HARRISON CO, KY (made in 1794 from Bourbon, Scott Co's)
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From Charlotte sellers <csellers@hsonline.net>
> Kentucky Stations and Settlements
> In a section on Ruddle's Station at the time of an 1880 (should be
> 1780?msh) attack, residents included a Mr. and Mrs. SELLERS and children
> (no first names).
> (Ruddle's Station is identified as being in Harrison County, KY, east
> of the Licking River, southeast of Cynthiana.)

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(This Isaac I believe is mine. Isaac won the court case and didn't have
to pay Berry anything. I never copied the entire case. This is just the
promissary note that caused the dispute.)=

Harrison County Court Records. - 1795
On or before the first day May next ensuing I promise to pay or cause to
be paid unto Benjamin Berry or his assignees two likely first rate young
cows and calves not to exceed five years old to be delivered on Bank
Lick (creek). As witness my hand and seal this 15th day of September

Harrison County Court Records.
January Court, 1798 - An indenture of Bargain and sale from John SELLERS
by Thomas Boyd his attorney in fact to James Powers was acknowledged in
open Court by the said Thomas Boyd and ordered to be recorded. 

MARCH 21, 1798 - WILL of John SELLERS (Harrison Co, Ky)

and Daniel MCLONEY, bondsmen

Neale, Benjamin Sellars, Mary 02 Sep 1797 Kentucky Harrison County

             SELLERS: Harrison Co, KY--Marriage bonds, minister returns

             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <hubie19@postoffice.swbell.net>

>From "Sellers Letters" (c) 1983 M. Sims

The marriage information here is from original marriage bonds, clerks's
index books, and minister's returned.  (info shown in parenthesis are your

1797, Sept 2 - (bond) Mary SELLARS and Benjamin NEALE; suretor Nathan
      SELLARS: Bond #175
1803, Jan 4 - Bond #345 Elizabeth SELLERS-Daniel McLONEY: Suretor Isaac
      SELLERS: Consent written and signed by Rebekah SELLARS Jan 4, 1803;
      witness to concent: Charles W. Adams and Isaac SELLERS (son of
      Rebekah and brother to Elizabeth)  (Index incorrectly shows Bond
      #353, but original bond clearly shows #345); married Jan 6, 1803
      by Wm. Williams V.D.M.; Mrg bond signed by Daniel McLONEY and Isaac
      SELLERS, who could not write, but made his "X".
1803, Jan 29 - Bond #349 Isaac SELLERS-Nancy BRANDON (Isaac SELLERS, son of
      Isaac and Rebekah); Sureton Sam'l Brandon; Bond signed Isaac (X)
      SELLERS and Samuel BRANDON.
1804, Sep 17 - Bond #399 Jennie SELLERS - Enoch BARLOW; Suretor John ADAMS;
      Mrg Index shows Jenny SELLERS, outside cover of bond shows Jennie,
      inside shows Jenny.
1809, Sep 4 - Bond #637 - Margaret SELLARS-John BELL; Suretor Nathan SELLERS;
      Margaret on outside cover of bond, Margret inside; bond signed Nathan
      SELLER.  (Margaret was dau of Nathan and Sarah SELLERS).
1811, Dec 10 (Bond #782); married Dec 12, 1811- James ADAMS-Ellenor SELLARS;
      consent by mother who signed as Reback SELLERS Dec 9, 1811; Suretor
      John MILLOR (on bond) but he signed Jno. MILLER.  Bond shows Ellenor
      SELLARS outside bond cover, Eleonar SELLARS inside bond; witnesses to
      consent: Daniel McLONEY (Ellenor's brother-in-law) and John SELLERS
      (her brother).  Two ministers' returns are on file for this mrg
      indicating that the minister's did not keep accurate records and may
      have done this once a year "from memory" because one return shows
      James Adams and Ellenor Sellers were married by John Whit_____, the
      other shows they were married by John CONNER, MG  (This family
      ancestors of Martin Sims, your editor)
1812, Mar 23 - Bond #801 - Kittie SELLERS-Jacob HOFFMAN; Suretor Henry
      SELLERS (fau of Kittie/Katherine.)  Mrg 1812, Mar 26 - return shows
      "Jacob HUFMAN and Kitty SELLERS was mairied 26 day of March 1812" by
      John CONNER.  Kitty in mrg index. (Her father Henry lived on Twin Creek).
1812, Jun 29 (bond #815) - 1812 July 2, Mrg John SELLERS-Lucy COPPAGE.
      John SELLARS on outside cover of bond, SELLERS inside, signed John (x)
      SELLERS  and Isaac SELLERS (his brother).  Consent by Charles COPPAGE
      for John SELLARS to marry his daughter Lucy COPPAGE.  Witnesses to
      consent were Isaac SELLERS and Jonathan SELLERS (brothers...note there

