LeJuan Sims <vl_sims@yahoo.com>


I saw your post on a Sellers web site.  I am descended
from Burt J & Amanda Saye Sellers.  They are my great
grandparents.   My grandmother was their daughter,
Marie (Sellers) Johnson (1900-1990). I thought it was
neat you two had the same name!

Would love to share information and hear about your
connection.  Thanks so much.

LeJuan Sims

LEJUAN - Thanks, I see a BURT SELLERS here in 1920 Bexar Co, Tx, but, we
don't show anyother links on him. like married when/where/whom and their
kids. But, if grandmother was born in 1900,  This probably isn't the
same one.
Give us some ages with names and  Places and will see if any of our
SELLERS members can help us know where they came from. Thanks for
sharing, marie, iowa

It's great to hear from you.  Burt was listed in John
L. Sellers Civil War File that you posted on the

This is my line:

1) John Lafayette Sellers 1838-1921 and Maria Angeline
Doke (1844-1910) -
2)Their son - Burt J. Sellers (1872-1911) and Amanda
Emeline "Emma" Saye (1870-1954)
3) Their dau - Marie Islah Sellers (1900-1990) and
John Johnson (1883-1976)
4) Their dau - Emma Deen Johnson (1933-) and Marvin
Clayton Sims (1918-2000)
5)) I am their daughter, Vickie LeJuan Sims

Burt and Emma are buried in Texas.  Will have to check
my paperwork to see exactly where. Their daughter,
Marie, lived and is buried in the Fort Worth, Texas
area. My mother lives in the Northeast Texas area. I
live in Tyler, Texas.

Please keep in touch.  Thanks.

LeJuan Sims