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DNA # 102846

Descendants of James Sellers, 111

Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES3 SELLERS, 111  (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born May 08, 1824 in  Dent, Mo, and died April 05, 1900 in Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.  He married (1) CATHERINE BOWERS February 28, 1847 in Grainger CO., TN, by William P. Jones, JP  B620.  He married (2) CATHERINE FRANCIS WILHITE January 11, 1878 in Iron Co., Mo. by David Adams, Minister.

 i. ANDREW JACKSON4 SELLERS, b. December 03, 1847, Grainger Co, TN; d. February 06, 1929, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 ii. WILLIAM MEMPHIS SELLERS, b. June 01, 1849, Grainger Co, TN; d. October 01, 1935, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 iii. ELIZABETH SELLERS, b. July 03, 1850, Grainger Co, TN; d.  Howes Mill, Dent, Mo.
 iv. CORNELIUS NEILL SELLERS, b. June 04, 1852, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO; d. January 02, 1928, Odd Fellows Cem., Mrytle Creek, Oregon.
 v. MINYARD SELLERS, b. June 20, 1855, Crawford CO., MO.; d. August 15, 1936, Paola Cem., Dixie, OK.. (Pawnee,McIntosh, Stephens, or Jefferson Co's msh)
 vi. GEORGE SELLERS, b. July 14, 1856, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO; d. April 16, 1931, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO. (Iron Co,msh)
 vii. LEWIS CALLAWAY SELLERS, b. April 30, 1858,  Maple Grove, Dent, Mo; d. 1858, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 viii. ELIZA SELLERS, b. May 18, 1859, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO.
 ix. POLLY SELLERS, b. July 31, 1860, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO; d. November 24, 1933, Lone Grove, Ardmore, Ok.
2. x. JERRY SELLERS, b. November 13, 1864, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO; d. April 16, 1934, At Home, Boss, Dent, Mo..
 xi. LAVERNA SELLERS, b. December 03, 1865,  Maple Grove, Dent, Mo; d. 1865, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.

 xii. NAMON4 SELLERS, b. January 09, 1879,  Crawford, Mo; d. 1879, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xiii. LUIZA SELLERS, b. September 09, 1880, Crawford CO., MO.; d. March 01, 1972, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xiv. DAVID SELLERS, b. March 07, 1883, Crawford CO., MO.; d. December 20, 1959, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xv. HENRY SELLERS, b. January 05, 1885, Crawford CO., MO.; d. November 10, 1953, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xvi. LEE SELLERS, b. February 20, 1887, Crawford CO., MO.; d. February 02, 1961, Maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xvii. JAMES SELLERS, b. April 08, 1891, Maple Grove, Crawford Cty, Mo.; d. October 15, 1968, maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.
 xviii. DENNY SELLERS, b. February 23, 1894, Maple Grove, Crawford Cty, Mo.; d. November 27, 1971, maple Grove Cemetery, Viburnum, MO.

Generation No. 2

2.  JERRY4 SELLERS (JAMES3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born November 13, 1864 in Dillard, Crawford Co., MO, and died April 16, 1934 in At Home, Boss, Dent, Mo..  He married (1) MISSOURI ISABELLE COTTRELL May 22, 1884 in Crawford Cty, MO..  He married (2) MARGEILINE TURNBOUGH 1887 in  Crawford, Mo.

 i. VIOLA5 SELLERS, b. March 11, 1885, Maple Grove, Crawford Cty, Mo.; d. May 13, 1966, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..

 ii. ALICE5 SELLERS, b. October 08, 1887,  Dillard, Mo; d. August 05, 1963, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
 iii. CHARLEY SELLERS, b. September 07, 1888,  Dillard, Mo; d.  Bismark, Mo.
 iv. CORBY LEE SELLERS, b. March 16, 1890,  Crawford, Mo; d. January 17, 1949, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
 v. FERMAN SELLERS, b. April 19, 1892,  Dillard, Dent, Mo; d. January 01, 1939, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
 vi. WILLIAM ANDREW SELLERS, b. October 09, 1893,  Dillard, Dent, Mo; d. April 08, 1973, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
 vii. TOM SELLERS, b. May 14, 1896,  Dillard, Dent, Mo; d. October 27, 1948, Home, Sullivan, Franklin, Mo..
 viii. IDA E. SELLERS, b. November 16, 1899,  Dillard, Dent, Mo; d. October 10, 1949, St. Louis, Mo..
 ix. IRA F. SELLERS, b. September 22, 1901,  Dillard, Dent, Mo; d. November 03, 1968, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
 x. ZONA SELLERS, b. January 10, 1904, Boss, Dent, Mo.; d. June 24, 1967, Boss Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo..
3. xi. WALTER LEONARD SELLERS, b. April 26, 1906,  Dillard, Mo; d. February 19, 1970, Deacones Hosp, St. Louis, Mo.

