I was wondering if you have any information on the John Sellers family
in Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, PA. According to the 1860
John Sellers was 70 years old.
I am actually trying to find information on my ancestor, William Slade who
employed by Mr. Sellers as a gardener and lived on his property with hs
from approximately 1859-1864. The Sellers family is mentioned several
times in
the biographies written by William Slade's daughters.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lori Reynolds Weinstein

LORI, Thanks, Would be very interested in obtaining copies of these bio's
to share
with our Sellers discussion group. We have some info on the Older Sellers
we are
trying to piece each family together, but, it takes Each child to connect,
so if
you could just send info your connection - Names, Dates, Places and their
children, would appreciate
Can you extract some info from the bios?
Our Delaware Co, PA info =.
Thanks for sharing Sellers, marie, iowa

I would be happy to extract the Seller information from the biographies
 type them up. The bios run about 10-12 pages and the extracted info
 probably end up running about two pages of text. The only problem is
that I
 leave for England in the morning and so it will have to wait until I get
 in six weeks. I'll have it for you around Apr 9.

Hi Marie
I contacted you about a month ago about info on the Sellars family in the
Philadelphia area, employer of my ancestor William Slade.  I have just
started going through his wife's bio to extract any Sellars info that might
be in it for you. Sorry to take so long, I just returned from overseas and
going through a ton of email right now. I did find this post from one of my
genealogy email groups about a letter written by a Mr. Sellars in KY and  I
thought you might be interested in it. I am forwarding it along with this

Will be in touch in a day or two regarding the Sellars/Slade info.
Lori Weinstein

Answered - copy deleted? sent PA census?  msh

But, if your Wm was related to Peter Slade - Peter is an immigrant
(born in
>and may have records in the naturalization papers. Best Wishes, marie,

Attached is the shortened version of Amelia "Eliza" Slade Bennion's
autobiography. Forgot to say thanks for the census info you had sent
Peter Slade of Ireland is not a cousin (that I know of), but is another
"coincidence" I need to check on!


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