I've been looking at the postings for a while and have hesitated putting
the little bit of info out that I have.  Maybe it has been posted at an
earlier date, but here goes.

Thomas E. Sellers b. 10/1/1844 d. 1/6/1918 bur. in Caffey Cem., Henderson
CO TN. (dates from Henderson CO on-line)
  m. Mary E (?) Sellers  b. 1850 d 1928 buried same
      ch.John Lee Sellers b. 7/26/ 1879  d. 6/27/1908  buried same
            m. Olive Jordan
The above are my grandfather's parents & g. parents.  There are other
Sellers buried in the Caffey Cemetery, some would be siblings who died at
an early age, others which may or may not be related to me.   Does anyone
have any of these names?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely,  Linda


From: "Georgia L. Fletcher" <>

> If Noah Sellers married Timney Parsons in 1846, he must have had a
previous> marriage.
> 1850 Carroll County, Tennessee
> Civil District #12
> enumerated 20 November 1850
> Page 104B
> Noah Sellers, 28, M, farming, $200, SC
> Timney Sellers, 29, F, SC
> James Sellers, 9, M, SC
> William A. Sellers, 8, M, SC
> Thomas E. Sellers, 6, M, SC
> Andrew J. Sellers, 4, M, SC
> Susannah Sellers, 6/12, F, TN


may 2005
I descend from Noah Sellers, his son, Thomas E Sellers, John Lee Sellers,
Larvous Leone Sellers, to my Dad Larvous Leone Sellers Jr (and went by Larry
Lee)..who just died April 5, 2005.

Your question regarding the possible mother to the older children which
includes Thomas E.Sellers......which is brought up because of a marriage
date of abt 1846....never dawned on me...thought maybe a marriage happened
late...for various reasons.

Another thing, from Tn archives Civil War Pensions Confederate...filed
3/3/1904, Lexington Tn and accepted says he lived in Tn all his life,
according to the census he was born in SC....also states that he enlisted in
April 1,1861 Co. K. Biffles 9th also called 19th Cavalry. Going by the
census age he would have been about 16....the birth date that the pension
request shows him as being born October 1940 in Carroll Co, Tn...which would
have made him abt 21. One of the things that my Dad (L.L. Sellers Jr)
remembers hearing was that his Ggranddad had joined when he was 16 or 17
which if this is true...means that he gave a false date to enlist..... His
stone in the Caffey Cemetery in Henderson CO, Tn says bOctober 1 1844.....d
January 6, 1918 with a foot stone which looks newer showing his name, with
this same birthdate and this info: Pvt Co K 9, Tn Calvary , Confederate
States Army, on it.

Regarding Noah..

1873 there is a land transaction where Noah has a deed given to him
Description 146 A, D14....(I have a copy of this transaction)

(Found by L.L. Sellers JR, Dec.2004, Madison CO, TN Library)
E. G. Williamson to Deed N. & A. J. Sellers, Reg, Dec 3 1873
This contract and agreement made and entered into between E. G. Williamson
of the one part and Noah Sellers & A. J. Sellers of the other part on this
3rd day of December 1873,
witness that I, E. G. Williamson have this day
bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey my undivided interest
in 146 acres of land described as follows, lying in the 14 Civil District.
Bounded on the North by lands of W. H. Hutchinson, East by Cotton Grove,
South & West by Persons land in the case of E. G. Williamson vs A. A.
Bumpass & wife Elizebeth T. & James M Bumpass. Petition to sell the land
belonging to the Estate of Rebeca C. Frazier bequeath to her by her father
John Frazier in the County Court of Madison County Tenn & in which from said
decree the same is to be sold on the 13th of December, next 1873. Now
therefore I, E. G. Williamson do hereby transfer all of my undivided
interest in said estate that I am possessed of by my purchase of one share
in said estate and do request the County Court to pay to the said Noah & A.
J. Sellers
the said interest due me as above whenever the same shall come
into the hands of the Clerk of the County Court of Madison County Tennessee
the interest to be in currency referred to above. Witness my hand & seal
the day & date above written.
(signed) E. J. Williamson
State of Tennessee Madison County. Personally appeared before me Jno. T.
Stark Deputy Clerk of the County Court of said County, the above named
bargainor E. G. Williamson with whom I am personally acquainted and
acknowledged that he executed the foregoing instrument for purposes therein
contained. Witness my hand at office this 3rd day of December 1873
(signed) Jno T. Stark D. Clerk
State of Tennessee, Madison County. I, H. C. McCutchen Register of the
said County do hereby certify that the foregoing Deed with Clerks
certificate thereon was filed in my office for Registration this day at 4 o'
clock P.M. and so noted in minute Book No. 5 on page 228. Witness my hand
at office this 3rd day of December 1873. (signed) H. C McCutchen, Register

