HICKMAN CO, KY (made in 1821 from Caldwell, Livingston)
Fulton Co made in 1845 from Hickman
lays next to= Graves,
Ballard, Calloway, Fulton, Graves, and McCracken counties WERE MADE from Hickman Co, KY
lays in extreme sw corner, above Obion Co., Tennessee



  Luke Sellers Clinton, Hickman, Kentucky =

1830 Hickman County, Kentucky
Luke Sellers
1 male 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 female 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 male 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 female 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 males under 5 years (1826-1830)
2 females under 5 years (1826-1830)
Luke Sellers was living next door to Ebenezer Alexander

Georgia #1

Georgia L. Fletcher [chickfletcher@comcast.net]

JOHN SELLERS, PAGE 326-NEED AGES= 000001/20101=
male 30/40, female 20/30, female 10/15, females u 5
R.H. SELLORS, PAGE 327 = MALE 20/30, FEMALE 20/30, NO KIDS
BENJAMIN SIMMONS, PAGE 321 -(Is this Elizabeth, dau of Robert Sellers? she was in KY on one of the will readings, msh) =00101001/0001001=
MALE 50/60
MALE 30/40
MALE 10/15
FEMALE 40/50 = 1790/1800
FEMALE 15/20



             "Oleen Pollard" <opolla@apex.net>

Battle, Kniffin and Perrin's History of Kentucky, states J. K. Sellars,
Hickman Co. KY was born in Maury C. TN. in ;1811 and is a son of John and
Eleanor (Kenny) Sellars natives of North Carolina, the father of English
descent , the mother of Irish descent.   He came to Hickman Co. KY in 1833
and settled on the farm he nows owns (c. 1880)  John K. was the third of
nine children, of whom but two are now living, Mrs. Jane Evans in Graves
County, and John K.
Jane Sellars married 1858, William T. Evans.
 John K married in 1842 Bethina Weatherspoon a daughter of William and
(Keorcum) Weatherspoon.  (This may be the same William Weatherspoon and
Kirkum who married in Wake Co., NC 1790)  John K and Bethina had three
children, James W. who married Louisa C. Burnett (dau of Brooken and
S. Perry (Rutherford Co., TN)  William C. Sellars 1846-1923 a Methodist
Minister was married to Necie Farley. (not known if Farley was a sir name
or her middle name)
Third child:  Amanda Sophronia Sellars (1850) married Merrit Melvin Latta

   From: GEORGIA
        chickflet <chickflet@aristotle.net>

 1850 Hickman County, KY - created 1821 out of Caldwell and Livingston
p. 2B:32    Sellers,  John K.           39 M TN $480 [son of John Sellers
and Eleanor Kenny; born 11 Feb 1811 Maury Co., TN]
                      Bethany           37 F NC nee Weatherspoon
                      Mary E.             6 F KY
                      William C.          4 M KY
                      John W.             2 M KY
                      Amanda            1/12 F KY

Does anyone know who this John Kenny SEllers is in 1850 Hickman Co., KY?
He was born in
Maury County, Tennessee, but I don't know whose son he is.


Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953 about Mary E Sellars Name: Mary E Sellars Death Date: 15 Jul 1858 Death Location: Hickman Residence Location: Hickman Age: 1 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Birth Date: abt 1857 Father's Name: G W Sellars Mother's Name: Jane Sellars (pneunomia)

G W Sellars Hays, Hickman, KY 31 abt 1829 Kentucky Male
Jane Sellars Hays, Hickman, KY 22 abt 1838 Tennessee Female
William H Sellars Hays, Hickman, KY 5 abt 1855 Kentucky Male
Lucy N Sellars Hays, Hickman, KY 1.12 abt 1860 Kentucky Female
C H Sellars Hays, Hickman, KY 20 abt 1840 Kentucky Male

Jno R Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 49 abt 1811 Tennessee Male
Betheny Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 47 abt 1813 North Carolina Female
Mary E Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 16 abt 1844 Kentucky Female
Wm C Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 14 abt 1846 Kentucky Male
Jas W Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 12 abt 1848 Kentucky Male
Amanda Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 10 abt 1850 Kentucky Female
Laura A Sellars Potatoe Patch, Hickman, KY 5 abt 1855 Kentucky Female




George W Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1828 Kentucky White Male
James Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1869 Kentucky White Female
Jane P Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1834 Kentucky White Female
John Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1862 Kentucky White Female
Lucy N Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1860 Kentucky White Female
Wm H Si?? Hays, Hickman, KY abt 1855 Kentucky White Male


     Mildred Wheeler hannan@apex.net

     Searching for the children of Lewis SELLARS born 1785 in S. C. , had two lands grants
     west of the TN River ,320acres on Bursh Creek. He died about 1831, left his wife  Winney
    2 boys and 4 girls. One of his son ,George Washington SELLARS, was my great grandfather,
     George Washington SELLARS is listed in 1860 census as constable in the Baltimore area of
     Hickman Co... Who were the other children of Lewis SELLARS. 

