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Subject:  Gates/Sellers

In the Henderson County Kentucky Death Records there are:

Gates, Susanna born KY 17 May 1867, died 16 Aug 1956, Cemetery: Shadygrove,
father: Henry Gates, mother: Sophia Terry, Informant: J V Sellers

Gates, William W. born NC 7 May 1857, died 17 Feb 1912, Cemetery:
father: Henry T. Gates, mother: Sophia Gates, Informant: E V Gates

Sellers, Mary Alice born KY 24 Oct 1860, died 20 Dec 1944, Cemetery:
father: Henry Gates born NC, mother: Sophia Terry born NC, Informant: JV
Sellers, spouse: I. J. Sellers

Sellers, Hugh Bryan born 10 Oct 1891, died 1 Sep 1973, Cemetery:
father: Isham J. Sellers, mother: Mary A. Gates, Informant: Amanda C.
spouse: Amanda Sights

Sellers, Isham Eblen born 18 Jan 1912, died 4 Sep 1986, Cemetery: Fairmont,
father: Hugh B. Sellers, mother: Amanda Sights, Informant: Hazel L. Eblen

Sellers, Amanda Caroline, born 25 May 1893, died 25 Jan 1984, Cemetery:
Shadygrove, father: John Eblen Sights, mother: Martha Jane Conway,
Isham Sellers

Note: Shadygrove Cemetery is in Poole, Webster County, KY
Note: Fairmont Cemetery is in Henderson, Henderson County, KY

Also, all the above was transcribed into book form, therefore a chance
of error, you might want to write to Henderson County for actual copies
of death records.


Source: Henderson Co KY Death Records 1911-1992 published by James Lincoln
Blue and Donald Lee Hazelwood

Kennedy, Elbert H. born Webster Co KY 11 Dec 1839, died 19 Oct 1916,
Cemetery: Fernwood, father: H H Kennedy born NC, mother: Hill, Informant: H

Kennedy, Harrison born 24 Jan 1866, died 7 Mar 1936, Cemetery: Fernwood,
father: E H Kennedy, mother: Sara Sellars, Informant: Laura Kennedy-wife,
spouse: Laura Kennedy

Kennedy, John R born 23 Oct 1882, died 18 Oct 1977, cemetery: Fairmont,
father: Elvert H Kennedy, mother: Sara Ann Sellers, Informant: Jonnie Mae

Kennedy, Sarah Ann born 30 Jul 1840, died 23 Mar 1911, Cemetery: Fernwood,
father: Luke Sellers, mother: Mary E Herrington, Informant: A J Kennedy

Kennedy, Thomas J born 21 Sep 1874, died 13 Feb 1944, Cemetery: Fairmont,
father: Elbert Hawkins Kennedy born KY, mother: Sara Ann Sellers born Ky,
Informant: John R Kennedy

Kennedy, Andrew Jackson born Union Co KY 20 Nov 1870, died 17 Dec 1943,
Cemetery: Fernwood, father: Hawkins Kennedy born NC, mother: Sarah Sellers
born NC, Informant: Lovie Kennedy, spouse: Lovie Kennedy


I'm working with some old KY death certificates and ran up on one for Robert Lee Sellers, who died on 16 June 1911 in Henderson County, KY. It lists his date of birth as 7 July 1864 and parents as Elijah Sellers, Sr. (from Henderson County, KY) & Minerva Osborn (from Webster Co., KY). Informant was Randolph Sellars of Henderson County. He was buried in Fernwood Cemetery. The death certificate # is 15028.

I don't know if you have info posted on him or not, but wanted to make sure you had it just in case. If this is a duplicate, just ignore me. <grin>


Sherri [ldrbelties@earthlink.net]


SHERI, thanks. We needed this info. Thank you for sharing with us and best wishes. He would be a son of Elijah Sellers, son of Rev War Isom Sellers. Randolph probably his brother. marie, iowa