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I'm quite new to the list, have monitored for several weeks and need to
ask the original question for my line of inquiry....has much been done
with the Thomas Sellars of early Orange Co, NC ?  I am actually a
Brinkley researcher and have been told that my "brick wall" Crosley
Brinkley was a stepson of this Thomas Sellars who had married a
"Rainey?" first, then married Crosley's mother, Beresheba Brinkley,
daughter of Peter Brinkley of early Orange Co, NC. I have several
mentions of Sellars relating to Crosley's family so suspect there is
some truth here. Anyone done anything with this group?  Will share any
info that might be helpful .         Cheers Leanne Dooley


OCT 2009

I had written several years ago to this list inquiring about Thomas Sellars (Sr) of Orange Co., NC, who was the father of Thomas (Jr. who m. the Rainey and his brother Willis among others,) trying to tie in our Brinkley line. I now have further research from Orange Co. Court Records c 1816 of a Lawsuit involving Baresheba Brinkley vs. her brother, Peter Brinkley (Jr.) also of Orange Co, over the land division of their deceased father, Peter Brinkley Sr..... Beresheba is named Mrs.Thomas Sellars!. All the testators in the suit are from our family & their neighbors. . I also have access to a copy from an old bible stating that Beresheba Brinkley m. Thomas Sellars in 1778. That should make Beresheba Brinkley Sellars the mother of all of Thomas Sellars Sr.'s children b. 1778/9 or later. Thomas is no longer listed as a head of household in the 1830 fed. Census of Orange Co, but Beresheba Sellars is. She is evidently deceased by1840. I've read the history of the Orange Co/Alam!
ance Co Sellars family & they are unsure of the wife of Thomas Sr. & think it may be a Holt lady, but I believe that this info is more definate. Just wanted to let you Sellars folk know in case you want to check it further. My new e-mail address is attached so if you could change "Leanne's Page" address to the new one & include this info, I'd be very happy. Cheers! Leanne Dooley

  LEANNE, excellent.

Can you send me copies of same. mari@netins.net
Will post to your page and Orange Co., NC

These Orange Co, NC SELLERS are very important and any documents we can get, prove us back to perhaps an older Thomas Sellers.

Were there other SELLERS mentioned in these ORANGE CO, NC documents you read, which we don't appear to have? ADVISE book, film, etc., if you haven't extracted.

Great, thank you. marie, iowa


Marie, just found more info on the Nellie Holt, b. Feb 18, 1756, that was mentioned in the old Sellars bible & originally thought to be the possible wife of old Thomas Sellars Sr. of Orange County, NC. as per an article by Dorothy Sellars Brawley found in the Alamance Co. Heritage Book pg 386. Last Oct I wrote that we have proof that Beresheba Brinkley, daughter of Peter Brinkley Sr., was Mrs. Thomas Sellars Sr and mother of Thomas Sellars Jr, & Willis Sellars, & the 2 daughters, Eliza Harder & Polly Loy. I have just found more interesting info that supports my thinking. I found a record of a Martha Eleanor "Nelly" Holt b. 1755, d. 1820 marrying a Jacob Albright on 29 Apr. 1784 in Orange County NC. I believe this to be the Nelly Holt in the Sellars Bible. Albrights, Holts, Brinkleys, and Sellars were all close neighbors in the area around Burlington NC in the late 1700s and early 1800s. (and later). If you could add this info to my "Leanne's page" in case others of this l!
ine would like to correspond, I'd be grateful. Thanks Leanne Dooley
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