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   Dear Marie and Searchers,
       My previous message was to someone who had asked me a question by
e-mail.  I forgot I was responding by way of the Sellers Family site.  It
wasn't meant for posting on the site, but that's okay; however, since you
asked, I'll share.
       I am the daughter of Ray E. Sellers.  He is the son of Vanburen
Martin Sellers b. Nov. 21, 1895, in Stay (Grant Parish), LA and d. June
1983, in Walker (Livingston Parish), LA.  My grandfather was the son of
William Martin Sellers and Faitha Rosella Evans Baker Sellers.  My
grandfather's sister was Sarah Ann b. Mar. 26,1897.  Aunt Ann just
passed away and I, as of yet, don't have her death date recorded on her
family sheet in my notes.  Their grandparents were Irvin (Ervin) Sellers
and Sarah Ann Davis. Ervin b. Oct. 11, 1827, d. Apr. 9, 1899, in Covington
Co., MS. Irvin's father was John Sellers b.Aug. 14, 1800, in Orangeburg
Co., S.C.  John migrated to MS sometime before 1820 as he appears on the
Perry Co., MS census.  John's father was Andrew Sellers and as of yet an
unproven mom.  Andrew Sellers was married four times.  This record is for
viewing by way of the US GenWeb's S.C. site under St. Matthews Luthern
Church marriages.   Andrew is the son of a Capt. John Sellers, who was
either an Am. Rev. War soldier with this title or it is an honorary title.
Too many John Sellers in S.C. roles of Am. Rev. War to yet prove for sure
which one is actually our Capt. John.
       Our family has been well researched and documented by several
researchers for the last 40 years.  There are several books that have been
published on John Sellers (Aug. 14, 1800) and his marriage to Sarah Joriah
McLemore and their various offspring and descendants.
       I only included the bare minumum for making a connection to the
Sellers Family WEB site.
Linda Sellers Chrisman

        As soon as I can run the family sheets off for you and put in
mail you will be able to make the connection among all these people.
        Did you know why Irvin (Ervin) does not appear in his mother and
father's household in 1850? It is because he and Sarah Ann Davis married
1849.  They are in the 1850 Perry Co., MS census.  Even though the
Stricklands in their books on MS show Irvin (Ervin) and Sarah Ann has
having married in Perrry Co., MS, Granddaddy, who was raised by his
grandmother, Sarah Ann Davis Sellers, told him and Aunt Ann that they were
married around Mize, MS.
        Ginny, be careful of the material published by the Stricklands!
Even though these can be useful tools, they do have mistakes that have
proven by other sources.
        There is a wonderful book, _Dewitt-Duett Roots and Shoots_,by Avis
Williams Dewitt that contains much info on our Sellers line.  There is one
factually mistake.  At the time Mrs. Dewitt was researching the family,
credited a son to John Sellers and Sarah Joriah McLemore making them have
16 children.  It is has come to light since she published, that the 16th
child was actually a grandson to them.
       John married twice more after Sarah Joriah McLemore Sellers's
 One marriage ended in divorce and the other marriage produced two more
children, making 18 known and proven children for John Sellers (Aug.
14,1800) of Orangeburg, S.C. who eventually died somewhere between Mount
Olive and Mize, MS, before 1880.
Yours in-the-line,

Dear Marie,
      My original info for Andrew Sellers of Orangeburg, S.C., came from a
book called _S.C. Marriages 1800-1820_ complied by: Brent H. Holcomb.  Now
I know that the info came from the St. Matthews Lutheran Church records.
This is the info:
       2nd marriage: Aug. 20,1803, Magdelen Whetstone who died June 25,
1804.  One daughter:  Anna Maria Sellers c.Jun. 20,1804
       3rd marriage: Oct. 18, 1804, to Dorothy Beniger who died Dec. 15,
1811.  Two daughters: Eliza and Mary Sellers
       4th marriage: Jan. 26, 1813, to Mary Brandeburg who died within the
        Most of our family believes that Andrew's son, John ( b.Aug. 14,
1800) is from a first and unknown marriage.  A Mr. Paul Lee on some family
publication on the internet listed our John's mother as Magdelen
but obviously from the records this will not work.
        Family legend has it that John along with other members of his
family migrated westward sometime during the early 1800's in a wagontrain
that numbered 300 or better.  Along the way in Alabama they began to run
short of food, and some of the Sellers dropped out and stayed in that
while others moved on.  My grandfather said his grandmother had told him
that one of John's brothers, after reaching Mississippi, was not happy and
continued on into Texas and was never heard from again.
       Thanks for providing a space for all us Sellers descendants to
our knowledge!!
       I do have a question about our line.  Are we German or are we of
English descent?  Do you know?  The reason I ask:  Granddaddy said that
grandmother stated the Sellers of our line had immigrated from Hull,
England, to S.C., but according to the St. Matthews records, all of
Andrew's wives appear to have German sirnames?
Your in-the-line,

