"Linda McKinney" <
I don't know how you had me listed, but I am from Central Florida and my
hubby's family, the Sellers, are from Baxley, Appling Co., GA, and Alma,
Bacon Co., GA. Before they lived there, they lived in NC and VA but I don't
know which town names. Hope this helps.

LINDA - Thanks for understanding -
MY Goodness Sakes ,
I  Don't Know How All the letters got linked, etc
AND Not to Your area - doesn't look like , Now?

BUT, You are connected to SELLERS and perhaps we can All help?

WE are a SELLERS Discussion Group = All sharing their SELLERS, etc
With Names, Dates, Places

And We connect/link you to those counties/states that you share your SELLERS and their families in
AND other SELLERS can Find You and You can SHARE info - IT WORKS

PLEASE - Send a few Names,Dates, Places = Oldest Proven SELLERS and esp their kids and who married and Went Where  When

THIS is a Very Helpful Group of SELLERS , esp if you have a child in their County/State.
marie, iowa