PA Sellers circa 1790
                                                          Date: 13 Dec 2000 12:00 PM GMT
     Surnames: Sellers, Henigan, Bowen, Steele
     We are looking for parents of Joshua Sellers of Cumberland
  County PA born in 1797. Possible sibs were Jeremiah,Rosina
  and Mar?(prob. female). Joshua married Mary, lived in Dickinson,Cumberland County,PA. They had at
  least 9 kids:
  Samuel, Jason Stough Sellers,Daniel,David(we descend from him)and several more.Researched thru
  census back to 1850,
  but are stumped as to how to get further back. We believe they were Lutheran. Samuel was buried in
  Centerville Lutheran Cemetery in Penn Township with his wife Elizabeth
  Steele and their kids.
  Any suggestions appreciated.

                                                           Date: 22 Sep 2002 3:58 AM GMT
     In Reply to: PA Sellers circa 1790  by:  LYNNETTE SELLERS

   I know we are same family with Joshua, Mary Magdeline, and ninth son David Sellers. I've been
  searching and found Joshua's brother Jeremiah and wife Elizabeth and burial info.

  Ii sent for death certiificate from Dauphin Co.and they found Jeremiah's that lists his wife as
  Susanna(maybe married twiice??) and his parents as Philip and Margaret. They have dates as born: Sept
  24,1794 and died July 3, 1853. I don't have Joshua's. Do you?

  I have aa book of Sellers' with many Philip's but can't find right one yet. Do you have any more
  innformation? Linda

NOV 17, 2002
Joshua and Jeremiah were brothers and parents of Jeremiah were Philip and Margaret on his death record. Jeremiah married twice, Elizabeth Bowman and after she died he was married to Susanna Deckert for one year before he died.

june 2005
We belong to Sellers from Pa, Cumberland and Dauphin Co starting about late
1700's/ Joshua( 1797), Jeremiah(1799), Manasse( 1804), Rosenia(1798), and
three older one. born 1783,1788, and 1790.
Joshua married Mary Magdalene Brenner, Jeremiah married first Elizabeth
Bowman, then after she died married Susanna Deckard, about one year before he died.
Anyone related?
Linda Sellers, Belvidere Illinois, USA
related to Donna R; Cyndi; and a few others


LINDA, thank you.
How did we prove all the kids and their parents are whom?

I see where we have discussed this family before, but, Not the document that
Proves the family. Thanks for sharing .
and hope we have someone related who can share with you.

Each family that we Prove, helps us with the other families here.
marie, iowa


aug 2005

I hear you have sellers information
I am looking for parents of Joshua Sellers who I 'm prettty confident are Philip and Margaret Sellers. Joshua married Mary Magdalene Brenner and lived in Upper Dickinson, Twp cumberland, Co, Pa all his life. I have all the children: Daniel born 1818; Samuel born 1820; Margaret born 1821; Jacob Stough born 1823; John born 1826; Henry Miller born 1828; Catharine Ann born 1830; William born 1833 and my line is David born 1836

Looking for parents who had dthese children: Unknown Sellers born 2-20-1783; Unknown Sellers born 2-11-1788 ; Unkown Sellers born 12-18-1790(possibly Leah); Joshua( our line) born 6-26-1797; Rosenia Sellers born 4-2-1798; Jeremiah Sellers born 9-24-1799( I found him); and Manasse Selllers born 9-4-1804

I think they were German and from Cumberland or Dauphin Co, Pa- I found Jeremiah in Derry Twp, Dauphin Co, Pa.

Any information or leads would be appreciated.
Thank you. Linda Sellers, Belvidere, Illinois


LINDA, thanks for staying in here.

WHO is the PHILIP SELLERS you think he connects to = date, places, any documents? living close?

Joshua lived in 1840 in Dickinson Twn, which was made in 1785? from Lancaster Co, Pa. land?
Can we trace LAND records to a SELLERS family?

where is he in 1820.30?
I am not sure we have ALL census posted!

Did you check 1812 war records?

1790 , 1800, 1810 census records he would be living with parents? and sometimes we must trace/prove each family to prove the kids!

Were any of his kids in Civil War ? = might prove exact birth place.

Show us where you are and see if our SELLERS can help, etc.
marie, iowa


thnaks for replyingmarie
you are prompt to reply
Philip the parent was listed on Jeremaih's death certificate that I just happened to find in a search. Philip and Margaret were parents listed and in the Sellers family bible names and some BD are listed but not all names, most birthdates though. so I know Jeremiah waa Joshua's brother as all dates match
How do I get ahold of land records?



LINDA, I would go to usgenweb/PA/Dauphin and ask for a look up or question.
WE need more documents on this county, altho in could be in another county, as land changed.

Is this Phillip in 1820 and Margaret in 1830? did she die or move?
I am hoping some of our SELLERS members in this area can help. They will if they see enough info.
thanks. marie, iowa