wife #2,
Nancy (Clemens) Sirman were married by E.E. Sellers, O.M.G. and in
March of 1876, Marvel W. Sellers & Rebecca (Wilson) were married by E.E.
Sellers, O.M.G. (Ordained Minister of the Gospel) in Coryell Co., TX, where
Edmond Eldred, Joel, Solomon and John Ward Sellers all lived at the time.
On page 5 of Joy Sellers Wilson's book, "One Hundred and Fifty Years of
the Sellers Family", she includes information about Edmon Eldred
Sellers, the first child of Almond Lewis & Prudence (Robbins) Sellers, being a
Baptist preacher.  I believe they are definitely related to us as
Dr. John Ward Sellers' cousins rather than brothers as I have been told
but I have not proven it.

According to the "Directory of Deceased American Physicians,
1804-1929", which was originally compiled by the American Medical Assoc.
and has been given to the Morman Family History Center in Utah, there is
a listing for:

"M.W. Sellers
Born:  In Louisiana
Died "by" 31 DEC 1929  (which was evidently the cut off date
for publishing the book)
Type of Practice:  Eclectic
State/Year of License:  CO, 1888; TX, 1907
Medical School:  Eclectic Medical College; Eclectic Medical
Institute, Cincinnati, OH. 1879"

>From the Pan American Institute home page at, the following statement
gives us some idea of what a "practice in eclectic medicine" means:

"As is so often stated, history repeats itself.  In 1827,
during the rise of homeopathy, Dr. Wooster Beech took issue against the
allopathic therapies of the time, notably - mercurial calomet,
bleeding, laudanum and blistering.  Beech's new rebel school, "the Eclectics", grew
to be the 3rd largest school of practitioners by the turn of the century.
An eclectic is a physician who "selects what elements seem best from
various sources," in which case they primarily adopted herbal remedies,
dietetics, and hydrotherapies.  By 1910, the merger of Allopathic,
Homeopathic and Eclectic Medical Colleges gradually phased out homeopathy
and eclecticism.
Today, with a fundamental shift in public outcry for
alternatives to drugs, dope and surgery, an eclectic approach for tomorrow's
physician only makes fundamental sense."  This statement was dated July 19, 2001.

>From Addie Mrytle Minix's 1924 interview with Marvel:  "Dr.
Marvel Whitney Sellers did much of his work in central and west Texas and
New Mexico.  He was especially noted for his treatment of typhoid and other
hard to cure fevers in his time.  The last few years of his practice was
devoted more to skin cancer.  He had many patients that came to his home for
this special cancer treatment after his own health and age prevented him

Remembrance from Ferdinand Sellers:  "My daddy (Oscar Levi
Sellers)told me a little about their trip to New Mexico.  (Meaning Marvel &
family)  He said they went by wagon and would stop in towns along the
way so Grandpa (Dr. Marvel W. Sellers) could practice medicine in order to
raise enough money to continue on their trip.  Two towns where they
stopped were Menard and Fort McKavett.  He told us about hunting bear in New
Mexico, and how good the meat was. "

>From "Here's Harper, 1863-1963", pub. 1963:  Page 88.
DOCTORS and NURSES-A special tribute goes to the doctors who have served the
Harper community.
In the early days they rode horseback in any kind of weather
to alleviate suffering, so in this Centennial year, honor goes to the
doctors who have given us the bright promise of health through unselfish
dedication and devotion to their profession.  Among them were:  Dr. Eddins,
Dr. Cook, Dr. Deaton, Dr. Langford, Dr. Ingram, Dr. Baker, Dr. Merritt,
Dr. McBeth, Dr. Fowler, DR. SELLERS (Marvel Whitney Sellers), Dr. Teddlie,
Dr. Palmer, Dr. Keidel and Dr. Birt."


