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Dear Marie, Thanks so much for your help.  I also thought I could
unsubscribe with my old address and I couldn't get it to work so maybe
I was doing something wrong.  I have found 2 new cousins on a Sellers
webpage last week and was so excited and we are dying out in Oregon.
I haven't posted to the list yet but hope to soon.  I am from James
and Catherine Bowers son Cornelius.  He ended up in Oregon after going
to Texas back to MO then on to Oregon.  Have just moved my Mom to our
hometown to a retirement home so haven't had much time to work on any
genealogy for awhile and my addiction is getting ahold me...Thanks
again for getting me on the right track...Lorelee Iles Dendauw, Oregon

LORELEE- Thanks, WE Need your connection also to James/Catherine BOWERS  SELLERS and SON CORNELIUS = where he went/married/kids born when/where =
PLACES and DATES are Very important for All of us following these SELLERS= WHEN they just up and Married and Took Up and Didn't tell us Where they were Going! SO now, their ancesors can help us Find/Follow them?
SEND what you have and can share on dates/places-
marie, iowa

            Re: Cornelius Sellers

Dear Marie, Well, here it is! I have alot of information and hope it
is not to long for the page.  Since I haven't done anything like this
before I did not know what is appropriate to send. You may use my
email address as I am hoping to find someone from the direct line. The
Sellers name is dying out in Oregon.  I don't know if Roy Sellers had
any sons and my uncle Ray Sellers just had girls.  Let me know if I
need to do anything to edit this.  Best Regard, Lorelee P.S. Had
trouble when I cut and pasted this so hope it makes sense. L

Cornelius was the 4th child born to James Sellers(5-8-1824) and
Catherine Bowers b. April 9 1827. He married Melvina Hedrick March 7
1877 in Dent, Missouri. Cornelius was born in Dillard, Crawford
County, Missouri June 4th 1852.  Family history has it that in 1878
Cornelius,Melvina and son, Noah along with 10 other wagons started
West. There were many casualties along the way. Wagons dropping out
here and there.  Cornelius and family stayed in  Texas a good long
time working. My grandfather Otho Lee Sellers was born in Texas in
1880.  Mary was born in 1882 and Tennessee in 1884 so we believe they
were also born in Texas. Cornelius decided to go back to the homestead
in Missouri as Melvina was going to have their 5th child.  Their son
John was born in Arkansas.  They did make it back to Dent Co. Missouri
and a few months later started west with fewer wagons. Melvina's
mother Dorcas Turnbough Hedrick was with them, her husband John having
died several years ago.
 Dorcas Hedrick  was buried in the Adams-Pioneer Cemetery in Myrtle Creek.  Haven't
found her headstone yet but hope to travel that way this summer and wander around in the poison oak!
They spent the last winter in Salt Lake City ( my
uncle Ray Sellers said it was New Mexico) living in a dugout.  They
arrived in Myrtle Creek the fall of 1888.  They located on a farm on
South Myrtle Creek.  It was a mining and lumber community, which
eventually turned into a small fruit farm area. Otho(my grandfather)
and Noah, two of their children bought farms and planted fruit
orchards on South Myrtle Road, and few miles from where Cornelius and
Melvina established and built their home. My 86 year old mother Marge
still remembers working in the orchards from dusk to dark.  Melvina
died April 16 1924 and Cornelius died Jan 2 1928 they are both buried
in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Myrtle Creek, OR.
This summer my Uncle Ray took me to the Sellers homestead up South
Myrtle.  The house is still there having been remodeled and is now a
bed and breakfast. The above story of my g grandparents is taken from
an article sent to me by Betty Siebens of St. Louis, Missouri.
If anyone finds any errors with dates & etc. please advise.

