My Sellers line begins with Isabelle Serianne (Sarah Ann) Sellers.

I have the following information:

Isabelle was born about 02-15-1804. About 1820 a group of French colonists came to New Orleans from France . From New Orleans, they decided to come to the Evangeline Country ( the area of St. Martinville and Vermilionville (now known as Lafayette, Louisiana). On the trip from New Orleans the group was attacked by a group of Indians and had a narrow escape. In this group were a number of single girls, one of which was Isabelle.

Isabelle was courted by James Whittington and despite the fact that she spoke no English and he spoke no French, they overcame this communication problem with the help of an interpreter.

In 1823, Isabelle and James were married. They built theirhome on the banks of Little Coulee Mine just southwest of Lafayette. Here they raised five girls and five boys.

Isabelle's father was Mathew (Matheo) Sellers who was born 3-15-1796 (recheck age, msh) in Brunswick county, North Carolina.
On 2-8-1796, Mathew married Marie Regina (Reine) Aucoin in St. Martinville, La. Mathew died 3-2-1842 in Lafayette, La. Mathew and Marie had ten children:

1. Marie Marcelline B:10-20-1796

2. Alexander B:4-29-1799 M: Margaret Duhon

3. Willing Louis B:01-03-1802 M:Anastasie Boudreaux

4. Isabelle B:02-15-1804 M: James Whittington

5. Achille B:04-16-1806

6. Pierre B:05-21-1809 D:12-27-1827

7. Emilien B:08-05-1822

8. Edmond B:02-01-1814 M: Marie Marguerite Simon

9. Norbert Felix B:02-10-1826

10. Simon B:01-07-1820

Mathew's father was also Mathew (Mathes) Sellers born about 1750 in Tarboro, North Carolina. He married Ester Neel (Neal). Do you have any additional info on this family?

Mathew's father was William Sellers. There is a note in this margin that according to Boyd's Marriage Index for England and Wales a William Sellers married Eln Bulcock in 1737 at Downham, Lancashire, England. We are looking up more info on William.

We have about given up on finding James Whittington's father . so I decided to focus on the Sellers family. Any help would be appreciated.


Linda and Gaylor Brown (see attached letter below)



The information I sent to you a few days ago about Mathew Sellers comes from Acadian Descendants by Janet Jehn, Volume IV. It is an ancestor chart provided by members of the Acadian Genealogy Exchange. I have since done further research. A friend loaned us World Family Tree volumes 1 and 2. In volume 2 I found Louis Mathew (Matheo) Sellers, born March 15, 1772 in Charleston, South Carolina, married February 8, 1796, Marie Regina Raine Aucoin, d/o Alexandre Aucoin and Elizabeth Duhon. It also shows Louis Mathew's father is Matheo Sellers and mother is Ester Neel. It only shows one child, however, Marie Marcelite Sellers, married to Pierre Baptiste Trahan. Matheo Sellers was born abt 1745 in Tarboro, North Carolina. He died abt 1774 in South Carolina. There is only one child listed, Louis Mathew. Matheo's father is listed as William Sellers. No mother is listed. Any help would be appreciated.


Linda and Gaylor