1       John Ward Sellers, b. bet. 1825-1827 in AL, d. Jan.
1, 1889         in Fort Glorieta, NM
        +Lynia Jane Godwin, b. Bet. 1828-1830 NC, m. April
23, 1845         pike Co., AL, d. Bet. Aug. 1869 - Oct. 1870 Near
Gatesville,         Coryell Co., TX
        2       Emaline Bethania Sellers, b. Jan. 25, 1849
AL, d. Mar.                 10, 1931 Shawnee, pottawatomie Co., OK
                +Levi Dean, m. Abt. 1866
                3       (1)Susan Esther "Nittie" Dean, b.
abt. 1867 TX
                        (2)+Mr. Evans
                3       (3)Dan Dean, b. abt. 1869
        2nd husband of Emaline Bethania Sellers
                +Jacob L. Bruner, b. Sep. 27, 1832 IN, m.
abt. 1870 TX                 d, May 4, 1913 Waco, McLennan Co., TX
                3       Beatrice J. Bruner, b. abt. 1871
                        +Mr. Cromer
                3       Seth E. Bruner, b. Mar 2, 1874 TX,
d. Oct. 11,                         1933 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK
                3       Ida R. Burner, b. abt 1877
                        +Mr. Sexton
                3       John Franklin Bruner, b. April 17,
1879, d, May
                        9, 1945 Sacramento, Ca.
                        +Annie May Bennet, b. Apr 17, 1879,
m. Dec. 30,
                        1900 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, d.
1943 Fort
                        Worth, Tarrant Co., TX
                3       William Edward Bruner, b. Oct. 26,
1882 Lampasas,
                        Lampasas co., TX, d. Mar 28, 1963
Oklahoma City,
                        +Minnie Atkins, b. Mar 2, 1887, d,
Aug. 1977 Okla. City,
                2nd wife of William Edward Bruner
                        +Ella Grace Krekow, b. Dec. 23, 1884
Fort Worth, Tarrant
                        Co., TX, m. Apr 28, 1902, Fort
Worth, Tarrant Co.
                        TX, d. Dec. 17, 1915 Menard, Menard
Co., TX
        2       Marvel Whitney Sellers, b. Jul 7, 1853 LA or
AL, d. Mar 4,
                1928 Harper, Gillespie Co., TX
                +Rebecca Jane Wilson, b. Aug. 12, 1860
Beckville, Panola
                Co., TX, m. March 21, 1876, Mt. Zion Church,
Coryell Co., TX,
                d. Apr 5, 1928 Waco, McLennan Co., TX
                3       Oscar Levi Sellers, b. Nov. 2, 1877
Near Lampasas,
                        Lampasas Co., TX, d. Jul 10, 1942
Melvin, McCulloch
                        Co., TX
                        +Addie Wahrmund, b. Jun 18, 1883, m.
1902, d.
                        Feb 12, 1920 Melvin, Mcculloch Co.,
                2nd wife of Oscar Levi Sellers
                        +Alpha Lois Allison, b. Jun 8, 1895,
m. 1920
                3       Tennie Myrtle Sellers, b. Dec. 27,
1880 Lampasas,
                        Lampasas Co., TX, d. Jan 10, 1919
                        Hill Co., TX
                        +Thomas Philas Marlar, b. Sep 25,
1875 Panola
                        Co., TX, m Oct. 14, 1897 Tyson Hill,
TX, d.
                        Feb 9, 1952 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX
                3       Tenia Alice "Eddie" Sellers, b. Sep
12, 1883
                        Pancake, Coryell Co., TX, d. Dec 21,
                        McAllen, Hildalgo Co., TX
                        +James William Minix, b. Jul 3, 1877
Itasca, Hill
                        Co., TX, m. Sep 18, 1898 McLennan
Co., TX,
                        d. Oct 20, 1956 Gunter, Grayson Co.,
                2nd husband of Tenia Alice "Eddie" Sellers
                        +Fritz Bierschwale, m. aft. 1907
                3rd husband of Tenia Alice "Eddie" Sellers
                        +William Wright, m. aft. 1950
                3       Arthur Ward Sellers, b. Feb 27, 1886
Center Point
                        Kerr Co., TX, d. May 24, 1978
Tarrant co., TX
                        +Stella Lee Sageser, b. Mar 10, 1891
Gillespie Co.
                        TX, m. Aug 14, 1913 Fredericksburg,
Gillespie Co.,
                        TX, d. Aug. 29, 1982 NRHills,
Tarrant Co., TX
                3       Ira Francis "Frank" Sellers, b. Mar
27, 1889
                        San Miguel, NM, d. Dec. 24, 1973
Alvin, Brazoria Co., TX
                        +Lillie Dos, b. Jan 10, 1899
Meridian TX, m.
                        Dec. 12. 1915, d. Jul 16, 1992
Alvin, Brazoria Co., TX
                3       Lida Elma Sellers, b. Nov. 12, 1891
                        Brown Co., TX., d. Jan 21, 1992
Houston, Harris Co. TX
                        +George Campbell Jeanes, b. Nov. 22,
1875 Ramer, TN
                        m. Aug 11, 1907, d. Jun 22, 1934
Coon Creek,
                        Bosque Co., TX
                2nd husband of Lida Elma Sellers
                        +Mr. Troxler, m. aft. 1934
                3rd husband of Lida Elma Sellers
                        +Joe Cole, m. aft. 1938
                4th husband of Lida Elma Sellers
                        +Jess Frost, b. Dec. 28, 1890, m.
aft. 1970,
                        d. Mar 1975 Stephenville, Erath Co.,
        2       Laura Frances Sellers, b. abt. Feb 1856 TX,
d. Mar 6,
                1946 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX
                +Henry Davidson, m. abt. 1872, d. Near
Goliad, Goliad
                Co., TX
        2nd husband of Laura Frances Sellers
                +Alfed Bushea (Busha), b. Aug 1862 Michigan,
m. 1885
                probably Waco, McLennan Co., TX
                3       Zilpah M. Bushea, b. Sep. 5, 1894
                        McLellan Co., TX, c. Mar 14, 1984
                        Jefferson Co., TX
                        +Oley (Orla) G. Greeves, m.
                        Jefferson Co., TX
                2nd husband of Zilpah M. Bushea
                        +Roy D. Cousins, b. Dec. 6, 1897, d.
Sept 1976
                        Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX
                3       Daphna O. Bushea, b. Nov 1891
probably in
                        McLennan Co., TX, d. 1947 Houston,
                        Co., TX
                        +Mr. Abbott, m. bef. 1928
                2nd husband of Daphna O. Bushea
                        +John Leslie Savoy, b. Nov. 17, 1891
                        Parish, LA, m. abt. 1928, d. Feb