 1. MARY ANN b. 1882  married Walter Newton
     1. Olaf
     2. Agnes married Levi Wilson
         1. Gerald Wilson
     3. Stanford
     4. Ellis
 2. TENNESSE b. 1884 married Joseph Kelsey
     1. William
     2. Gladys
     3. Edna
     4. Neal
     5. Nelda
     6. Alfred
     7. Dorothy
 3. NOAH was born Jan. 20, 1878 in Howes Mill, Missouri. He
     married Cecelia Hanson at Grants Pass, Oregon Dec. 19,
     1906. He died in Myrtle Creek, Or. April 4, 1945 and is
     in the I.O.O.F. cemetery Myrtle Creek.
     1. Roy married Amy
     2. Helen married Donald Duncan
     3. Evelyn
     4. Ethel married Bruce Wynter
 4. OTHO LEE was born Dec 19 1880 in Texas. He married
     Anna Mabel Dyer Dec. 24 1906 in Myrtle Creek, OR. They were
divorced in     1936. He died Feb. 3 1953 in Myrtle Creek, OR and is
buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery Myrtle Creek, OR.
    1. baby boy died at birth
    2. HAROLD DOUGLAS b.5-13-1909 d. 12-1982
        married Ruby Whitted
                 1. Harold Jr.
                 2. Florence
    3. VICTOR EARL b. 4-23-1911 Myrtle Creek d.  1-1975
        married Lucille Chapin.
        1. Victoria
        2. Gregory
    4.  MARJORIE MARIE b. 10-8-1914 Myrtle Creek, OR. married Wm
Ferroll  Iles7-14-1937 Reno, Washoe County  Nevada.
        1.  Lorelee  b. 3-21-1938 Roseburg, Douglas County
            OR. married Francis (Frank) Albert Dendauw
            4-12-1958 Springfield, Lane County, OR.
                  1. Julianna b. 4-5-60 Eugene, Lane County, Oregon
married Dana      Guy Lundy 8-4-1979 Madras, Jefferson County, OR.
                       1. Chelsea Nicole b. 9-30-1985 Grand
                           Junction, Mesa County, Colorado
                       2. Kristin Marie b. 3-24-1989 Bend,  Deschutes
County, OR.
                2. Russell William b. 3-4-1962 Eugene, Lane, County, .
Or.  married (1) Victoria Marie Wilkinson.
                     1. Matthew Ryan 7-4-1985 Jacksonville, Duval
                           County, Florida
                    2. Christopher William 8-7-1987 Hawaii
           (2) married Rebecca Eileen Davidson 4-6-1991
                   1. Brianna Rene 12-2-1982 Fallon, Churchill County,
         3.    Daniel Joseph b. 11-28-1964 m. Barbara Pauline Lewis
                   1. Danielle Leigh 11-1-1989 Jacksonville,Duval
                       County, Florida
                   2. Samantha Pauline 10-30-1995 Jacksonville, Duval
Ct. Florida

          4. David Iles Dendauw b. 5-27-1967 Madras, Jefferson County,
                           1.  Meghan Lynn Namanuk Drew b.10-6-1985
                                Madras, Jefferson County, OR. Meghan's
                               mother is Teresa Sue Namanuk.
                          2. Raymond James(R.J.) b. 10-18-1989 Madras,
                             Jefferson County, OR.
                         3. Justina Rae b. July 17, 1991 Madras,
                                County, OR. Their mother is Tammy
Roberta Ball
                2. Bonnie Diane Iles b. 9-12-1941 Roseburg, Douglas
                   County, OR. married Edward L Peters 11-22-1962.
                          1. Diane Aileen b. 2-27-1970 married Scott
                                         Yoder 8-6-19941.
                                 1.  Grant Willis Yoder b.2-6-1997
                                 2. McKenna Jayelle b. 6-8-1999
                         2. Catherine Marie b. 8-23-73
                                  1. Jeremy Marshall Peters-McMahon b.
                                  2. Brandon John Peters-Hellervik b.
 5. RAYMOND OTHO b. 10-11-1924 Myrtle Creek, Douglas
     County, OR. married Lucille Winebarger 6-20-1946
                    l. Cheryl Rae b. 11-19-1947
                   2. Candace Lynn b. 2-15-1952

           Sun, 21 Oct 2001 10:24:31 -0700
           "Frank & Lorelee Dendauw" <flden@crestviewcable.com>

The Sellers family is Oregon has lost another family member.  This branch of
the family is slowing disappearing from the West.   Marge was the daughter
of Otho Sellers and Anna Mabel Dyer.  Her line goes back to Abraham Lenda
"Jesse" Seller, James, James, James, Cornelius, Otho.  I would like to thank
all the great people on this list who helped me piece this Sellers branch of
the family together. Sincerely, Lorelee Iles Dendauw daughter of Marge.

Dendauw ~ Iles ~ Murray ~ Dyer ~ Pohl
Butenschoen ~ Sellers ~ Ireland ~ Ady

           "CAROLE S. WALKER" <mott@cetlink.net>
        How many children did Abraham Lenda "Jesse" Sellers have?  Can you name
them.  Have you proven Abraham Lenda "Jesse" Sellers was the father of
James?  Cousin Carole in SC

Thanks for sharing Your Loss with us.

