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McCreary County, Kentucky; 1930 Census

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 John Riley Sellers, 1925, Boyle & McCreary Co.

NOTE:  This was originally published in 1925, and reprinted by the McCreary
County Record on October 16, 1975.

                PIONEER DIES

December 17, 1925

    One of the best-beloved and well-known characters of this part of the
Kentucky mountains has crossed the frontier of the stars, and his going is
greatly lamented throughout McCreary.  We refer to Uncle Riley Sellers, who
died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nickles, at Danville, last Friday,
at the ripe old age of 94.  His death was due to the ravages of old age.

    Uncle Riley, as he was familiarly known, came into this part of the
country from North Carolina, back in the 40s, and settled with his family
on a little farm located where the R.W. Henderson home in Stearns now
stands.  His sons and grandsons accompanied him with their families, and
they formed a little settlement which they named "Hemlock" and which in the
early years of the twentieth century became the town of Stearns.

    His son, Bailey, his grandson, Lemuel, and his great-grandson,
Jefferson, all settled in this section and became a factor for good in the

    Uncle Riley was a source of much information on early days in the
mountains, and his passing takes away another link with the haloed past.

    Thomas Sellers, chief time keeper for the Stearns Company, is the son
of Jefferson Sellers, and great-grandson of Uncle Riley.

    Interment took place at the Pine Knot Cemetery on Sunday and a large
attendance was on the ground to pay their respects to one of our pioneer

    While his age made his death an expected possibility, the loss to the
family is great and they have the sincere sympathy of the entire section in
their dark hour.

NOTE:  The daughter refered to above is GENETTA "NETTIE" SELLERS, who
married BAL WRIGHT NICHOLS.  Her name was misspelled in the obit, and I
copied it as written.

Flat Rock Cemetery is located at Flat Rock, Kentucky in McCrary County.
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Flatrock (Old) #1
BROCKMAN, Agnes Jane  5 Mar 1926   12 Oct 1955
COFFEY, James  1790   1870 or 1880?
COFFEY, Lora 19 Feb 1915   26 July 1915
COMBS, Robert E. 19 July 1892   16 Oct 1892 Son of C.C. Combs & Molly
C. M. M.  De & June  5 1849
FERRELL, Dan'l  No dates WAR MEMORIAL Co. F 32nd Ky Inf.
FLINN, Stella 24 July 1898   10 Apr 1900 Dau of G.B. & M. Flinn
KEITH, ______ 10 Apr 1927   12 Apr 1927 Inf. of C. H. * Roxie Keith
KEITH, Elsie M. no dates "Age 1 year 1 month 2 days old"
KEITH, F. Justine (no dates) "Age 5 days old"
KEITH, H. L.  1933  1922 (reversed for birth & death dates)
KEITH, J. Lowell (no dates) "Age 7 months 15 days old"
KEITH, Paul "Age 5 months 5 days old"
LANE,  John H. 1 Apr 1878   20 Jan 1932  (masonic symbol)
ROBERTS, Elisha T. 14 Oct 1855   10 March 1925
ROSS, Jewell 25 Mar 1930   20 Feb 1931 Dau of Edgar & Nellie Ross
SELLERS _______
SELLERS, Florence
SELLERS, J. M. 9 Dec 1850   15 Sept 1938
SELLERS, Lewis E.  1889   1969
SELLERS, Steve  1894   1974
STAFFEY'S _____________
STRUNK, Joel    5-5-18   9-21-1961
STRUNK, Lewis G.   7 May 1871   9 Feb 1944
STRUNK, Martha E.  14 March 1846   16 Mar 1906
STRUNK, Nancy E. 3 May 1886   16 Sept 1892
SULLET, A.   18_____?
UNDERWOOD, Charles, Jr. 1926   1933
VANOVER, A. L. 18 May 1855   9 Jan 1929 ossw: N. N.
VANOVER, N. B.  6 Jan 1857   30 Dec 1933
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>                         They Passed This Way
>      "Forget me not when the golden sun is sinking and your mind
>                          from troubles free.
>      When of others you are thinking, Will you sometimes think of
>                                 me?"
>                                 ......Author Unknown
>  Martha Sellers was born Sept. 29, 1888, deceased this life September
> 28, 1955. She was married to Neal Roberts in the year 1911, and to
> this union was born three boys, Barnie, Cincinnati; Ralph, Marshes
> Siding; Lawrence Roberts, Newton, Ohio; one daughter, Claire May
> Roberts, who preceeded her in death several years ago. Later she was
> married to Nelson Seller in the year of 1934. She joined the Baptist
> Church in early life and lived a devoted Christian mother and wife
> until death. She leaves a husband and three boys, four grandchildren,
> and two great grandchildren, seven brothers, five sisters, and a host
> of other relatives and friends to mourn her passing, but we believe
> our loss is her eternal gain. From South Fork Association books,
> contributed by Mary Ann Hale.
>  Steve Sellers , 79, Whitley City, died Feb. 10 [1974], at Somerset
> City Hospital, terminating a prolonged illness. He was born in
> McCreary Co. March 15, 1894, and was a son of John Sellers and Sarah
> (Strunk) Sellers, both deceased. Funeral services were Feb. 12 in the
> Beulah Heights Church of God with Rev. Ernest Perry officiating.
> Burial was in Flat Rock Cemetery with McCreary County Funeral Home in
> charge of arrangements.

