Larkins Will

   Contributed by:
        "Oleen Pollard" <>

I Larkin Sellars do make and publish this my last will and testament
revoking all other wills by me at any other time made.
First:  I will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid out
any money that I may die posssessed of or that may first come into the
of my Executor.
Second:  I will my daughter Martha Sellars the part of my land that I
purchased of David Jernigan and known as the Jernigan place containing
thirty three acres, I also will her one Sorrell Roan Horse named Tom, one
cow and bed bedsted  & furniture.  I also want her to hold all the property
she has worked for that is known as her property.  I also will her two head
of sheep.
Third:  I will my daughter Naracis Caroline Sellars the part of my land
purchased from Richard Jones containing Eighteen acres.  I also will her
Bay Mare named Nanco and loom and all the loom gear also one bed bedsted
furniture and cow and three head of sheep and all the property known as her
property which she has worked for and bought.
Fourth:  I will my son David Sellars all the balance of my land being fifty
three acres and being the land I purchased of Howell Sellars

(all of the
line did not copy) that the said be recorded which is done.

R. H. Murphy, Clerk

Larkin Sellars Estate Settlement
G. B. Mason Exr. Of Larkin Sellars deceasd.
  To amt. Of a/c of sale rendered
 Int. on same 12 months
             Cash Recd for 1 side leather         1.50
 Inventory of Notes & C.       434.75
 Int. on same to this day         41.50
      Amount of Estate                3296.19
                                               Amt. Of one Jesse Sellars
                  Amount of Estate              $3336.19
By bond & Letter plus recording Will                                $  4.00
  W. H. Johnson's receipt         2.00
 Int. on above Items 2 years            .72
 R. H. Murphy's Receipt and int.         1.50
 W. H. Johnson  Receipt for coffin       20.00
 Int. on same 2 years           2.40
 Dorris & Thomas receipt and Int.          2.80
 I. H. Matthew a/c plus int.        19.87
 " Benton and Woodard   a/c          2.25
 " Int on same 2 yrs.             .26
 " J. C. Stark Receipt         10.00
 " Allowance to Exceutors          82.40
 " Clerk Murphy's 4 notices            2.00
 " Clerk's fee for this Settlement           2.00
 " Clerk's fee for this reading             .20
 " Order of Court Confirming same                                    .25
   Bal. Due 22 Oct. 1860
Robertson County Court Nov. term 1860
The foregoing settlement with G. B. Mason Exr. Of Larkin Sellars, decd. Was
by the court examined, confirmed and ordered to be recorded.
       R. H. Murphey, Clk/