      was Jonathan and John in this family).  Consent appears to be in
      handwriting of Jonathan SELLERS.
1813, May 10 - Bond #860; mrg 1813 May 13-Rebecca SELLARS-John ADAMS; consent
      by her mother Rebekah SELLERS May 10, 1813; witnesses to consent:
      Daniel McLONEY and John SELLARS (brother-in-law and brother to bride).
      One minister's return shows Rebecca SELLERS another shows Rebecca
      SELLARS with two difference ministers' returns on file - one by John
      CONNER, MG and the other by Joseph ________.  Suretor was John SELLERS,
      (brother to bride and dau of Rebekah and Isaac - Isaac deceased).
1815, Oct 24 - Bond #1034 - bond and mrg same date Ruth SELLERS-Benjamin
      HAWKINS married by Jno. R. MORELAND, MG.  (Ruth was dau of John SELLERS
      and wife Elizabeth FINLEY
1816, May 27 - Bond #1086 - bond and mrg same date.  Sallie SELLERS and
      Nathaniel McCLURE.  (Sallie dau of John SELLERS and wife Elizabeth
1819, Oct 8 - Bond #1379, mrg 1819 Nov 16 - Rebecca SELLERS-James HINTON,
      married by Alexander JACKSON. (see Box #345, 349, 782, 815, 860 shown
      previously here.  Rebecca was Mrs. Rebecca/Rebekah SELLERS, widow of
      Isaac SELLERS.  Her maiden name not yet known.  Adams?)
1821, Dec 12 - Bond #1547, mrg 1821 Dec 13 Susannah SELLERS-Isaac WOOLERY,
      married by Leroy COLE (Susannah, dau of Henry SELLERS)
1824, Feb 26 - Bond #1765 - Mary SELLERS-Joseph VANCE (dau of Rebecca and
      Isaac SELLERS - see bond #1379 above.  In a Court document dated 1833,
      Mary was shown as Polly Henry SELLERS who intermarried with Joseph VANCE.
1825, Feb 24 - Bond #1874 - bond and mrg same date - Lucy SELLERS-Wm. ANDERSON,
      marr by Thos. THRIEKILL
1831, Aug 16 - Bond #2502 - John SELLER-Jane CLIFFORD; (outside of cover of
      bond shows SELLAR.  He was son of Henry SELLERS)  Suretor James CLIFFORD
      (clerk wrote it James CIFFIFORD, but James signed it as CLIFFORD.
      Witness: H.C. MOORE, clerk.
1834, Nov 10 - Bond #2830, mrg Nov 14, 1834, Cassandria SELLERS-John PAUL,
      married by Fletcher TEVIS (she was dau of John SELLERS and Lucy COPPAGE,
      his wife.
1842, Nov 12 - Bond #3568 - Harriet SELLERS-George ANDERSON; married 1842,
      Nov 13 by Henry EDMONSON.  (The bond number on this next entry is out
      of order but we have placed entry here because of the date.  No
      explanation why number is a low number - unless the date in marriage
      index was incorrect ??)
1843, Oct 18 - Bond #1730 - David SELLERS-Susannah ECKLAR; married 1843
      Oct 23 by Leroy COLE (David was son of Henry SELLERS)
(This DATE should be 10-23-1823 - Thanks to: Stulce@aol.com (msh)
1843, NoV 13 - Bond #3613 - Zelinda A. SELLERS-Mortensen D. MARTIN; married
      1843 Nov 16 by S.C. Perrin (Zelinda dau of David SELLERS)
1849, Dec 7 - Bond #4211; married 1849 Dec 19 - John SELLERS-Lucinda CRAIG
      married by J.T. TAYLOR
1850, Nov 25 - Bond #4301 - married 1850 Nov 26 - Rebecca SELLERS-Joseph
      ADAMS.  Bond shows Joseph ADDAMS and Miss Rebecca SELLERS; suretor
      John (x) M. ADAMS.  Joseph and Rebecca proven to be of age.  Married
      by Elder Tho. STOUT.
1851, Aug 1 - Bond #4372 - Hester ZELAR-William ADAMS.  (Hester, dau of
      Jacob ZELAR who may have been same as Jacob KELLAR ??)
1853, Dec 1 - Bond #4644 - Susanah SELLERS-Robert McCANDLESS; married 1853
      Dec 8 by P.T. WHITAKER.  (This info from mrg index; but another record
      shows groom as a Wm. R. McCAULEY)
1856, Nov 5, License #4960 - mrg Nov 6 - Nancy SELLERS-William Martin (dau
      of John SELLERS and wife Jane CLIFFORD.)  Mrg lic shows married by
      E.M. JOHNSON "at home of John SELLERS".  Witness David SELLERS and
      Rankin MARTIN.
1860, Jan 30, (License #5281 - no mrg date) Eleven SELLERS-Sarah Elizabeth
      KING.  (he was also known a Leven SELLERS)
1860, Aug 4 - Lic #5325, mrg Aug 5 - Martha SELLERS-Wm. H. HICK; married
      by Jno. S. McKinney or McKenny.
1865, May 15 - Lic #5712, mrg May 18 - Martha SELLERS-Newton DUNN. Marriage
      by J.R. Carter.
1866, Nov 24 - Lic #5878, mrg Nov 25 - Lucinda SELLERS-G.L. TOREAX; marr by
1868, Nov 7 - Lic #6111, mrg Nov 8 - Elizabeth SELLERS-James P. ZOINS, marr
      by W. WELLS, Elder.  (Note, mrg index shows lic #6111 but original
      license # shows 6388)
1869, Nov 8, Lic #6214 - David SELLERS-Sarah WOOLERY; married Nov 11 by Wm.
1871, (Illegible month) 15 - Lic #6363 - Kate SELLERS-Bryant KING,  marriage
      1871 (illegible month) 16 by Wm. KIRKWOOD.
1871, May 25 - Lic #6388, married same day.  Susan SELLERS-Wm. M. ARNOLD.
      Married by Wm. KIRKWOOD
1874, Jan 5 - Lic #6650 (no mrg date) - Elizabeth SELLERS-Tapley (or Topley) J.
      ECKLER; married by R. LANCOST
1881, Feb 28 - Lic #7404 - John H. SELLERS-Dallas ROBERTS.  Married by
      (illegible) KENNEDY.  John was the son of John SELLERS and his wife
      Jane CLIFFORD--See previous bond #2502)


Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953 about David Sellers Sr Name: David Sellers Sr Death Date: 12 Feb 1876 Death Location: Robertson Residence Location: Harrison Age: 75 Gender: Male Ethnicity: White Birth Date: abt 1801

Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953 about Leoma Mccord Name: Leoma Mccord [Leoma Sellers] Death Date: 20 Jan 1919 Death Location: Robertson Age: 35 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Birth Date: 26 Mar 1883 Birth Location: Kentucky Father's Name: Jasper Sellers Father's Birth Location: Kentucky Mother's name: Francis Abbitt Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky

Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953
about Jasper Sellars
Name: Jasper Sellars
Death Date: 23 Dec 1931
Death Location: Robertson
Age: 74
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 28 Dec 1856
Birth Location: Pendleton, Kentucky
Father's Name: Wm Sellars
Mother's name: Rebecca Boone
Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin,  O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882.  p. 700.
[Harrison County]   [Richland Precinct]

A. SELLARS, miller, P. O. Antioch Mills, is a native of Harrison County,
and son of John and Lucinda (Craig) Sellars.  He is descended from a
family who traces their genealogy back to the early settlement of Harrison
County.  His father was a native of the county, born in 1835; spent his
life at farming and died in 1864.  Our subject was born in 1850; received
his education and assisted his father while he remained a resident of the
old home.  In 1871 he left home and began as salesman in a dry goods
store.  In 1875, he was married to Miss Katie Jones, who has borne him
two children.  About this date he also engaged in business on his own
account, by purchasing a partnership with his old employer, Mr. E. W.
Martin.  In 1876, he bought a flouring mill and ran the same until 1878,
when it was destroyed by fire.  He then bought his partner's interest in
the mercantile business, and has since conducted it along.  He is an
enterprising, energetic young man, and is following in the footsteps of
the wealthiest men of Harrison County, viz: depending upon his own
industry, economy and good financiering to accumulate a fortune, and
establish a good business.

Sellars Craig Jones Martin

Revolutionary War Pension Record of Samuel Sellers Jr.

Hon'ble, J.C. Calhoun                                Ridgeway Near Cynthiana,                                                   30th July 1823
        Inclosed are the papers of an old Revolutionary Soldier, who has been engaged nearly as long as the War of the Revolution lasted, is edeavering to comply with the regulations of your department, some of which are overly nice and i---atious: However do not misunderstand; I would not insiuate that you are not exclusively operated upon by a regard to the public interest -- Your directions have, at length, been substantually complied with. You have the depositions of Woods and Finley to prove the Services. The Justice has not certified Majr Finley to be a credible witness, will you permit me to refer you to some of the Revolutionary Officers of the department, I have thought they know him where:  [illegible] that he is a man of high and unblemished reputation. Whilst I had the honor to be a member of Congress, this old man's papers were first forwarded; and according to the best of my recollection his declaration was made as stated by Judge Trimble.  In the papers there is a Cert. of the Judge as to the value of his property;  and I cannot perceive the necessity of [illegible].  He gives the value of an old Powder horn and knife at $1 and I should not suppose them worth more;  as to the $100 it speaks for itself, and any Certificate of its value would be [illegible] - To my certain knowledge this old soldier is needy, and the County of his country will never reach him, except he obtains it soon;  I hope that you will find the requisitions of the casecomplied with in such manner as to authorize the allowance of his pension from his first declaration;  this is a real case.
                                I am with esteem your's H',
                                        William Brown.

        At a Circuit Court held for the Circuit and County of Harrison in the State of Kentucky on the 15th day of September 1820. The following statement and schedule was produced and sworn to in open court and ordered to be made part of the record in the records and figures following to wit.
        State of Kentucky & Harrison Circuit SS:  On the 15th day of September in 1820 personally appeared Samuel Sellers aged about 68 years in open court, being a court of record to the Circuit and State aforesaid and so declared by the law establishing the same resident in the County of Harrison and Circuit aforesaid who being first duly sworn according to wit hath on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows to wit:
        He enlisted at Shippensburgh Pennsylvania in as well as he can remember the year 1777 for one year under Captain Isaac Miller, 8th Pennsylvania regiment commanded by Col Broadhead attached to the Pennsylvania Line Continental Establishment.  That he served out his whole term and was discharged by Col Broadhead at Fort Pitt which discharge he has lost.  That he made a declaration before Judge Trimble some time in the year 1818 in as well as he can recollect.  Which was as he has been informed and believes sent on to the Department of War but from which he has obtained no information schedule.
        And, I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818.
        And, that I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in any manner disposed of any property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress entitled; an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval forces of the United States in the Revolutionary War, passed on the 18th day of March 1818.
        And, that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contributed in the schedule here to annexed and by me subscribed.  I have no land or personal property except about one hundred dollars cash on interest, a powder horn, scalping knife worth not more than one dollar.  My occupation is that of School Master.
        And, I am incapable from my age and infirmity to support myself by labour or school keeping.  I have no family.
        Given under my hand and seal this 18th September 1820,
                                                Samuel Sellers.