       It is Irvin's niece!!!
       Irvin's sister, Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Sellers, married Joseph Barry
(Joberry) Keyes, Sr.  Their daughter, Juriah Keyes married William Cicero
(Wild Bill) Sullivan.  He is the one credited with burning down two
courthouses, the one in Covington CO. and Smith CO., MS, to keep from
tried in those counties for his crimes, this is after the Yankees had a go
at both courthouses during the Civil War.  This is why there are very few
remaining records for either of these counties today.  What the Yankees
didn't burn, Wild Bill finished off at the turn-of-the-century!
      There is a wonderful book about his life and times.   Please note
different spellings of any of our Juariah/Jeriah/Jariah.  Many Keys
descendants do not add the extra "e" in their names today.  One of the Key
descendants wrote a very useful reference guide called _ Covington

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> Subject: RE: Jones County 1850 Census
> Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 8:42 PM
> My granddaddy, Ernest Talmadge Sellers' mother was Mary Catherine
> granddaughter of old man Tom Sullivan.  I didn't know about that one of
> daughters married Wild Bill.  Do you know which daughter?  That would
> (I have to write it out to think it, that's really pathetic isn't it?  I
> guess from years of working in the legal field???)  That Irvin's son,
> Lawrence married Mary Catherine Sullivan, Old Man Tom's granddaughter by
> son Mark and Katie Byrd Sullivan, and Irvin's daughter, ?, married his
> grandson Wild Bill, Old Man Tom's grandson by  his son Henderson (or
> Those children (my grandfather included) will be double first cousins so
> with their relatives down to my generation, we'll be double third
> (or first 3 times removed).  I'm confused already!  : )
> I'd love to know which daughter if you can remember so I'll have a jump
> start checking it out.
> Ginny

Hello to All,
      I am going to briefly list some known children of John Andrew
(b. May 4, 1834 & d. Sept. 29, 1922) m. 1st: Mary Ann Easterling (b.Dec.
25, 1830 & d.Oct. 13, 1883) of Jones Co., MS.  I say briefly, because my
time tonight is limited.  For those who are really interested, I do have
birth, death, & marriage dates on some and also where buried on some.  I
have been to their old home place and walked through the cemetery as well.
      1.) William Wilson Sellers m. Demaris M. Gandy
              (1) John Willis Sellers
              (2) Walter L. Sellers m. Fannie ?
              (3) William Oscar Sellers, Sr. m Willie H. Gandy
              (4) Maude Sellers m. Harold Broome
              (5) Claudia Sellers
              (6) Ella Sellers m. Felix F. Laird
      2.) John Andrew Sellers, Jr. m. Rosanna Jones (oddly enough on his
tombstone it is listed as John J.)
              (1) Thomas J. Sellers m. Eva Lou
              (2) James W. Sellers m. Martha B. ?
              (3) Clyde A. Sellers m. Alma D. ?
              (4) Addie V. Sellers m. R.E. Peel
              (5) Bessie B. Sellers
              (6) William M. Sellers
              (7) Mary E. Sellers m. Stanton B. Miller
       3.) Jefferson Tobe Sellers m. Elizabeth Gilbert
              (1) Mattie Jefferson Sellers m. 1st: Eugene E. Anderson
                                                      m. 2nd: L.C. Hallman
              (2) Robert C. Sellers m. Lucy ?
              (3) Anse Sellers m. Eller Belle Harris
              (4) John H. Sellers m Kate ?
              (5) Mary Annie Sellers