Generation No. 3

3.  WALTER LEONARD5 SELLERS (JERRY4, JAMES3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born April 26, 1906 in  Dillard, Mo, and died February 19, 1970 in Deacones Hosp, St. Louis, Mo.  He married ERSIE LUCILLE MASON June 28, 1924 in Courthouse, Salem, Dent, Mo..

 i. DORMAN DARREL6 SELLERS, b. April 23, 1926,  Boss, Dent, Mo.
 ii. JAMES PAUL SELLERS, b. June 08, 1932,  Boss, Dent, Mo; d. March 11, 1994, Jeff Mem Hosp. Crystal City, Jefferson, Mo..
 iii. LARRY DALE SELLERS, b. September 02, 1939, Taylor St., Sullivan, Franklin, Mo.

        Larry/Juanita Sellers <>
   Hello Marie,
I have read with interest your work and contributions to the Sellers
family.   With what you have made available, what Chick Fletcher of
Arkansas gave me, and what I have come up with on my own I have been
able to reconstruct back to the 1759 James Sellers, referred to as the
rev. war James.  (Aren't there a bunch of James ?)
Do you have anything about his parents or his wife.  There seems to be a
blank wall at him.
For there to have been so many Sellers when I was young, we are about
all gone now. My fathers (Walter Leonard) family was Reverend Jerry
Sellers of Boss Mo.  Of all the boys in the family there are only a
handful of younger Sellers boys to carry on.  Seems sad when you look
back at the ancestors.

Which branch are you from, Marie.  Also what part of Iowa are you from.
I spent a year in Maquoketa, Ia. with Sears Roebuck some years ago.
Iowa is a state I could easily move to and feel comfortable in.  I had a
very nice year there.

If I can be of any help to you with the Dent county or Crawford county
Sellers let me know.  I have the cemetery books plus the historical
books from there.


Larry D. Sellers
Festus, MO.  (30 miles south of St. Louis)

LARRY,  I don't know how accurate that chart is or if it has had corrections made to
Many of our SELLERS in NC were here BEFORE  the Scottish group came.
We  have a Mary Ann SELLERS born ca June 20, 1736 IRELAND died 1803  ROWAN CO, NC,
BUT,don't know how well documented this is, so we should get more info on same.

We do know that James SELLERS 1759/1842 WAS in CHATHAM CO, NC in 1779  (in 1770 this
area was ORANGE CO,NC)

Where we had a
THOMAS SELLERS born before 1734.
JAMES SELLERS born before 1738
ROBERT SELLERS born before 1740
SAMSON SELLERS born before 1740
JAMES SELLERS born before 1740  (could be same as above?)

ANY of these could be his parents. IF he was BORN here.

7-2-1804 Chatham Co, NC = JAMES SELLERS WILL=(probated Feb, 1806
Wife Patience
Son Young
Son Isaac
Son Robert
and REST OF CHILDREN (not named)

WE also know JAMES SELLERS l759/1842 was in BURKE CO, NC before he went to GRAINGER
CO, TN ca 1812.
JANUARY 1820 Burke Co, NC= #486 = JAMES SELLERS, presented for probate,
PROVED by Joshua HALL, John MORRISON and Charrity SELLERS qualified as executors.
Excerpt states NO will or estate settlement in Burke Co or State Archives.


YOU must study ALL the info in these counties.  I believe a couple members have
linked several of these families together. But, I didn't see a link on these three county
pages and it probably should be there for others to study. =

IF you find New info, please send to us. Thanks, marie, iowa

L & J Sellers wrote:

> I have been toying with this information for some time.  It is very
> seductive because of the birthdate of James.  (1759)
> But the names do not seem to fit our families history, and the death
> date is off by 12 years.  My James (the revolutionary war James) died in
> 1842.  Is this the Scottish group you have refered to in the past ?
> Sometimes I feel like shouting out loud due to all of the James back
> then.  And I would dearly love to get to the original James's parents.
> Does not look good tho.
> Hope you and your family have been o.k.
> Regards,
> Larry Sellers
> Festus, Mo.
> p.s.  I have the cemetery books for Crawford, Iron and Dent counties
> here in Mo. if you need any material looked up.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Contributed by Keith
> Generation No. 1
> 1.      ABRAHAM LENDA “JESSE”l SELLERS was born Abt. 1730 in GERMANY OR PENN.,
>  and died 1790 in NORTH CAROLINA ?. He married UN-KNOWN SELLERS.
> Abraham Jesse Sellers came from Pennsylvana with 7sons & 3 daughters. (In
> Ireland SELLERS is known as BACK STRIPE’ GERMANY is known as SCHLLERS.)
> This was taken from my Father’s papers (William Henry Sellers). An Abraham
> Sellers had patent on 100 acres in Duplin co. NC 3—13—1756. (maybesame Abraham)
> ii.     JERIMIAH SELLERS, b. 1757, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1817,HAYWOOD CO. N.C.;
>        m. JANE MCCULLOCH, January 06, 1780,ROWAN CO. NC.
> iii. JAMES SELLERS, b. 1759, NORTH CAROLINA; d. 1830, TENN.
> iv.     FRANCIS CONRAD SELLERS, b. 1760, PENN ?; d. November 12, 1854, CANTON
> v.      JOSHAWAY SELLERS, b. 1761, NORTH CAROLINA; d. 1820, IOWA.
> vi.     JOSEPH SELLERS, b. 1763, NORTH CAROLINA; d. 1830, TENN.
> vii.    REBECCA SELLERS, b. 1765, NORTH CAROLINA; d. October 16, 1834, BURKE CO.
> viii.   RUTH SELLERS, b. 1766, NORTH CAROLINA; d. 1834.
> x.      JOHN SELLERS, b. 1770, CHATHAM CO , NORTH CAROLINA; d. /
>         1840, NORTH CAROLINA.   /

