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HI Marie,
Here is a summary of my research---I have only been working on this side of the family about 2 months....I was working on my grandmother's paternal side to get documented to join DAR(Daughters of American Revolution).
I hope this information helps someone and maybe someone has some for me!  Maybe we are related.....
Louise Robertson

My Research on Asberry (Asbury)Sellers

(August 2008)

Asberry Sellers was my Great-Great-grandfather. I first became aware of him through my grandmother’s family history records. She was a great record keeper of family histories in the Titusville, Florida area.

Her Family group sheet listed:

Husband: Asberry (Asbury)*Sellers               Wife: Sarah Rebecca Hewett

Born April 1810 **                                                         Born Jan 14 1810**

Death 1898                                                                      Death Aug 30 1887

1st child: Franklin Sellers

2nd child: Fletcher Sellers

3rd child: Julis Sellers

4th child: Sarah Jane Sellers married Martin Smith

5th child: Cornelia Sellers married Mack Brannin

6th child: Amelia Emily Sellers B 27 July 1855      Married Moses Backster Metzger  on 9 April 1881         Died 29 Dec 1896 ***

7th child: Daniel Sellers

8th child: Sybrinia Sellers

9th child: Lucinda Sellers Born 4 July 1862 Married James Morgan Died 17 June 1956

10th child: Rebecca Sellers Married James Tumblin

11th child: James Sellers Married Francis Padgett

* my grandmother spelled Asberry’s name both ways in her records

** not legible could be 1819--the 0 could be a 9--if census is correct then birthdates would be 1819

***(grandmother’s parents) I have pictures of grave headstones-buried in Titusville Fl.

My grandmother had a brother named Moses Asbury Metzger (named after Asbury Sellers). He was born in Titusville and moved to Melrose Fl. where he married Metta Canon. They had one child (Effie)in 1906 and moved to Ft. Pierce before 1908 and had their 2nd child Robert. They had 4 other children--a total of 6 children. Two died as infants. My family would travel to Ft. Pierce for family reunions yearly in the 1960’s. We never discussed deceased relatives.

I researched the Census Records:

1850 census Florida index Shows Asberry Sellers in Jackson County Fl

1860 census shows Asberry Sellers(age 40) in Jackson County FL shows he was born in North Carolina

1870 census shows Asbury Sellers(age 51) with Sarah Rebecca & family in Manatee county Fl

1880 census shows Asberry Sellers (age 61) with S.R. in West District of St. Johns River in Brev.County Fl

1880 census shows Amelia Sellers(age25) in District East of St. Johns River in Brevard County Fl

There is no 1890 census and Asberry died in 1898.

I searched the Brevard County Marriage records (1879-1896):

James M. Morgan and Lucinda Sellers married July 7, 1887 by Joel W. Swain, J.P.

I researched the Florida Land Records

Land Sales to Asbury Sellers on Nov 1848 in Jackson Co Fl

Land Sales to Asbury Sellers on Sep 1852 in Jackson Co Fl

Land Sales to Asbury Sellers on Jun 1856 in Calhoun Co Fl

Land Sales to Asbury Sellers on Mar 1890 in Okeechobee Co Fl

There is an article published on my Uncle Moses Asbury Metzger on the Treasure Coast Geneaology Society web site: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/-flslchs/miley11-26-78.htm

And another article that mentions Asbury Sellers on that same site.

There is another article that mentions Asbury Sellers and Jim Morgan(Lucinda’s husband) as pioneers of Fort Drum: www.ghosttowns.com/states/fl/fortdrum.html

There is another article that lists Asbury Sellers as a pioneer in Fort Drum: This indicates he was in Fort Drum about 1881. www.lamartin.com/history/pioneer_families_kissimmee_river_valley.htm

Thee is another article that lists Asbury Sellers and Jim Morgan as pioneers of Fort Drum:


And still another article with a picture of Grandma Sellers:



I know that Lucinda and Jim Morgan lived in Fort Drum. I requested a lookup from the Big Lake Geneaology society and they were kind enough to photo the headstones and send them to me. Lucinda lived to be 94 years old and Jim was 81. They didn’t locate Asbury Sellers or Sarah R.Sellers headstones but there were numerous unmarked graves in this cemetery. I feel sure that they lived in Fort Drum near Jim and Lucinda. I requested a death certificate from Florida for Amelia(Sellers)Metzger who died in 1896. They replied that it was not available and that any death prior to 1900 would be difficult to locate so I didn’t try for Asbury in 1898 or Sarah in 1887. Maybe I will try to request those next.


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LOUISE, thank you.
Please share with us.
and also send a little name/date/place chart on your connection.
Thank you, many will appreciate, marie, iowa
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Hi Marie,
Are you still searching for Asbury Sellers married Sarah Rebecca Hewett.
I have some information that my grandmother recorded.
he is my g-g-grandfather.