 Mc Creary Co. Ky Pensions

Subject:  Pension of James G. Dick
Surname: Dick, Sellers

James G. Dick was in the Civil War . He applied on 23rd of July, 1890 in
the County of Pulaski , KY. His papers state he was a Captain , Co H, l
Regiment, Kentucky Calvary. Appeared on the muster roll of Camp Nelson,
KY 1863-1864.
He was , also, at Camp Dick Robinson.His promotion to Captain was Feb.
1, 1864. He furnished his own horses. At date of pension, he was 60 years
old; 5ft.8in. light complexion, black hair, eyes blue. He had a gunshot
wound on the left side of his head from the service. And, his leg was
by the horse when falling plus other injuries. He died the 3 December 1894.
His wife was Sarah E. Sellers.
They were married 28 March, 1878 in Pulaski County.
Children: Genetta Jane, Mary Florence, Mattie, and Tilitha.These were the
names given, plus, there was a record of a daughter, Mollie Cowan, too.
James Granville Dick is buried in McCreary County.

   From: (Karen T)

Thank you Rosemary!  James was my great grandfather.  His daughter
Tilitha (Litha)  was my grandmother and she married Henry Trimble "Bud"
Wallace.  Their son Larrie was my father.

My father wrote a list which stated that
James and Sarah's daughter Mary Florence  is actually "Molly" who
married a Cowan.

I have that James and Sarah are buried in Carter Cemetery.  Is that in
McCreary Co?  Or do I possibly have the wrong cemetery?  I would like to
visit there this summer.

How are you related to James?
Would you know anything about Sarah Elizabeth Sellers?

Thanks again,
Karen Wallace Thamann

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*** 1920 MCCREARY COUNTY, KY CENSUS:*** (Bits and Pieces)

Precinct 1, Pine Knot (18 Jan 1900)

Household 30:  HUNLEY, MANASEY (?)    hd    m    w    62    m    Ky Grist Mill
                                      SARAH E.         wf     fe    w    62 m    Ky
                       SELLORS, RILEY             bdr    m    w    83    w KY

Household 48:  SELLERS, MARY              hd    fe    w    60    w    Ky None
                                       ROSA               dau  fe    w 27 s    KY
                                       OSCAR          grson  m    w    15 s    KY
                                       LEE               grson   m    w 8    s    Tenn
                                       MARTHEY      grdau   fe    w     4 s    KY

Precinct 3, Whitley City

Household 34:  ROBERTS, JAMES C.        hd       50    KYNCKY    Carpenter, house
                                        SARAH A.        wf        45 KYKYKY                ***(This is SARAH ABIGAIL SELLERS)
                                        STELLA L.       dau      24    KY Teacher, grade school
                                        BULA J.           dau      17    KY
                                        PORTER C.      son      14    KY
                                        PAULINE          dau      13    KY

Household 80:  SILLERS, SARAH              hd        60    KYKYKY Laundry, gen.
                                      STEAPHEN        son      24    KY Labor, lumber mill
                                      FRANK               son      22    KY Labor, lumber mill
                                      FLORENCE        dau      14    KY