                        Reno, Washoe co., NV
        4th husband of Laura Frances Sellers
                        +William Kreiter, m. abt. 1908, d.
Sep 28,
                        1945 TX
        2       Orrin perce Sellers, b. 1860 Jackson Co.,
                d. Mar 16, 1923 Little Saline, Menard Co.,
                +Lula Lavern Jewel Wilson, b. Mar 5, 1882
DeWitt Co.,
                TX, m. 1901 Menard, Menard Co., Tx, d. Mar
16, 1957
                3       Dovie Lee Sellers, b. Feb 21, 1904
                        DeWitt Co., TX, d. Nov 2, 1984 Fort
                        Tarrant Co., TX
                        +Edgar Neal Swartz, b. Jan 11,1903
                        Fordtran, DeWitt Co., TX., m. May 7,
                        Junction, Kimble Co., Tx., d. Feb
22, 1960
                        Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX
                3       J.B. Sellers, b. Jan 14, 1906 Kimble
Co., TX,
                        d, Apr 7, 1995 Midland, Midland Co.,
                        +Lucylle Lavonia Rankin, b. Apr 17,
                        m. Sep 10, 1930, d. Aug 11, 1966
                        Kimble Co., TX
                3       John Ward "Johnnie" Sellers, b. May
31, 1910 Kimble
                        Co., TX, d. Jun 5, 1990 Kerrbille,
Kerr Co., TX
                        +Iva Cosper, b. Sep 28, 1920 TX, m
Aug 25, 1939
                        Orville, CA
                3       Orville Azlee "Schottie" Sellers, b.
Jan 19, 1913
                        Albert, Gillespie Co., TX, d. Feb
21, 1996 Killeen, Bell
                        Co., TX
                        +Emory Lewis Jones, m. Dec. 25, 1945
                        Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
                3       Dorothy Sellers, b. Oct 31, 1918 TX
                        +Merle Ridgeway, b. Oct 12, 1922, m.
1943 San
                        Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
        2       Oliver Lofton Sellers, b. Dec. 24, 1861
Jonesboro, Coryell Co.,
                TX, d. May 13, 1941 Hext, Menard Co., TX
                +Idella Ann Custer, b. Aug. 31, 1870 Henry
Co., TN,
                m. Dec 23, 1886 Pipe Creek, Bandera Co., TX,
d. Mar 10, 1959
                Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
                3       Ninnie Lura Sellers, b. Dec. 1, 1887
Ft Garland, CO
                        +Frank M. Davis, m. May 29, 1904
Hext, Menard
                        Co., TX
                3       Laura Frances Sellers, b. Aug 19,
1891 Center Point,
                        TX, d. Dec 24, 1960 Odessa, Ector
Co., TX
                        +William Henry Gage, b. Jul 31, 1882
                        Lampassas Co., TX, m. Dec. 6, 1908
Hext, Menard
                        Co., TX, d. Feb 1973 TX
                3       Pearl Pierce Sellers, b. Sept 11,
1893 Center Point,
                        Kerr Co., TX, d. May 6, 1973
                        +Walter August Pfeifer, Sr., b. Aug.
26, 1892, m.
                        Dec. 29, 1915 Hext, Menard Co., Tx.,
d. June 18,
                3       Rachel Della Sellers, b. Sep 11,
1895 Center Point,
                        Kerr Co., TX
                        +Charlie Brandford Wallace
                3       Sophie Sophronia Sellers, b. Jan 10,
                        Katemcy, Mason Co., TX, d. Jul 1,
1901 London,
                        Kimble Co., TX
                3       Oliver Lofton Sellers, Jr., b. Apr
20, 1900 Katemcy,
                        Mason Co., Tx, d. Jul 21, 1964
Comanche, Comance Co.
                        +Ruby Woodward, m. Jan 23, 1921
London, Kimble Co. TX
                2nd wife of Oliver Lofton Sellers
                        +Laura Janet Adams, m. aft. 1926, d.
Bef. 1934
                3rd wife of Oliver Lofton Sellers
                        +Annie Holloway, b. Jun 25, 1906
Fredonia, TX,
                        m. May 31, 1934 Brady, McCulloch
Co., TX, d.
                        Apr 1, 2001, Comanche, Comanche Co.,
                3       Gracie Gay Sellers, b. Jul 11, 1902
London, Kimble Co.,
                        +Joe Crawford, Sr.
                3       Winnie Faye Sellers, b. Jul 13, 1905
Hext, Menard Co.,
                        TX, d, Mar 19, 2001 Corpus Christi,
                        +Jack Adams, m. abt 1920, TX
                2nd husband of Winnie Faye Sellers
                        +Mr. Palmer, m. abt. 1930 TX
                3rd husband of Winnie Faye Sellers
                        +Mr. Elizonda, m. abt. 1939 TX
                4th husband of Winnie Faye Sellers
                        +John Bakos, m. abt. 1960 TX
                3       Baby Boy Sellers, b. Aug. 20, 1908
                        Menard Co., TX
                3       John Ward "Johnny" Sellers, b. Sep
28, 1910 Hext
                        Kimble Co., TX
                        +Rubie Duncan Baylor, b. Jul 29,
1911 Copperas
                        Community, Kimble Co., TX, m. Jun
20, 1934 Junction,
                        Kimble Co., Tx, d. Apr 20, 1971
                3       Hazel Floreine Sellers, b. Mar 7,
1918 Little Saline,
                        Menard Co., Tx, d. Apr 12, 1972
Kimble co., TX
                        +Charles Windel McWilliams, b. May
24, 1915
                        Kitchens, Menard Co., TX, d. Mar 15,
                        Roosevelt, Kimble Co., TX
        2       Bell Zora Sellers, b. Aug 28, 1`866 TX, d.
Apr 22, 1892
                McLennan Co., TX
                +James A. Oldham, b. Sep 1857 Tx, m. bef.
1880 TX
                3       Laura Oldham, b. May 19, 1884 Waco,
                        Co., TX, d. May 30, 1910 Waco,
McLennan Co., TX
                        +Walter M. Stricker, M. Sept 10,
1900 McLennan
                        Co., TX
                3       Era Oldham, b. Aug. 1886
                        +Mr. Monahans
                3       Zula Oldham, b. May 1889
                3       Infant Oldham, b. 1892, d. 1892
                3       Infant Oldham, b. 1892, d. 1892
                3       Infant Oldham, b. 1892, d. 1892
*2nd Wife of John Ward Sellers
        +Mrs. Nancy R. (Clemons) Sirman, b. Aug. 31, 1849
GA, m. Oct. 20, 1870,
        Coryell Co., TX, d. Feb 14, 1899 Mason Co., TX.