> To: Joseph Chrisman <>
> Subject: Mississippi Sellers
> Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 10:59 PM
> Linda,
> Thanks for the names on John A. Sellers Sr. and family.  His grandson
> J. Sellers was the son of John A. Sellers jr. and Ancebelle Sellers.
John and
> Belle did not marry.
> Thomas J. b. 4 Dec 1874, d. 1 jun 1967, married Eva Lou Loper (b. 10 mar
> d. 11jan 1982)
> Children:
> Virgil b. 12 mar 1907, died 6 jun 1970 married Ola Breland
> Vera  b. 15 jan 1909, died 4 nov 1980 married Winhorn Sumrall
> Laura b. 4 april 1910, died 26 Sep 1991 married Dennis Gilmore
> Louis b. 7 Oct 1911, died  24 jun 1968 married Ethel Coker
> Philip b 12 May 1913 married Lula Rogers
> Effie b. 29 Nov 1914 married Amos Strickland
> Ghita b. 8 jun 1916 married George McInnis
> Mae b. 4 mar 1918 married Earl Gill
> Hazel b. 8 Jul 1919 married Bennett McGregor
> Ellie b. 14 Mar 1921, died 8 Sep 1991 married George Bockoros
> Melva Lee b. 13 Jan 1923 married Curtis Lott
> Janelle b. 8 Feb 1925 married Carl Baker
> Essie, b. 7 Apr 1927 married Robinson Hickman
> John b. 31 Mar 1929 married Verna Taylor
> Haskell b.19 May 1931 married Hazel Toney
> Do you have any connections for Belle Sellers? I have two brothers George
> Clifford. I believe her father was named John also. The family says John
> and Belle were cousins but I don't know 2nd, 3rd etc.
> I have provide information on Thomas J Sellers family if you or someone
> should be interested.
> Thanks
> Jim Sellers
> Broken Arrow, OK

FROM LINDA=     "Joseph Chrisman" <>

       It is so wonderful to connect with someone on the John and Sarah
McLemore Sellers's line.  I am descended through their 4th child, Ervin.
Do you have a list of all their children?
       I think I may have found your Belle Sellers.  I will try to show the
relationship.  You are descended through John Andrew Sellers and Mary Ann
Easterling. (I also have an Easterling line through my Watts family.)
Anyhow, John Andrew and his brother, King Richard, are believed to have
married sisters.  King Richard married Martha Easterling.  King Richard
died as a prisoner of the Yankees during the Civil War.  Martha died
sometime after the birth of their youngest son, Richard Monroe.  Together,
King Richard and Martha had the following children: 1)S.A. Sellers c. 1855
(female) unknown to me at this time; 2) Elizabeth Sellers m. John Williams;
3.) Anabel Sellers c.1858 unknown until perhaps now; 4) Oliver C. Sellers
m. Lula Mitchell; 5.) John m. Delphia ?; and 6) Richard Monroe.  These 6
children, after the death of their parents were sent out to the various
kinfolk for raising.  Oliver went to live with Grandpa John and Grandma
Sarah. Shortly after his arrival, Sarah died.
       Now here is how I think Belle Sellers came to be hooked up with
Thomas Sellers.  Anabel (Belle) and her brother, John were sent to live
with Uncle John Andrew and Mary Ann Easterling Sellers's family.They appear
in their household on the 1870 census.   This still may not be the correct
Belle that you are looking for, but she is a cousin to your Thomas.  There
is a big difference in their ages so I will continue to look through my
Mississppi Sellerses to see if I can find another match.
      I would enjoy having your family lines back to John Andrew Sellers,
      Were all of your family found in the Jones Co.,MS area?  There is a
wonderful story about John Andrew Sellers, Sr., that appeared in a MS
newspaper.  Do you have the story of the cedar tree and/or the story of the
slave who saved the family from a Yankee deserter?
      Yours in-the-line,
       Linda Sellers Chrisman
P.S. I sent to the Sellers site information about John Andrew Sellers's
marriage and children by Mary Ann Easterling, but have not seen it posted
to the site yet.  I would like to send his children by his 3rd wife as