Leslie Banister <flockdwatts@austin.rr.com>

Looking for information on Joseph Edward Sellers place of birth and  his
wife Carrie Donaldson  birthdate and birth place.
Who was Carries' parents??????

Joseph Edward Sellers    b. November 20, 1873  (where??)  d. February 18
1960  Bainbridge, Georgia
Carrie Donaldson            b. ????                           (where??)
d. December  (??), 1968  Bainbridge, Georgia

I have all nine of their children listed but only Stafford Styles
Sellers with information.  Any help with this family
would be greatly appreciated.

LESLIE - Thanks - An obit would be faster and gives lots of info sometimes
on where these people came from -
Where/When was Stafford born?
Age of Oldest child?
I didn't see a marriage for Joseph in GA
You could do a social security check for Joseph and should show Where born=
Will see if anyone knows him and will contact us. Thanks, marie, iowa

To answer your questions   Stafford Styles Sellers  b. March 18,
(probably Georgia)  d. February 1970  Florida.
Story goes that he fell off a 3 story building, landed on his feet and had
have steel bars put in his legs.
His brothers and sisters names are as follows:
Clifford, Carter, Odus, Allen, Donald Gilbert, Gad, Edna and Mattie Lou.
I have no dates or information of his brothers and sisters  so really dont
know which one was the oldest.  Can someone help me with the death
certificates for Joseph and Carrie in Georgia???  I can send off for
Staffords death certificate in Florida.
take care,  Leslie

LESLIE - Thanks -
Use a Search =  US GEN WEB and go to States and Go to GA and go to Vitals
I would suggest searching Your Closest Proven and Check Those County/States for info

CENSUS will kinda show Where Born and then You can check out Info Available in those counties

DID NOT see much in GA, per your info
Brothers and Sisters May Help - esp if we could Place Them in a County/Town in FL?

OUR SELLERS go thro many letters AND if they see their COUNTY/STATE = they look/read the messeage - Sorry, but thats the way it is

The Social Security Index (may show Where Born) =

WE will Help , But, Help Yourself First to find this info and Advise

1920 DEC CO, GA= partial soundex census
JOSEPH SELLARS 32,  born AL,living in  Bainbridge
boarder with = Not reported
This is ONE entry from Dec Co, GA pages
WE NEED the other info to Prove
Please Understand, Study and go to work
THANKS, marie, iowa