1.  John Ward Sellers b. abt. 1827 AL., d. 1/1/1889 Ft. Glorietta, NM.  He
     had been a doctor.  They were in 1860 Wise Co.,Tx. census.
     +Wife #1:  Lydia Jane Goodwin b. abt. 1830 NC, m. 11/23/1845 Pike
     d. ? , bur. near Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX. (See Early AL
     2.  Emmalinie Bethania b. abt 1848 AL m. Levi Dean
     2.  Marvel Whitney b. Jul. 7, 1853 Montgomery, AL., d. Mar. 4, 1928
          Gillespie Co., TX., a practicing doctor for over 40 yrs.
          +Rebecca Jane Wilson b. Aug 12, 1860 Beckville, Rusk Co.,TX.,
          m. Mar. 21, 1875 Mt. Zion, Tx., d. Apr. 5, 1928 Waco,
Co., TX.
          bur. Fairview cem. near Cayote, Bosque Co., TX.
          3.  Oscar Levi b. Nov. 2, 1877, Burnet Co., Tx., d. Jul. 10,
1942, druggist in
               Melvin, Tx.
               +Addie Wahrmund
          3.  Tennie Myrtle b. Dec. 27, 1880, Burnet Co., Tx., d. Jan. 10,
               m. Oct 14, 1897
               +Thomas P. Marlar
               4.  William Franklin Marlar b. 1899
           4.  Lola Virgie Marlar b. 1901
           4.  Baby Boy Marlar b. 1902 premature
               4.  Essie May Marlar b. 1903
               4.  Jessie Fay Marlar b. 1905
           4.  Harold Fred Marlar b. 1912
          3.  Tina (Tenia) Alice b. Sep. 12, 1883, Turnersville, Coryell
Co., TX.
               d. d. Dec. 23, 1967
               +James William Minix
          3.  Arthur Ward b. Feb 27, 1886, Center Point, Kerr Co., TX,
               d. May 24, 1978 Tarrant Co., TX bur. Rose Hill Cem., Ft.
Worth, TX
               m. Aug. 14, 1913 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., Tx
               +Stella Lee Sageser, b. Mar. 10, 1891 Gillespie Co, Tx.
               teacher, d. Aug 29, 1982 Tarrant Co., TX. bur. Rose Hill
Cem.Ft.Worth Tx
               4.  Jettie Rae b. Feb 13, 1914, Harper, Gillespie Co, Tx,
                d. Dec. 10, 1984, San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Tx.
                    m. May 27, 1934, Ozona, Crockett Co., Tx.
                +Frank Milburn Wyatt, b. Nov. 21, 1913, Bell Co. Tx.,
                    United Salt Co. Sales Rep.
                    d. June 27, 1982 San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Tx.
           4.  Ila Fern (living)
`              +Douglas H. Middleton
           4.  Arthur Lee (living)
               +Geneva Diane Teague(living)
           4. Whitney Burton b.Feb 26, 1922, Harper, Gillespie Co., Tx.
killed in
                   training (land mine explosion) Camp Barkley, Abilene,
Taylor Co., Tx.
                   Apr. 15, 1944, m. Jan. 22, 1944
               +Joy Lee Phelps (living)
           4.  Oscar Joe, b. Jul. 18, 1929, Harper, Gillespie Co., TX.,Ft.
                    fireman, d. Jan. 11, 1994 Tarrant Co., Tx. bur.
Azleland Cem.
                    m. wife#1 Feb 8, 1952, m. wife#2 Jun. 2, 1972 Tarrant
Co.,Tx.                                                            +wife#1
Betty L. Thorman
                    +wife#2 Cynthia Harris
          3.  Ira Francis b. Mar, 27, 1889 San Miguel, NM d.?
              +Lillie Doss
          3.  Lida Elma b. Nov. 12, 1892, Brownwood, Brown Co., Tx., d.
1992 in
               Houston, Harris Co., Tx. bur. Fairview Cem, Bosque Co., Tx.
              +#1. George Jeans
          +#2. ?
          +#3. ?
              +#4. ?
    2.  Laura Francis, b. abt. 1856 TX
        +#1. Henry Davidson
        +#2. Jeff Morrow
        +#3. Alfred Busha
        +#4. William Kreiter
    2.  Orrin Pearce, b. abt. 1859 TX
        +Lola Wilson
    2.  Oliver Loftin, b.?
        +Stella Custer
    2.  Bell Zora, b. ?
        +Jim Oldhum
  *+Wife#2 Nancy Clemons b. GA, d. ? bur. Bethel Cem. Katency, Tx. near
    2nd wife of John Ward Sellers