NOW, doesn't your chart GO to JAMES SELLERS in GRAINGER CO, TN, etc?
ADVISE when time allows.
WOULD like to see ANY chart someone has Sent you =
THEY should be sent thro the SELLERS group for sharing /  confirmation /checking, etc
marie, iowa

Thanks for Caring and taking the time during this LOSS to write us.

PLEASE understand =
WE have your chart on    DENT/CRAWFORD CO, MO
and I kinda thought JAMES SELLERS married  1847 GRAINGER CO, TN to CATHERINE BOWERS

NOW, You may be talking ANOTHER Family? =
Marge was the daughter
of Otho Sellers and Anna Mabel Dyer.  Her line goes back to Abraham Lenda
"Jesse" Seller, James, James, James, Cornelius, Otho

WE will work it out - WE have several members to help.
ALTHOUGH you might SHOW me/us  HOW or WHO connects this LINE to Abraham Lenda Jesse

I JUST don't THINK I would use (this last reference)  TILL more proof shown??

YOU use WHATEVER you want on your page!
ITS up to Others to Use what proof/documents on their pages that link to these
AND for ALL of us to DOCUMENT the info!

AND I hope/know SOME of  Your family appreciates the work you have done and shared
Some will Share, Some don't.

THANKS for understanding all this.
AND Our Best Thoughts, Prayers from all SELLERS.
marie, iowa

Frank & Lorelee Dendauw wrote:

> Hi Marie,  I think I did sent my info on the James Sellers from Tennessee through
the Sellers group.  I will check this out later as having a busy couple of weeks.

Hi Marie,  You are so right about not using Abraham's name connected with
James Sr..  Sometimes I forget how important it is to verify all the names
before putting them on line.  Sometimes I get so excited when I get another
name I forget that I could be giving someone else wrong info.  I believe the
info I received about Abraham came from Keith Sellers. I guess Abraham did
have a son names James so guess I need to start searching at that point as
Abraham's James may not be my James.  Thanks for keeping me on the straight
and narrow without making me look pretty silly.  Some people do need to be
reminded of things and are not very tactful so I appreciate your approach
and setting me straight.  What you said makes alot of sense.  Regards,

               Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:36:18 -0800
           "Frank & Lorelee Dendauw" <flden@crestviewcable.com>
I am sending this to the group to let you know that I have
found alot of wrong information on one of the WFT CD's.  It
is Volume #54 tree #2300.  The decendants of Cornelius
Sellers have alot of errors and if you are searching this
line I would be glad to share the correct information with
you.  The information that I have sent into the Sellers
group through Marie does have one error that I found after
corresponding with a cousin and I will correct this when I
recieve the correct info from her.   Happy hunting. Lorelee
Iles Dendauw, the Oregon Sellers

feb 2006

lorelee dendauw [flden@crestviewcable.com]

I have been going through papers and found one that had Abraham as the

father of Rev. War James Sellers b. 1769 and 9 other children. Since I have

not been on this list for a long time I am wondering if anyone has been able

to prove this connection?

James did enlist from Chatham County, NC where he was born and where the

children of Abraham also were born but I am sure this is not enough to say

that James was is son.

Thanks, Lorelee~Oregon


LORELEE, thanks for staying in here or coming back.

We have members working on these families and perhaps they will send ideas.

James Sellers was born 1759 NC, but, he doesn't say Chatham which was made in 1770 from Orange where we do have Sellers in 1755/59/65 etc. And same land Chatham was made from, so a small point to make. So, IF this is his family, he could have been born in Orange Co., NC

1779 he enlisted Chatham Co., NC (same land as part of Orange Co)

ABOUT 1810 (and maybe before) in BURKE CO, NC before he went to Grainger Co., Tn Where in 1795 we have a JAMES SELLERS with son JAMES in a deed record ( assuming over 19/21) born before 1775.


The ABRAHAM JESSE SELLERS I don't believe has been proved. Others may have their thoughts on this.

Best wishes, marie, iowa


We have many members sharing SELLERS info = that’s why we have many documents.

Chatham County genealogy society may have records before 1770 and the land pertaining to same.

Orange County looks very similar SELLERS and Chatham County land was made Only from Orange Co, NC = same land, diff name

1790 BURKE CO, NC and 1790 CHATHAM CO, NC we have SELLERS
WE know JAMES SELLERS 1759 WAS in Burke Co., NC per Rev War file of where he lived.
WE don't know Which Year he came.

