"Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants" by Angus Wilton McLean, John Edwin Purcell I, Archibald Gilchrist Singletary, and John Edwin Purcell II.  Published in 1942.

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Marie  -  Three years ago, I promised to get a reference book from a friend of mine which included some Sellers/Sellars names from NC.  My friend died, and his widow and other family members took some time to readjust their lives.  Today, I finally got the book.  Its title is:

"Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants" by Angus Wilton McLean, John Edwin Purcell I, Archibald Gilchrist Singletary, and John Edwin Purcell II.  Published in 1942.  I think it would be best if I send a page or two each time.


Pg.443--Katherine Sillers married Angus Sellers, son of Mary Robertson and John Sellars who was born in 1782 and died June 8, 1867.  He was a farmer and lived in New Hanover County, NC.  Katherine Anders MacGearmid, great-granddaughter of Angus Sellars, states that he was a captain in the War of 1812.  There were eight children born to Katherine Sillers and Angus Sellars:


Mary Sellars, born January 30, 1810

Duncan Sellars, born March 7, 1812

Elizabeth Sellars, born November 16, 1813, died unmarried

John Sellars, born November 16, 1815, never married. In 1860 he was living in New Hanover County, NC.

Archibald Sellars, born August 31, 1818.

William Sellars, born May 1, 1824, died in Confederate Army, unmarried.

Katherine Jane Sellars, born June 1, 1827, died unmarried.

Daniel Walter Sellars, born October 13, 1832, died unmarried.


Next time, I will give details of the lives of the eight children.


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Yes, Angus and others were in WAR of 1812 NC. We DON'T SEEM to have these extractions and probably some info proven this way.
Thank you for sharing with us. Better late than never.
marie, iowa


Children of Katherine Sillers and Angus Sellars: pp443-446.


Mary Sellars, first child and first daughter of Katherine Sillers and Angus Sellars.  Married Owen Elisha Anders near Black River Chapel.  Owen died January 14, 1886 near Alva, Fla. on the Caloosahatchee River.  Mary Sellars Anders died November 11, 1900, in Leon*** County near Alva, FlaTheir children were:

Margaret Ann Anders, born September 23, 1832.

John Alexander Anders, born September 12, 1834.

Catherine Jane Anders, born October 9, 1836

William Sellars Anders, born October 21, 1838.

Owen Elisha AndersII, born September 30, 1840.

James Jay Rice Anders, born October 17, 1842.

Mary Elizabeth Anders, born August 5, 1844.

Angus Duncan Anders, born August  20, 1847

Stephen Miles Anders, born April 10, 1850


Duncan Sellars, second child and first son of Angus Sellars and Katherine Sillers.  He received his A.B. degree from the University of North Carolina in 1840 and entered the Presbyterian ministry.  He never married and was living in New Hanover County, NC in 1860.  The date of his death is not known.


Archibald Sellars, fifth child and third son of Angus Sellars and Katherine Sillers.  About 1857, he married Mary Brown who was born about 1839.  Nine children:

Mary Elizabeth Sellars, born 1858.

Edwin Sellars, born 1859.

Archibald Sellars II.

Dances Sellars.

Anna Sellars.

Serena Sellars, born March 7, 1857, and died October 25, 1915.  She was buried at Black River Presbyterian Church near Ivanhoe, NC.

Carolina Sellars

Arminta Sellars.

William Walter Sellars.


That's all the information presented about the children of Angus and Katherine Sellars.

More Sellers info to follow after I have had a chance to read it.


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Richard White [rw@pone.com]

In the iformation, though, there is an ERROR:
Tallahassee in North Florida is in (Juan Ponce de) Leon County.
Alva is about 350 miles away on the Caloosahatchee in far eastern LEE
County, in SW Florida.



  I rechecked that page in the book, and it is obviously an error by one of the authors.

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july 2009

from CARL

I have a copy of that book--the Sellers/Sellars names listed in the index are:
Archibald Sellars
Isabel Sellers
Mary Sellars (nee McMillan)
Effie Sellers
Now for the good news -- I called the widow of my old friend, and lo and behold, she had a second copy of the other book I wote about.  She gave it to me this morning--"Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants" by Angus Wilson McLean (1870-1935), John Edwin Purcell,II (1842-1921), Archibald Gilchrist Singletary (1867-1936), John Edwin Purcell,III (1884-still living in 1942).  Copyright 1942.
The Sellars/Sellers namres listed in the index are:
Angus Sellars                        Katherine Jane Sellars               Archibald Sellers
                                                                                                       Effie Sellers
Anna Sellars                          Mary Sellars                                  Hayden E. Sellers
Archibald Sellars                   Mary Elizabeth Sellars                 John Sellers
      Arminta Sellars                 Mary Julia Sellars
Caroline Sellars                     Serena Sellars
Daisy Mebane Sellars           William Sellars
Daniel Walter Sellars              William Walter Sellars
Duncan Sellars                       
Edwin Sellars
Elizabeth Sellars
Frances Sellars
Ida Belle Sellars
As I mentioned earlier, there is a ton of info on the Sellers/Sellars families in this book.  It covers both Carolinas and also includes the extended families of these folks.  For anyone who is interested in obtaining the book, it should be available through a public library, or can be ordered through a book store.  If I were looking, I'd google the title to see what comes up.

Carl John Sellars
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