       Fri, 18 Jan 2002 05:16:38 -0700
       "jag" <>
 Hello Marie & All:  No, I had not read STEVE SELLERS'
page.  I thought I  watched our SELLERS list carefully but I missed Steve's
messages somehow.

 He is my 2nd cousin.  I have exchanged emails with Steve
in the past and  know his father, Ferdinand, well.  Our great grandfather
is DR. MARVEL  WHITNEY SELLERS and the name is defintely "MARVEL".  I
have MARVEL's son's  birth certificate which spells it that way, the 1924
personal interview  notes taken by great granddaughter, Addie Mrytle Minix;
census, obituaries  and a photo of his tombstone.  I should be so lucky to
have ALL that on his  father, DR. JOHN WARD SELLERS.
 Yes, the A.L. Sellers in the 1860 Coryell Co., TX census
is Almond Lewis
 Sellers and the E.E. is Edmond Eldred, etc; however, John
Ward Sellers is  living in WISE CO., TX by 1860.

 I have done a considerable amount of research since I
first posted our  SELLERS data to this list so I have copied a new outline
with 3 generations  only for security purposes.  I hope you can delete the old
initial one and  replace it with this one.  I have included further notes
on  Dr. John Ward  Sellers &  his son, Dr. Marvel Whitney Sellers.  I DO have many, many proofs & have  tried to  verify everything listed.  I will be happy to share with
those working on  this line and am working on a book of same to hopefully be
finished this  spring.

 I just keep posting queries about old JOHN WARD SELLERS in
hopes of  connecting to a  colateral relative with knowledge of his
parents and  siblings.  I  hope also to go back to Montgomery, AL this summer but the
secrets may be  in NC rather than AL.  Thank you for your kind assistance
and we appreciate  all you do.
 Lynda Green

april 2005

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Subject: [SELLERS] Re: SELLERS, NC/SC to AL.

Good morning Marie, Margie & all: There is a J.W. SELLERS listed just after
C.C. SELLERS in the 1854 Coryell Co., TX First Brand Book whom I believe is my
great great grandfather JOHN WARD SELLERS. Family journal written in 1924 by
his oldest son, MARVEL WHITNEY SELLERS, indicates the family came to Texas in
1854. The Brand Book shows that J.W. SELLERS' brand is the same as E.E.
SELLERS brand of S2. I cannot find my JOHN WARD SELLERS anywhere in the 1850
census for some reason but he has already moved on to WISE CO., TX by 1860 and
then back to CORYELL CO., TX by the 1870 Census.

Robert Stockberger of present day TX says his grandfather, ALBERT SELLERS of
CORYELL CO., TX who was descended from ALMOND LEWIS SELLERS, indicated
that one
of the SELLERS brothers coming to TX with his siblings decided that the Indian
threat was too great in CORYELL CO. so he moved on to other supposedly safer
areas and was gone only a short time before returning to CORYELL CO.
SELLERS was in WISE CO., TX in the 1870 Census neighbors to widow REBECCA M.
(SELLERS) WATLEY & ELIZABETH J. (Sellers) & husband SAMUEL WILSON. (John was
later a judge in Jack Co. (1864-67). Wise & Jack Co. were both just as bad or
worse for the Indian threat.) Since JOHN WARD SELLERS was back in the 1870
Coryell Co. Census, that would fit the Stockberger family story but the most
compelling clue is the fact that JOHN WARD SELLERS' great grandson, ARTHUR LEE
SELLERS, has a perfect DNA match with known JOSEPH SELLERS descendant, BILLY
MORRIS SELLERS, also a memeber of this list.

I would still like to find a will or estate settlement for JOSEPH
c. 1789 NC which could prove JOHN WARD SELLERS was one of the sons that left
JOSEPH's home between 1840-1850. My JOHN WARD SELLERS did marry LYNIA JANE
GODWIN in PIKE CO., AL in 1845. We know he went to a prestigious college for
his medical training which could be the reason I cannot find him in the 1850
census but to date, I have not been able to locate him in a college record.
I'm still searching.

Has anyone ever found a marriage record for JOSEPH SELLERS & ANN? Or
has anyone
ever found a marriage record for the listed MARTHA?

Thanks for any comments, deductions, and/or assistance by this hard working
Lynda Wyatt Green

> Hello Marie,
> My Joseph Sellers in 1850 Census, Pike County, Alabama
> Joseph Sellers age 61 North Carolina
> Martha Sellers age 35 North Carolina
> J. D. Sellers age 21 Alabama
> Edward Sellers age 18 Alabama
> Robert Sellers age 15 Alabama
> Jason Sellers age 12 Alabama
> Elizabeth Sellers age 11 Alabama
> Lanora Sellers age 01 Alabama
> 1840 Census Pike County, Alabama
> Joseph Sellers
> 2m u 5
> 1m 5-10
> 1m 10-15
> 1m 15-20
> 1m 20-30
> 1m 40-50
> 1f 10-15
> 1f 15-20
> 1f 40-50
> 1m 70-80
> 1f 70-80
> 1830 Census Pike County Alabama
> Name: Sellers, James Township: Not Stated County: Pike State:
> Alabama
> Year: 1830 Page: 28
> 1m u5
> 1m 5-10
> 1m 10-15
> 1m 30-40
> 1m 60-70
> 1f u5
> 1f 5-10
> 1f 10-15
> 1f 30-40
> 1f 50-60
> 1855 Tax Roll, Coryell County, Texas
> C. W. Sellers
> Joseph Sellers
> Edward Sellers
> J. D. Sellers
> James D. H. Sellers
> John W. Sellers
> Almon Sellers
> Edmon Sellers
> Brands 1854 Coryell County, Texas
> Rob. A. Sellers
> Martha Sellers
> Joseph Sellers
> A. L. Sellers
> E.E. Sellers
> C.C. Sellers
> 1860 Census Coryell County, Texas, page 270
> C. W. Sellers age 28 Sheriff Florida
> Martha Sellers age 46 North Carolina
> Elizabeth R. Sellers age 19 Alabama
> Sarah F. Sellers age 06 Alabama
> , I have James Sellers with wife Elizabeth, the only one I found.