Nov 16 1854? William Evans/Jane Sellers

chickflet wrote:

> John Kenny Sellers 1811-1890 married to Bethina Weatherspoon/Witherspoon
1813-1885.  John Kenny Sellers is son of John Sellers 1778-1847 and
Eleanor Kenny 1781-1835.  Other are Laura A. Sellers 1855-1862 is daughter
of John Kenny Sellers and Bethina and Mary E. Sellers 1844-1862 is also a
daughter of John Kenny Sellers.  Louisa C. Sellers 1854-1895 would be the
wife of John W. Sellers, son of John Kenny Sellers and Bethina.
> A history of this family is written in the History of Hickman County,
Kentucky, I believe.  It could be Graves Co., KY, but I think it is
Hickman Co., KY.  Could possibly be a Goodspeed article on the family.  It
does state that John Kenny Sellers was born in Maury County, Tennessee.
> This family is found in Hickman Co., KY, census records.
> I would imagine that John Kenny Sellers' father John Sellers is the son
of John Sellers, James Sellers or Robert Sellers - all sons of James Y.
Sellers that died in Chatham Co., NC in 1805.  No proof on who the father
of John is however.
> Georgia
> Georgia L. Fletcher
> chickflet@aristotle.net

             Re: John Gallagher Will

        From: GENNY
    Do you have this will of John Gallagher?

Lots of places and names.

I welcome comments as I work on this puzzle.


 Rough draft: John Gallagher Will

Pleas held at the court house in Georgetown Brown County and State of Ohio
August 1842.

Certified copy of will of John Gallagher New Madrid County, Missouri.
Goods & chattels of said decd in this county
four thousand dollars - bond and security.

Whereupon came Wm McMurchy together with John McMurchy and David Trout his
securities and entered into bond in the penal sum of four thousand dollars.

Ordered that Jesse Thompson, Daniel Trout & Peter Barr appraise the
property belonging to the estate of said decedent

Will of John Gallagher 03 Apr 1841

Eliza Gallagher Hickman County, KY  $100.
Cecil Gallagher Hickman County, KY $100.
Malinda Gallagher Hickman County, KY $100
Mary Sellers Hickman County, KY $100
George Sellers Hickman County, KY $100


march 2008

Much of the information on this family is speculation. I just did a census
search for Luke Sellers and in 1830 he is living in Hickman County,
Kentucky, next door to Ebenezer Alexander, Sr., who married Lucy Sellers.
Lucy Sellers is the daughter of Isaac Sellers and Judith Johnson (my line)
and Luke Sellers was not their son.

John Sellers, who married Eleanor Kenny, also moved from Maury County,
Tennessee to Hickman County, Kentucky. In the history of Hickman County,
Kentucky, it states that John Kenny Sellers was born 1811 in Maury County,
Tennessee. John Kenny Sellers had a sister Jane Sellers that married
William T. Evans in Kentucky. I don't know any names of the other children.
I am not sure who John Sellers belongs to either. I have him as the son of
James Sellers, II and Unknown. James Sellers, II is the son of James T/Y
Sellers and Patience Parker. If this is true, Lucy Sellers and John Sellers
would be first cousins.

I will print what I have on Luke and my source:

1823 Maury County, Tennessee, Tax List living next to his father, Robert
Why did Luke, his wife, and daughter Martha die within a few days of each

Mrs. Clayton Church says this is her great grandfather and she was told by
an aunt that Luke Sellers and family went to Kentucky and presumably bought
land or was given a grant and Luke and his wife were both stricken with what
was called "milk fever" and all of the children were sent back to Maury
County, Tennessee, as orphans and raised by relatives. If this story is
true then Luke and his wife died in Kentucky.

Nora S. Church (Mrs. Clayton Church)
607 N. High St.
Columbia, TN 38401
(this address was in November 1970 so don't know if she is still around)

1830 Hickman County, Kentucky
Luke Sellers
1 male 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 female 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 male 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 female 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 males under 5 years (1826-1830)
2 females under 5 years (1826-1830)
Luke Sellers was living next door to Ebenezer Alexander

Georgia #1

Georgia L. Fletcher [chickfletcher@comcast.net]