Others may know Which year and Which Sellers came to Burke Co., NC.

I would make a copy of the documents we have on Burke, Chatham, Orange Co, NC so you don't have to duplicate, But, perhaps they will be on pages and can copy all?

Best Wishes, keep us updated.
marie, iowa

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It is good to be back on this list and Marie good for you still doing the hard work and helping all of us.

So far I have not located any members of my family in Orange County but I have learned not to say they were not there. That statement has come back to bite me a couple of times.

My James is the one who went to Grainger County and died there in 1842 and his son James went to Crawford County MO. These are my direct lines I was sure hoping since I was gone from this mail list someone has come up with a
father for James born in North Carolina in 1759. I hope to be heading to
SLC late spring or early summer and will concentrate on the Burke and Chatham County areas to see what I can find.

Thanks for you quick reply. Lorelee


Lorelee, since James Sellers of Burke County, NC and Grainger County, TN is
your line, can you tell me if he is of German descent?

My Sellers line is also from Orange, Chatham and Burke Counties, NC, but
they are not German. They are Scottish through England.

Georgia #1
Georgia L. Fletcher [chickfletcher@comcast.net]


Georgia, My uncle said that this family was German but I have not been able

to verify that with any documentation. I can only go as far back as the Rev

War James. There is one other Sellers cousins in MO and I will email him

to see what he says. Lorelee

  march 2006

Marie, Yes it is a male uncle but......he is 82 and I am sure he would not want anything to do with this project. They are on vacation in Fl and won't be home for awhile but I will mention it to him and and will be able to tell right away but his tone of voice if he thinks it's a good idea or not. I would pay to have it done. Lorelee


I'm leaving until the weekend and when I get back I'm leaving again for Salt Lake YEAH. I will pursue this when I got back the end of the month. Both of these Sellers men are the third great son of James born 1759 so it would be great to have this info. I will get back to all of you as soon as I can. Lorelee

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LORELEE, the dna test is about 100.00.

They rub a sponge type applicator inside the mouth and put it in a plastic

bag and return.

Do you or someone live close to him and can supervise or help if he needs


Are these cousins, sons of same family? They are Sellers boys?

If so, the results would be the same.

If cost is an issue, we do have a list we can post for sponsers.

It is Very Important we get a Sellers male from this group in the dna


It does NOT prove the father, but, it should help prove the Line of our

Sellers groups.

WHO is related to which group.

Thank you for your help and Advise if we can help in ANY way.

marie, iowa


may 2006


Do you know any male Sellers that would participate in the dna test? I have a theory that your James is a grandson of James T or Y Sellers who is believed to be from the same line I am descended from.

Tom Sellars,


Tom, I don't think the James Sellers born 1791 is related to James T/Y
Sellers of Chatham County, NC (our lines). I think the James Sellers born
1791 is of German Descent whereas our Sellers are Scottish/English.

My understanding is that James Sellers born 1791-1853 is the son of
Revolutionary War James Sellers who died 1842 in Grainger County, Tennessee?

Georgia #1

Georgia L. Fletcher [chickfletcher@comcast.net]


aug 2006

Looks like I was given the wrong information. I have not put any of the information about Abraham L. Sellers or his children on line since I was not
sure about the information and glad I didn't do that. I will continue to
try to find vital records to clear up my mess. Thanks Georgia,

lorelee dendauw [flden@crestviewcable.com]

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From: Georgia L. Fletcher

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Subject: Re: [SELLERS] Robert Sellers, Sr. - ATTENTION: GEORGIA FLETCHER

Robert Sellers, Sr. of Burke County, NC born about 1735 place Unknown

married Sarah Unknown. He is the brother of James T/Y Sellers that died

about 1804 in Chatham County, NC.


James Sellers, Sr. born about 1755 died about 1820 Burke County, NC married

Charity Unknown

David Sellers born about 1757 NC died before 1840 probably in GA married

Judith McGee

John Sellers, born about 1758 NC

Elizabeth Sellers, born about 1760 NC married Levi Jackson (not certain

about her)

Rebecca Sellers, married Moses Wilkerson

Robert Sellers, Jr. born 1765 married Sarah Hall

Ruth Sellers married William Harris

Sarah Sellers, married Joshua Hall

Mary Sellers born 1774 NC married Micajah Hall

Isaac Sellers born 1777 NC died 1848 Gibson County, TN, married Elizabeth


Jacob Sellers born 1779 NC married Anna Scott

Georgia #1