You have given me some good leads Marie.  Thank you.  We (the Sellers's)
are fortunate to have you so involved in this.  I know I certainly see
your name a lot in looking over various papers.  I recently had two
descendants of Cornelius Sellers (the brother of my grandfather, Jerry,
that moved to Mrytle Creek, Oregon, write me.  And now we are
corresponding. They have filled out that line for me a lot.  They sent
pictures of the old home place out there from back then, and a picture
as it is now, being a bed and breakfast.
And I am almost finished scanning/labeling/cleaning up all the old
pictures I have of the George Sellers and Jerry Sellers families.  Will
put them all on cd and have available to family members for the future.

I also have a few digital photo's of grave stones from various
cemeteries if you get any requests for them.
We are down visiting the Sellers, Maple Grove, Boss, New Dillard
cemeteries a couple times a year and could fill any requests then.

I show a link to Iowa by Abraham Lenda "Jesse", 1730; John, 1770,
Chatham Co. NC, ; Joshaway, 1801, NC-1863, Iowa.
Is this by chance your branch ?

Sorry, this started out being a simple thank you and expanded.


Larry Sellers

aug 2005

Thanks Marie. I will get it together shortly, as my daughter from NC is
coming for a visit. You are becoming a celebrity in your own time you
know. I simply typed in 'marie sellers hollinger and Yahoo came back
with numberous pages on you. congratulations to you, altho I know you
have had to expend a lot of work to get this. A lot of us are fortunate
to have dedicated people like you. Also through your page I have been
corresponding with a (very distant) cousin from Oregon for some time,
Lorelee Sellers Dendau, who also has a page on your site.

L-J sell []


Thanks Marie, that is about what I thought on him. If you ever need
some information on the Turnboughs I can help you out.



aug 2006

Marie, are you conversant with the DNA project Lorelee (from Oregon)
told me about ? If so, which one would I be more interested in.

Hope you and yours are doing o.k.


Larry Sellers
Festus, Mo.
L & J Sell []


LARRY, we have the SELLERS dna group.
And if you are a male SELLERS this is the group you would use to help prove your SELLERS lineage.

Give me a small chart of dad , granddad, ggrandad = names, ages, places and will see what we have and I can send you links to others close, maybe.

Thank you, marie, iowa


LARRY, okay, I see.
James Sellers , Grainger Co., TN to Dent , etc, MO

Our members and results of our dna =

We have a member connected to Grainger Co., Tn. Your dna would be very important to compare with his.

We do have a group rate =

If you need any kind of financial help, please advise as we do have members willing to sponser.

Thank you for helping. Any questions, please ask. marie, iowa


SEPT 2007

Hi Marie, Lorelee just sent some info on the dna thing. Of course I
am interested, so if you would let me know the particulars, where to
send it, how much I need to send, and mostly, will they/you let us
know the area we are from ?

Hope you and your family are still doing well.


Larry Sellers
Festus, Mo.

LARRY DALE SELLERS 1939? (Larry Juanita Sams)


Well, it has probably been a gloomy winter for you Marie.  We know time heals things, or rather makes them less hurtful, but goodness, the hurt never goes completely away, does it.  Have thought of you at times, wondering how you were getting along.  You certainly have touched a lot of lives with your genealogy work.  Always helpful and encouraging.  Thank you.

If you are still involved with the Sellers site, and if you have the time, could you change my address from   to  If someone were wanting to get in touch with me they would have a hard time of it.  I did just have another Sellers contact me, and he lives rather close too.  His great grandfather was a half brother to my grandfather, and was Norman Lee Sellers, one of the sons of James 111.  Goodness but it gets confusing back then, I noticed Geni has the wrong wife for him, should be Catherine Wilhite and they have Rachel Cothilda.  Oh well, it will keep some people busy trying to untangle the thing.  And that just put a small smile on my face.

Anyway Marie, best wishes to you and yours.


Larry Sellers, Missouri
p.s.  Lorelee Dendau from Oregon, whose grandfather was a brother to my grandfather, we have sent emails daily ever since she contacted me, and that has been quite a few years ago.  She just lost her husband, family is gathering and the service is tomorrow.