My line of Sellers is John Sellers and Sarah Henderson[Brother to Thomas
and sister to Frances]I would love to share information
Thanks Linda Ayres

LINDA - what ages and places ? Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

John Sellers born 1815 married 1 Martha Bailey married 2 Sarah
Henderson,buried Seller's family Cemt .Randolph County Alabama.
I don't have but Thomas born 1816,do you have anymore information,I have
all of John's Children,be glad to share.
Thanks Linda

LINDA, don't see - WHERE /When are kids born? WE need info on ANY SELLERS
born 1815 and Will Share, marie, iowa

John and Thomas Sellers,I don't known were the were born but they married
in Henry County Georgia.
John Died in Randolph County Alabama
Thomas Died in Tallapoosa County ALabama
Thanks Linda

LINDA, Thank You - enclosing links to info we have on these counties and
working on same. As you will see, HENRY CO, GA may be our
block = Where we need info , like the 1830/40 census readings. Do we have
deeds here? ANY info you have collected that we don't show, could you send
our county page. We contribute by you and it helps others find you to. I'll
you linked to these pages. If you'd like to send your kids, etc and Esp
Any went and when, helps follow them.
Thanks, marie, iowa

                          John Dison Ball

John Dison Ball born 12/22/1768,wife unknown died in Georgia.


Jesse born 1800,died before 1870 Randolph County Alabama married Celia Kemp.

Catherine born 9/12/1803,died 5/14/1886 married William Bradberry.

John Dison born 6/16/1808,died 1/1/1881 married Nancy Brown-Ball buried UNION HILL.

William Franklin born 4/23/1812,died Parnola Texas married Martha Morris

Celia born 2/29/1814 married Reason Whitehead

Eady born 12/11/1819 married James Whitehead

                          Jesse Ball and Celia Kemp

Jesse Ball born 1800 married Celia Kemp born 1805,died after 1870 buried Randolph County Alabama.


John born 1824

Amanda born 10/16/1825,died 4/25/1910 married Daniel Marion Craft buried UNION HILL

Abner Columbus born 12/30/1827,died 12/21/1862 Shelbyville TN married Nancy Brown

Elizabeth born 2/18/1830,died 1/7/1906 married Thomas Mark Lindley buried Mandy’s Chapel Randolph County Alabama.

Celia Jane born 2/27/1839,died 7/13/1917 married William Foster buried Foster Family Cemetery Randolph County Alabama.

Moses Jasper born 8/3/1842,died 2/6/1896 married Harriet Sellers-Pool buried Lawrence County Alabama.

                John Dison Ball and Nancy Brown-Ball

John Ball born 6/16/1808,died 1/1/1881 buried UNION HILL married Nancy Brown-Ball born 1/10/1831,died 1/21/1919 Young County Texas.
Nancy Brown-Ball was the widow of Abner Ball


Rose Ann born 5/4/1866 married Ben Shepherd

Mary born 4/30/1869,died 10/18/1903 married James Mize buried UNION HILL

Nancy Melissa born 3/10/1870 married John Lewis Young buried Texas

William Franklin born 5/6/1874 married Sarah Driggers.

               Moses Jasper Ball and Harriett Sellers
Moses Ball born 1842,died 1896 married Harriett Sellers born 8/26/1844,died 6/13/1941.


Samuel Andrew born 8/26/1867,died 12/24/1954 married Rhoda Shaddix buried in Morgan County Alabama.

Martha Luella born 12/18/1869,died 5/10/1937 buried Sellers Family Cemetery Randolph County Alabama.

Ona Ann born 3/17/1871 married John Dudley Lindley buried Sellers Family Cemetery Randolph County Alabama.

Gillie Elizabeth born 8/2/1875,died 6/15/1958 married Abner Craft buried UNION HILL.

Sarah Ann Melvina born 5/7/1877 married Pete Yarbrough

France Paniley born 9/30/1879,died 2/7/1960 married William Lewlow .

Jasper Moses born 5/7/1882,died 9/2/1953 married Mary Yarbrough buried Sellers Family Cemetery Randolph County Alabama.

Mandy Ellen born 6/25/1885,died 10/26/1982 married Marion Vickers buried Sellers Family Cemetery Randolph County Alabama.