1891 HEADS OF FAMILY VOTERS per L.L. Sellers Jr. (found in Jackson TN

J. C. SELLERS - 60 - DIST 24



My Dad and I think that Noah may have died BEFORE the other siblings left to
go to Texas.and that he is buried in TN...his land was possibly split up
between his children. There are land transactions that have taken place in
1892, Madison CO, TN of all the children of Noah with the exception of
Thomas E. Sellers. Timney is not included in these transactions either.
the description of these transactions are the same as the above, 146 A D14
W.D. under type. ( I have a list of many other Sellers transactions that
have taken place earlier too. if you are interested in them)

There is a map 4C North East Section of Madison CO, TN, District 13, which
has N. Sellers and his son A.J. Sellers written on it, this land is located
near Cotton Grove Road & 909, SW of Andersonville, which was found in the
Madison CO TN Library by my Dad and I also received this same map from
Charles White of Texas.

Charles White of TX (`clwhite/ has provided a lot of
information to me and his web site is great, connecting my Thomas E. Sellers
to his James Calhoun Sellers...siblings... showing that Timney Parsons
Sellers went to Texas....but her burial spot is not known.

Are there 1890 records for all of TN or were some burned?

Also in 'Descendants of Hardy Sellers' Compiled by James C. Pigg, with the
help of Marie Gulledge Wiggins...... Noah Sellers is mentioned ...this
work is copyrighted...I am not sure what I can write here....Do you know of
this book? ...I have purchased it. Not sure if any of this helps.




LINDA, thank you for more documents.

Do we have an obit, death certificate, etc on the kids born bef 1846?
We do have a big gap here with the 1846 marriage.

I would also get a copy of this marriage certificate = date may be entered
diff = I didn't check it out, except on our page and Anson Co, NC , which
should be correct? But, I bet the original record shows months, day!
Some counties show bondsmen, security,etc, which may be family connected.
WE have it on Some counties.= Very nice!

There is an 1890 CIVIL WAR VETERANS CENSUS for TN, but, I THINK, only the
ones living here in TN in 1890. I don't have it posted.
May be on line and we could copy the SELLERS/SELLARS from same.
NO JAMES SELLERS. T. M. and three WM SELLERS. (yes, I have the book)

NOAH had at least 4? boys that could be in Civil War, even if they didn't
stay in TN, they should be checked out for pensions.

HER PARENTS need check on 1830/40 census =

OK, MARIE GULLEDGE WIGGINS has shared info/files with us and esp BELINDA
GUERETTE (Anson Co, NC page)
but, what I /We have extracted doesn't show the name NOAH.
I do have a few and Belinda has more from marie gulledge wiggins papers. I
will send her a cc but, my/her email is several years old.

MGW shared freely ALL info . When I talked with her , she was more
interested in the Carroll Co,Tn SELLERS and I did share our documents, but,
we didn't have much Family info then.
Well, she had already researched and documented the Anson Co, NC and
Chesterfield Co, SC SELLERS = bet she had ever document those courthouses

SO, if JAMES C. PIGG is living , WE could ask for permission to quote a
certain family?
HOW old is the book?
I kinda thought she filed with LDS = anyone checked it out?

NO, I do not have. give me the publishers name,town , etc.
IF, I can find her paper files, will check for other names, etc. that may
Not be published on her page.

COPYRITE on a SELLERS family is a little diff than book on all.
on all you can extract and send a part of info, forget the other.

THANKS for sharing,
marie, iowa