        Nicholas County SS - Personally appeared before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for Nicholas County and State of Kentucky,   John Finley, late a Captain in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Establishment commanded by Col Daniel Brodhead and being duly sworn deposeth and saith;  that Samuel Sellers late a soldier in said deponents company, served under him, on the expedition commanded by General McIntosh in 1778 to Tuskarawas, and that said Sellers, continued in Fort Laurence, (which we built), until the Fort was evacuated in the year 1779, that he came to Fort Pitt and at the expiration of the time he was enlisted for, was discharged by Col Brodhead.
                                John Finley, 15th day of July 1822.

        I, William Wood of Harrison County and State of Kentucky - Do hereby Certify that Samual Sellars now of Grant County and State of Kentucky formerly of Cumberland County State of Pensylvania did inlist at Shippensburgh Pensylvania in the year 1778 under Capt Isaac Miller for one year that he served one year in the Revolutionary War in the 8th Pensylvania Regiment Commanded by Col Broadhead and that he served his time honourably and received a discharge from under Col Broadhead which he has seen and read.
                    William Wood,  March 13, 1823.

        Nicholas County SS - Personally appeared before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county: John Finley, late a Capt in the 8th Penna Regt Commanded by Colonel Daniel Broadhead who previously sworn deposeth and saith that the present applicant Samuel Sellers was a soldier in the Revolutionary war - that in the year 1778 Sellars marched in his company to Fort Laurence and continued there until 1779 and came to Fort Pitt with the troops that were left there by Gen McIntosh and continued there until his term of his enlistment expired and was Discharged at Fort Pitt by Col Broadhead.
                            John Finley, July 17, 1823.
Source: National Archives, Pension S37371

Estate of Isaac Sellers

        To the Hon. the judge of the Harrison Circuit Court in Chancery Humbly complaining showeth unto your honor your orater James Adams & Eleanor his wife that about the year (blank) a certain Isaac Sellers, Senr departed this life intestate leaving the following named children to wit:   Jonathan, Isaac, Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, Eleanor, Martin, Polly Henry.
        That Jonathan departed this life intestate about the year (left blank) leaving the following children viz: Lewis, Edward, Elizabeth and Amanda who are still alive in Rockcastle county in Kentucky.  That Isaac, the son of Isaac Sellers first named in this bill removed to the state of Indiana where he departed this life leaving the following children:  Rebecca, Laurahannah, Nancy,  Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and John.  That Rebecca Sellers intermarried with a certain (blank) who is unknown to your orator, and died leaving a child, the other Children of Isaac Sellers, who moved to Indiana, are residing still in that state.  That Elizabeth Sellers, the third named child of Isaac Sellers Senr intermarried with a certain Joseph D. Brockman and resides in this county.  That John Sellers, the fourth named child of Isaac Sellers decd departed this life intestate leaving the following children viz:  Cassandra, Elvina and Harriet. That Rebecca the fifth child of Isaac Sellers Decd intermarried with a certain John Adams & resides in this county.  That Eleanor the sixth named child of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd intermarried with your orator James Adams.  That Martin Sellers the seventh named child of Isaac Sellers Decd lives in Scott county Kentucky.  That Polly Henry the eighth named child of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd intermarried with a certain Joseph Vance and resides in Scott county.
