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Susan in Michigan asked me to email you with the following information.
I have been trying to find information on my great grandparents and I am slowly making progress.

Alfred Sellers born September 11, 1854   Buckinghamshire, England
Died April 6, 1828  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alfred's parents were    Richard and Martha    (still hoping to find more about them)
I do know that Richard's profession was listed as "Dealer"  when Alfred was married

Alfred Sellers married Sarah Ann Betts  August 24, 1878 in  High Wycomb   England

Sarah was born Sept 29, 1853 in Buckinghamshire, England
her parents were  Joseph and Elizabeth Stone
Sarah died on October  1, 1885  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alfred and Sarah moved to somewhere in Canada.  They had a daughter  Florence.  Florence died when
she was a baby. Not sure if Florence was born in England or Canada.
Their second child was Elizabeth Florence Sellers  born January 17, 1881 in Canada
Elizabeth died on August 15, 1962 in Connersville, Indiana

Elizabeth was my grandmother.

Take care,
Lubeth in Indiana

An email friend in England found the following info.  She was hoping this was my Alfred's family.  It may be.  My Alfred was born in 1854 and
this is info from the Marlow Census  1851.  The parents are right but this Alfred would be born in 1851 three years before my Alfred.
 I have the feeling that this little Alfred may have died and my Alfred came along later.  I will continue to search.  I just find it hard to believe
that there would be two families with the parents  Richard and Martha in the same town.
This is the info.  I thought maybe someone else might find a match.

1851 census of Marlow or Great Marlow
Richard Sellers    Head     m   39 Butcher    Bucks/Fawley
Martha Sellers     Wife      m   38                Berks/Hurley
Charles               Son       u  17  Farm servant    Bucks/Hambleden
John                   Son           14 Labourer
Jane            Daughter           11 Scholar
Richard              Son              6 Scholar
Sarah         Daughter              4
Alfred                 Son              6 months

I am sure there are other Sellers on the list but this one caught her eye because of me.  She was searching for the Betts side of the family.  Her
great grandmother was a Betts also and we were hoping to find a link between our great grandmothers.  She remembered that my Sarah married
Alfred Sellers so she copied this listing.

I figure any info is helpful.  She lives right there and is finding this frustrating.  No wonder I feel frustrated searching from over here.

Take care,

Marie,You seem to have experience with searches.   Maybe you might
> > have a suggestion.    A cousin and I are searching for a relative that
> > the family lost contact with back in the early 1900s.  She would be a
> > sister-in-law to my grandmother Elizabeth Sellers.  This women's name
> > was Adrianna Hoebeke.  We know she was born in Holland and we know she
> > was living when her mother died.My grandfather was her half brother.
> > There were two other half brothers that kept in touch but everyone
> > lost contact with Adrianna.  My cousin is very good at research and
> > she tried three different cities that my Mom and my aunt thought that
> > Adrianna had lived at one time.  There are no records anywhere in
> > those three cities.   We simply cannot find her.Any suggestions?  I
> > t

> LUBETH - Maybe a member may catch this name and know something.
> WAS  this family in the US?
> Did she have any kids? to follow up on.
> I am not knowledgeable on searching outside the US.  In fact, most of
> the names of these towns? in these countries, I have to LookUp to see
> where they are.
> CENSUS RECORDS is a good place to check.
> I'm sure you know all this.
> has many sites. And several on the genforum and genconnect boards. Hope
> this helps a little. Best Wishes. marie, iowa

Will try Cindi's List.  My cousin has tried the death records and census for
three different cities.  Grand Rapids, Michigan ,
Gary, Indiana, and South Bend, Indiana.   The odd part of this search is
that no one seems to know anything about her.
The three Vermeulen brothers all married within three months of one another.
One moved to California, one stayed in Grand Rapids, and my grandfather
moved to Connersville, Indiana.   Their mother died a few months after they
were all married.  Adrianna was their half sister. The house and the
contents were left to her.  Denis did find the will.  Ada came to visit my
grandfather and grandmother in Indiana once long before my aunt and my mom
were born.  My grandmother mentioned her a couple times but no one had
contact with her.   We don't know if she died young, married, or whatever.
Adrianna Hoebeke just disappeared.   The brother in California never even
mentioned her so my cousin did not know she exsisted for a long time.  Denis
and I are just trying to find out what ever happened to her.  My mother and
my aunt thought that they remember something about Gary and South Bend but
there is no trace of her.   I guess its the fact that she simply disappeared
from the family that bothers Denis and I.  We have so many good records now
on that side of the family and we would just like to know what happened to
My mom and aunt are in their 80s so if their older siblings knew anything
its too late to ask.  They are all deceased.

LUBETH - Thanks,
Some Dates, Ages might help?

We have some Michigan records that have been shared by our members =

Our Indiana info on these three counties = O
Maybe surrounding counties could have info?
Possible remarriage?

Could you just send a few Extractions from this will,  with date, place etc.

THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa 

I am certain the name is correct.   Have documents from Holland.  Also on there are Hoebekes listed.
Ada Hoebeke was born January 17, 1889 in S' Heer Arendskerke, Zeeland,
Her parents were  Maria Van Den Ende Vermeulen  and Corenlius Hoebeke

Maria's first husband was Gillis Vermeulen.   They had three sons  Martin,
Peter, and Cornelius.  Peter was my grandfather.

Maria had three childen with Corenlius Hoebeke   Joznia  died  as a baby.
Jacobus died March 28, 1901 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was only 11 years

After Corenlius Hoebeke died Marie brought  Martin, Peter, Cornelius,
Jacobus "James"and Ada to the United States.  They lived in Grand Rapids,
Michigan.   We believe they came to the United States in 1992 or 1993.

1900 Census lists Maria, Ada,  and James Hoebeke, Peter, Martin, and
Cornelius Vermeulen all living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   The 1900 Census
lists Ada and James as students.

James Hoebeke is buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent,

Martin, Peter, and Cornelius Vermeulen all marry in  Sept. Oct. Nov. 1902

Maria Van Den Ende Hoebeke dies on August 8, 1908.

Census results from 1910 and 1920  for California, Michigan and Indiana do
not show Ada living with any of her brothers or her guardian Hildebrand

Searched High School year books at Grand Rapids for 1907, 1908, 1909     no
Ada Hoebeke

Tried the 1903-1925 public School records for Kent County, Michigan.    No
Ada Hoebeke.

Tried Catholic Church records.   No Ada Hoebeke.

No Ada Hoebeke buried at St. Andrew's cemetary with Mother or brother.

Michigan Statewide Marriage Index     No Ada Hoebeke.

Ada was listed in the 1908 City Directory for Grand Rapids right before her
mother died.  The next directory available was the 1911, she was not listed

Martin Vermeulen was the executor of Maria's will.
Ada signed the papers (age 18) along with her three half brothers.
Ada inherits all the household goods and wearing apparel together with 1/2
of all real and personnel estate.

The address was 19 Indiana Aveneue,
The appointed guardian for Ada is Hildebrand Hageman, but no papers are ever
filed for guardianship    He died July 30, 1955.

These files were also searched in Saint Joseph's County, Indiana    South
Necrology File 1870-1940
Inheritance Tax File
Coroners Index
All Cemetery Indexes
Eisen's Indes to Vitral Records for St. Joseph's County
Census Records for St. Joseph's County for 1870, 1880, 1890
Genealogical Society Newsletter Index
City Directories for 1904-1924
Birth   Death  Marriage Records
No Ada

Tried death records in Gary, Indiana also.  No Ada

As you can see my cousin has tried everything.  It is a mystery.  That is
why we are so perplexed.   We have been very lucky to find info on the
Vermeulens and Hoebekes back in the 1800s in Holland but can't find Ada in
the 1900s in the US.  Guess you might say that it is driving us crazy.  My
grandparents had things like clippings, bills from other family members
funerals, etc.  Not one thing about Ada.  We believe she did make a brief
visit to their home in Indianapolis, Indiana somewhere between 1909 and

Can you forward this to John.  Appreciate his reply.  Can't figure out how
to send a reply back to him.

OKAY, I think MAYBE we are NOT on SELLERS?
I will forward THIS  letter to our SELLERS group also.
BUT, we only do SELLERS families/connections-
AND, I may have kinda got lost here and Continued this into our SELLERS?

IF use DATES behind the persons name - like ADA(surname) 1889
Sure would help tell the diff on

ADA (surname)  (AGE, ETC) that had a guardian in
that Maybe married and maybe died young?

IF you found a HOEBEKE family board - probably your best bet?
THANKS  for sharing ,  marie, iowa

I did receive a birth certificate from the General Register Office in England.  It took about six weeks.  They were able to send Sarah Betts Sellers.
They could not find  Alfred's record.  They searched England and Wales 1853-1855.  I am happy to have Sarah's but I am surprised that Alfred's
is not recorded.  I have his birth date and I am about 95% sure its correct.
Maybe I should try to obtain his naturalizations papers and work backwards from there.

By the way I received two very nice responses from the Ada Hoebeke query I sent.  I really appreciated the suggestions.  Beverly from
Washington, did find an Ada Hoebeke on the social security death index that I had missed.  The birth dates were not the same but the names
were the same and that Ada was in Michigan also.  Decided to take a chance and sent for the application.

Who knows, it may be the same Ada.

I will be in Indianapolis this weekend.  Maybe I can find some info on Alfred Sellers or his parents at their Latter Day Saints Site.

This is frustrating.

Take care,

Since I sent this email I found that list you sent me several weeks ago.
Well, I decided to look at Susan's 1900 census of Michigan.  Alfred's
birthdate is listed in 1851.  Now I have a family album and a marriage
license with a different date.  Iguess that is why they could not find the
record.  they searched 1853-1855.  I will try again and let you know.  It
will probably by May now before I hear anything.  Frustrating!!  Thank
goodness you sent that list of resources.