Joseph Sellers, the son, I think had 2 wives, Ann and Martha and I
think that because of deed records and census records showing Martha age and
the children ages.


aug 2005

JAG []

Marie & all:
I am still refining my search for Dr. John Ward Sellers' parents which are
shown to have both been born in NC. After 6 years of intensive tracking and
many more years than that of just looking when I had time, the Family
Treemaker DNA Project has helped me make a significant leap in what I feel
is the right direction.

A more than probable possibility for John's father is Joseph Sellers who was
born in 1789 NC. He and his father, James Sellers, Jr., came to Pike Co.,
AL between 1815-1819 after the death of James Sellers, Sr. James Sellers,
Sr. is a son of Benjamin born prior to 1740 NC. These early generations are
already proven through land/deed/tax records in NC and published in "Records
Pertaining to the Sellers Family of Brunswick County, N.C." compiled by
James I. Marlowe, Ph.D., published in Manassas, Virginia, January 1, 1986.

The 1830 census records indicate there were only 3 Sellers families in Pike
Co., AL and only 13 in the whole state at that time. This was the first
census after John Ward's birth in 1825-27. Of the 3 families listed in Pike
Co., Knight (have seen where his name was Wright)Sellers had no male
children the right age of John Ward; B.D. (Benjamin Duncan) Sellers had 2
sons the right age but they are proven to be Alexander and John Duncan which ****No, per letter of ? post letter, msh
leaves James Sellers, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth, living with their son,
Joseph Sellers and his wife, Ann. Joseph had sons and daughters the right
ages for John Ward Sellers, Elizabeth (Sellers) Wilson and Rebecca (Sellers)
Whatley who we find marrying in Pike Co., AL at the right time and the
females are living very close to John Ward in either or all the 1860, 1870 &
1880 TX Census. Elizabeth Sellers married Samuel Wilson in Pike Co., AL on
Mar. 3, 1837. Rebecca Sellers married Willis Whatley/Watley on Nov. 27,
1844 and John Ward Sellers married Lynia Jane Godwin on April 23, 1845 in
Pike Co., AL. The index lists John & Lynia marriage as Nov. 22, 1845 but
that was the recording of the license, the nuptials were performed on April
23, 1845 according to the actual document.

I had discovered this possible connection some time ago through the process
of elimination but the evidence is more compelling after this year's (2005)
DNA matches. Arthur Lee "Bud" Sellers, great grandson of John Ward,
grandson of Marvel Whitney and son of Arthur Ward agreed to have his DNA
tested and compared to the other Sellers males participating in the Group
Program being tested by a lab in Houston. Bud's DNA is a perfect match on
12 markers to that of Billy Morris Sellers who was born in Hugo, OK, reared
in Dallas and now resides in Plano, Texas! Billy Morris' lineage follows: Billy Morris Sellers, born 1926, on a ranch near Hugo, OK Lon Morris Sellers, born 1903, Paris, Lamar Co., Texas, Father Alfred Henderson Sellers, born 1859, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Grandfather James H. Sellers, born abt. 1819, North Carolina, G. Grandfather Joseph Sellers, born 1789, North Carolina, G.G.Grandfather James Sellers Jr., born abt.1760-1770 North Carolina, G.G.G. Grandfather James Sellers Sr., born prior to 1744, North Carolina, G.G.G.G.Grandfather Benjamin Sellers born prior to 1740 and of age at least by 1761 deed record,
Brunswick & Edgecomb Co., NC, G.G.G.G.G. Grandfather
Sources: Census Records and
"Records Pertaining to the Sellers Family of Brunswick County, N.C." compiled by James I. Marlowe, Ph.D., Manassas, VA, January 1, 1986

Bud Sellers' DNA on the 12 markers tested, also matches all 12 markers to
that of Thomas Galen Sellers who was born in and has lived his whole life in
SC. They have a Genetic Distance of 1 on 25 markers and a Genetic Distance
of 3 on 37 markers. This means the odds of their Most Recent Common
Ancestor being Benjamin, born prior to 1740 VA or NC, are 99.9%. Thomas
Galen Sellers' lineage follows:
Thomas Galen Sellers, born 1935 Marion Co., S.C.
Thomas French Sellers, born 1910 Marion Co., S.C., father Thomas William Sellers, born 1855 Marion Co., S.C., grandfather Bryant Jordan Sellers, born 1827 Horry Co., S.C., Ggrandfather Jordan Sellers, born 1763 N.C., GGgrandfather Benjamin Sellers, prior to 1740 Virginia or N.C. GGGgrandfather Family (William) originally came from England (Welsh) as indentured servant and settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Thomas Galen's lineage is proven with census, deed records and also the use
of James I. Marlowe's book which is a definitive study of the early land and
court records of Sellers in NC & VA.

Conclusion: All 3 DNA matches prove a direct line to Benjamin with John
Ward's connection being through Joseph.

The 1848 Personal Property Tax List in Pike Co., AL where John W. Sellers is
listed next to James Sellers, Jr., Joseph Sellers, James H. Sellers, E.D.
Sellers, Samuel Wilson, Willis Whatley and others.

The 1850 Pike Co., AL Census dated Dec. 4, 1850, p. 229 shows: Joseph Sellers, 61, Farmer, NC Martha, 35, NC (no female b. 1815 in house in 1840 census-this must be a #2
J.D., 21, Farmer, AL
Edward, 18, AL
Robert, 15, AL
Jason, 12, AL
Elisabeth, 11, AL (this female was not in the 1840 census with Joseph, could
be Martha's dau.)
Lanora, 1, AL

John Sellers appears in the Pike Co. AL, Oct 24, 1851 Brand Book: Sellers, Joseph page 1
Sellers, James page 1
Sellers, John page 4
Sellars, Almon 13
Sellers, P. W. page 21

Note: Eldred Sellers was the father of Almond Lewis Sellers who came to
Coryell Co., TX along with John Ward and other Sellers, Boyd and Wilson
families. Since Eldred/Ethelred & James, Jr. were brothers, Almond Lewis
Sellers and Joseph Sellers were first cousins. Almond Lewis' children and
our John Ward Sellers were first cousins, once removed. Wahlah, the
forgotten link that current day Sellers knew existed but did not know the
particulars of the exact lineage connection.