        That at the death of said Isaac Sellers Senr he left a widow Rebekah who has since intermarried with James Hinton who has departed this life.  Your Orator would further states that at the time of his father in law, Isaac Sellers Senr he died seized and possessed of a considerable quantity of personal property consisting of horses, cattle, household and kitchen furniture, hogs, etc. amounting in value to about the sum of five hundred dollars.
        That no administration on the estate of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd was granted to any individual but the property belonging to him as above stated was taken into possession by his wife Rebekah, now Rebekah Hinton, who with the proceeds thereof purchased a tract of land which she has since sold for about the sum of between $250 & $300 and your Orator states and charges that after paying for said tract of land a considerable quantity of household & kitchen furniture remained on hand in the possession of said Rebecca Hinton, also several articles of stock not known to your Orator.
        Your Orator states and charges that these actings and doings on the part of sd Deft. Rebekah Hinton took place before your Orator intermarried into the family of Isaac Sellers to his daughter Eleanor.  And at a time when your Orator and Oratrix were of young and tender years and your Oratrix incapable of looking after and attending to her own concerns.
        Your Orator and Oratrix state and charge that said Rebekah Hinton intends so to dispose of all her property which she has unjustly obtained from the estate of her first husband & a part of which rightfully belongs to your Orator and Oratrix, in such a manner as to wholey exclude your Orator & wife from any interest or share in the same to which they humbly conceive and believe themselves to be equitably entitled to part thereof.
        All which actings and doings are contrary to Equity and good conscience and tend to the manifest injury and oppression of your Orator.  In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your Orator and wife are  (illegible) in the premises & relievable only in chancery (the proof in this case resting in Defts Rebekah Hinton knowledge alone) and relievable only in Chancery where matters of this kind are cognizable.
        To the end therefore that the said Rebekah Hinton, Lewis, Edward, Elizabeth and Amanda (children of Jonathan Sellers Decd) Rebecca, Laurahannah, Nancy, Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, John Sellers, the children of Isaac Sellers Decd & the unknown heir of Rebecca late Rebecca Sellers Decd, Elizabeth Brockman and Joseph D. Brockman her husband. Cassandra Sellers, Elvina Sellers and Harriet children & heirs at Law of John Sellers Decd.  That Rebecca Adams & John Adams, Martin Sellers, Polly Henry Vance & Joseph Vance her husband all of whom your Orator and Oratrix pray may be made defendants to this bill may be full true and perfect answers make to all the matters and charges herein contained on Oath what amount and kind of property of her first husband Isaac Sellers Decd came to her hand. What disposition she has made of the same. What property of sd Sellers is still in her hands. What she has done with the proceeds thereof.
        And that finally by a decree of this Hon. Court the Deft. Rebecca Hinton may be compelled to pay over to your Orator & wife the full and just portion to which they are entitled as heirs or (illegible) of Isaac Sellers Senr Decd and that they may have such other and further relief as to Equity Belongs & the nature of their case may require may it please your Honor to grant to your Orator & wife the (illegible) the writ of Sp__ etc directed etc Co___ing etc and _____ duty bound they will ever pray etc.  Sept 18th 1834, State of Kentucky, Harrison County Hodges for Complts.
Source: Harrison County, Kentucky, Bundle 229, Case 6299.