Williamsburg Road

Household 164:  SELLERS, MOSE            hd        45    KYKYKY    Truck farmer
                                         MARY ELLA    wf        41    KY
                                         ALICE             dau      18
                                         DOREY           dau      14    KY
                                         LIZZIE             dau       12 KY
                                         LUCIE             dau        9 KY

Whitehead Precinct #15

Alum Creek Road

Household 1:  KEITH, LOGAN                    hd        33    KYKYKY Gen Farmer
                                LIZZIE                       wf        40 KYKYKY
                    SELLERS, LUCY A.              mil        84    KYKYKY

Household 2:  SELLERS, D.P.                    hd        51    KYKYKY General Farmer
                                      FANNIE               wf        39 KYVAKY
                                      LENIE                dau       18 KYKYKY    Teacher, common school
                                      JEFFIE               son       15 KYKYKY    Farm Labor, home
                                      AGUSTUS          son        12 KYKYKY    Farm Labor, home
                                      CALEB               son         9 KYKYKY
                                      CARRIE LEE      dau         6 KYKYKY
                                      PHILLIP              son       2 10/12 KYKYKY

Cowhorn Creek Road

Household 63:  SELLERS, FREEMAN        hd        32    KYKYKY    Gen. Farmer
                                        TAMY               wf        26 KYKYKY
                                        LONNIE           dau       7 KYKYKY
                                        LULA               dau        5 2/12 KYKYKY
                                        DEWY             son        2 10/12 KYKYKY

Cumberland Falls Village:

Household 47:  ERSKINE, DAVISON J.        hd        39    OHOHOH    Store Keeper
                                       MINNIE A.           mo       53 wid    OHNYNY
                       SELLERS, AVA                  bdr        19 KYKYKY

Piney Grove:

Household 200:  SELLERS, THOMAS J.        hd        26    Bookkeeper, coal mine
                                         MCKINLEY        bro        23 None

Barren Fork Precinct #4:

Dixie Highway

Household 14:  WRIGHT, ROBERT T.        hd        40    TNTNTN    Operator, coal mines
                                     SARAH M.          wf        36 KYKYKY
                                     MINNIE D.          dau      14 KYTNKY
                                     PHILIP A.           bro       24 TNTNTN    Coal miner
                    TRAINHAM, MABEL E.        bdr       25    KYVAKY
Bookkeeper, Coal mine office  **(She married  Thomas Jefferson Sellers)

Flat Rock:

Household 44:  SELLERS, CHARLIE E.     hd        23    sing    KYKYTN Labor, Railroad
                                        ELIZABETH     mo       58    wid TNKYKY    none
                        RAMSEY, SELMA G.      nie         5 KYKYKY

Barren Fork Hilltop Street:

Household 49:  SELLERS, ANTHONY W.    hd      39    KYKYKY    Tip house, coal mine
                                       ELMIRA (?) B.     wf      29 KYKYKY

West Fork Road:

Household 142:  SELLERS, MARION        hd        55    KYKYKY    Gen. Farmer
                                         RUTHIE          wf        55 KYKYKY
                                         WINFRED D.  son      18    KYKYKY Coal miner
                                         ROY E.          son      15 KYKYKY

Household 144:  SELLERS, JOSEPH M.    hd        69    KYKYKY    Gen. Farmer
                                          LUCY F.        wf         52 KYKYKY
                                         VIRGIL S.    grson       19 KYKYKY    Labor, R.R.

Additions and/or corrections are welcomed.


  july 2003

Has anyone ever heard of a shooting between John Coffey and Tinker Sellers
in the late 1800's? or William (Bill) Terry Bill was shot and killed in 1921
in McCreary County KY. Thanks Gina



I'm working on old KY Death Certificates again this morning. I just ran up on one that is for Larry Clayton Morris, date of death 5 Feb 1944 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County, KY. His parents are listed as Robert K. Morris and Fannie F. Sellars (of McQueary (McCreary) County, KY. He was 11 months old, born 13 March 1943. The death certificate number is 5287, death volume 1944.

I have no clue whether you already have this posted or not, so if you do, just ignore this. If not, hopefully it might help someone.

Sherri []