John W. Sellers is listed in the 1855 Coryell Co., TX Tax Assessment papers
along with these other Sellers in this exact order:
James D.H. (I think this is the aforementioned son of Joseph, James H.
J.D. (Joseph's son listed in the 1850 Pike Co., AL Census) Edmon (Almond Lewis Sellers' son) Joseph (appears to be the first time on record in TX) C.W. (shows to be the head of household with Joseph's widow, #2 marr. in
1860 Coryell Co., TX Census)
Edward (Joseph's son listed in the 1850 Pike Co., AL Census) Almon *Samuel Wilson is also listed on another page.

J.W. Sellers is listed in the 1856 Coryell Co., TX Tax Assessment papers
along with:
Robert A. (appears to be the son of Joseph listed in the 1850 Pike Co., AL
E.T. (This might be Joseph's son Edward as listed in the 1850 Pike co., AL
C.W. (This is the C.W. listed with Joseph's widow in the 1860 Coryell Co.,
Tx Census.)
Edmon E. (This is Almond Lewis Sellers' son.)
Almond L. (Joseph's Sellers' first cousin.)
Note: I did not find a listing for Joseph Sellers.

John W. Sellers is listed in the First Coryell Co., TX Brand Book (started
in 1854) and his brand is the same as E.E. Sellers which was S2. E.E. first
registered his brand on February 12, 1855 and under remarks, it says
"Transferred by J.W. Sellers in 1859".

Joseph Sellers registered a brand in Coryell Co., TX on April 28, 1859 & it
was an "S". This is the last mention of Joseph Sellers and he presumably
died between April 28, 1859 and the 1860 Coryell Co. Census. E.E. Sellers registered the same S2 brand again on November 3, 1859.

J.W. Sellers appears on the Coryell Co., TX Tax Assessment papers for 1869
along with:
J.L. (Joel Lewis-Almond's son)
A.L. (Almond Lewis)
E.E. (Edmon Eldred-Almond's son)
S.R. (Solomon Reeves-Another son of Almond's)
It would appear that John's brothers, James H., J.D., Robert and Edward
moved on somewhere else. James H., Robert & baby brother Jason show up in
the 1860 Sebastian Co., AR Census.

"John W. Sellers, native of Alabama, is listed on the "JACK COUNTY VOTERS"
list for the period of 1867-1869. As of July 27, 1867, it indicates he had
been in the county 3 years, place of residence was Jacksboro, Precinct 1
with a note: " Removed from County". Evidently, this was compiled shortly
after the year ended 1869 and it would appear he had moved by that time.

John and his family are on the Sept. 29, 1870, Coryell Co., TX census with
additional children, Oliver & Belsora. On this particular census, Marvel is
spelled correctly but Oirrin is misspelled as Aaron. Another interesting
fact about this census is the oldest child, Emaline, is said to be living
with the family and she is 20 years of age (she was actually 21 yrs. old);
however, she is also listed in Coryell Co. with her #2 husband, Jacob
Bruner, and her daughter, Susan, 4, from marriage #1 to Levi Dean, deceased.
Emaline is once again listed in the 1870 Bosque Co., TX census with Jacob,
38, and Susan E., 3.

Note: The widow, Rebecca (Sellers) Whatley, and 3 of her children are
listed in the 1870 Jack Co., TX Census, p. 445. Samuel Wilson & wife,
Elizabeth Jane (Sellers) are in the 1870 Burleson Co., TX census.

John/J.W. Sellers appears on the Coryell Co., TX Tax Assessment papers for
the years 1870-1874.

We next find Dr. John Ward Sellers & wife, Nancy R., on the 1880 Burnet Co.,
TX census with sons, Oirrin Pierce (misspelled again as Arrin P.) and Oliver
Note: Samuel Wilson and wife, Elizabeth Jane (Sellers), are listed right
next to John in this census.

Thanks for your time and consideration of the above in regards to my search
for JOHN WARD SELLERS' parents. I think this data, with the help of the DNA
matches, finally tells the story of whom the parents are of JOHN WARD
Unfortunately, prior to a lot of my further research, I was told that
"Solomon, Edmond & Joel Sellers" in Coryell Co., TX were "brothers" when in
reality, they were "cousins". I hope any of you that have copies of the
most recent "Heritage of Pike Co., AL" History Book and the "Families of
Coryell Co., TX" History Book will make these correction/additions to my
stories written long before this latest information.

I would be happy to hear what the best Lister researchers on Rootsweb think, Lynda Green

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Subject: [SELLERS] Parents of SELLERS from Alabama

> Parents of SELLERS from Alabama
> Pike County, Alabama
> Help, does anyone have in their research the parents or any
> informatipon
> on
> any of these SELLERS?
> Any help or information welcomed and appreciated on these families.
> Thank You. Margie Sellers Allen
> ..
> Samuel Wilson married Elizabeth SELLERS -03 March 1837 Samuel Wilson
> was the son of Mathew and Sarah King Wilson of Pike County, Alabama
> John R. Wilson married Lydia Ann SELLERS -17 December 1844 in Pike
> County, Alabama. John R. Wilson was the son of Mathew and Sarah King
> Wilson of Pike County, Alabama
> Rebecca SELLERS married Willis Watley-27 November 1844


The DNA tests have proven these THREE SELLERS to the same line = very important = very helpful.

We have to work out the charts/census on who had kids these ages, eliminate the ones proven, etc.

We don't know if it is a child of Ben 1720 or Ben 1740, etc. = which would have the same dna.

On your line I believe the 1830 CENSUS is Very Important = some came before the others and our history doesn't show all.

OTHERS may be able to send a TIME CHART on each child of these families.

Very Interested in the early SELLERS who had kids born 1830's AL. he came before the others???

Sorry no notes out tonite.

ALL, help, send charts on these Proven kids.

marie, iowa


Marie and all: I will attempt to elaborate further on the JOSEPH
with his father, JAMES SELLERS, JR. in the 1830/1840 PIKE CO., AL Census even though I thought that was what I had done. I will fix it in chart form. I think a lot of what you asked has already been posted but will try to redo in "chart form" and repost.

If I am reading you correctly, you are asking for charts on a "Joseph" in the 1770/1780 Census in NC. I'm showing his birth date of 1789 from the 1850 Pike Co., Census so he would not have been in any 1770/1780 census. I will attempt to repost where his father, JAMES SELLERS, JR. was in 1820 and before.

I don't really know anything much besides what others have posted for years on WRIGHT Sellers but will see what I can do after I work on JOSEPH & JAMES.

How about some of you listers that are related to WRIGHT SELLERS
reposting your
charts for him?

Lynda Wyatt Green
Quoting marie sellers hollinger <>:

> JAG/LYNDA, thanks for asking.
> My message was very badly written/asked/etc.
> I know what I'm thinking at the time, but, no documents/dates sent
> etc, so, how would anyone know what I meant.
> 1830 PIKE CO, AL SELLERS = am interested in proving Each child by age
> and parent
> And then , Where in 1820 = Brunswick or Nash Co, NC where we have
> Wright, James, Joseph Sellers? But need All ages.
> These areas are all the same land later as was New Hanover Co, NC
> originally. Where we have an unknown James Sellers.
> Perhaps Your info shows dates with names of kids for James Sellers and
> who his kids are.
> I think the DNA tests may help here also.
> Where is Joseph Sellers In 1820? And who are his kids.
> Same as Wright Sellers in 1820 Nash Co, NC?
> And Why or Where Joseph Sellers kids listed in 1830 .
> James Marlowe has helped so much with sharing and comparing land
> deeds. We would not be where we are today without him. But, he has NOT
> proven EACH child. HE gave us his info/documents for us to check
> further.
> Perhaps our dna tests will, I think, it looks like, help, continue his
> documents.
> Joseph Sellers 1770/80 appears to still be in Nash Co in 1830.
> Quess I am looking for a time line on the James Sellers (1760/80? 1830
> Pike Co, Al. And I consider him as coming Before the others that came
> or on 1840 census.
> If I can stay at it, I will add info also to my charts and perhaps
> catch up with you.
> Hope you can understand this and what we/I need.
> YOU have done a lot of Good work here. Continue.
> marie, iowa
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> To: marie sellers hollinger
> Subject: RE: [SELLERS] Parents of SELLERS from Alabama/JOHN
> Marie: I can't tell by your message what chart you want for what
> family. I have given a detailed breakdown of the 1830 census (I
> thought) for the only families showing on the 1830 Pike Co., AL Census
> with the results of analysis of Joseph's children. According to the
> 1830 Census compared to the 1840 Census, all the minors listed for
> JAMES SELLERS, JR. in the 1830 census were actually Joseph's since
> they are with him on the 1840 census, not with JAMES SELLERS, JR.
> Are you asking for analysis of JAMES SELLERS' other children that
> stayed in NC along with JAMES SELLERS, SR's other children prior to
> the 1830 census? Are you wanting NC info or AL info? I can't tell by
> your message specifically what breakdowns you want posted.??? I
> believe this is covered very well in the Marlowe book which is already
> on our SELLERS site, is it not?
> What do you mean "he came before others"? Which "he" are you talking
> about? Can you please be a little more specific on what you want us to
> post?
> Thanks for your help,
> Lynda Green


Hello all: I don't know how I missed this back in 2007 but I would love to see these pictures. I have some SELLERS pictures that are still unidentified and they are related to Almond and my Dr. John Ward Sellers who was cousins to Almond's children. I have 2 nice pictures of Dr. John Ward Sellers, born 1824 Pike Co., AL and would love to see if there is a resemblance or if you perhaps have an exact picture that I have. Some of these oldest pics were from tintypes. Thanks in advance, Lynda Green in TX
JAG []
jan 2009


LYNDA, if they don't answer, I believe Troy sent us pictures, posted on their page =
Under Uncle Lewis?
I didn't separate them,yet,so slow loading, but, one is named Almon Sellers, no date.

I believe the unidentified are on there also, perhaps, you could help with them, by comparing yours?

Have you sent/shared John Ward Sellers pictures with us? I am sure the Sellers would appreciate.
Best wishes, marie, iowa


Good morning Marie and all: No, I haven't sent Dr. John Ward Sellers pictures to the list because I didn't realize we could unless we had them on our own website. Do I just send them to you via email and then you post them to my page in our Sellers group? I'll get these to you as soon as I hear back from you.
Thank you for all you do Marie. You have helped our listers so very much and we can't say enough to let you know how much we appreciate you! Of all the lists I'm on, this is by far the very best! Lynda Green
JAG []


ok, msh