War of 1812 Pension Record of John Adams (married Rebecca Sellers)

        John Adams of the county and state aforesaid makes the following declaration in order to obtain a pension on account of injuries received during the late war with Great Britain Towit;
        He says that he was born and raised in the said county and that he now resides therein and is nearly forty seven years old. That in the fall of the year 1812 he volunteered his services as a private soldier in Capt. Wm. Ellis' company of Kentucky militia in Harrison county Kentucky. Capt. Ellis' company joined Major Martin D. Hardin's Battallion and Col. John Allen's Regiment in Georgetown Kentucky and from thence we marched to the Ohio River and crossed the river and marched through the state of Ohio and on our way we joined General Winchester. At camp No. 3, Capt Ellis died and Richard Matson succeeded him in the command of the company.
        On the 18th of January 1813 we had a battle with the British and Indians near the River Raisin in the then Michigan Territory and on the 22nd day of the same month we had another battle with the British and Indians near the same place in which I was severly wounded in the left shoulder by a musket ball. On the same day we were taken prisoners by the enemy and were marched to malden and from there to Fort George where we were set at liberty and permitted to go home.
        On the day of the battle in which I was wounded General Winchester was the commanding general, Col. John Allen commanded our Regiment, Major Madison commanded our battallion, Richard Matson was our Captain, Francis Chinn was our Lieutenant and Thomas Chinn was our Ensign. Col. Allen and Lieutenant Chinn were both killed in the Battle of the 22nd of January. General Winchester, Major Madison, and Martin D. Hardin are all dead. Capt. Matson has removed to the state of Missouri and Ensign Chinn has removed to the state of Louisiana.
        I served out my tour of six months and was regularly discharged by Major Martin D. Hardin as will be seen by my discharge which is herewith enclosed. Major Peter Dudley of Frankfort (Ky) was the last paymaster that paid me my wages. I have not received any pension from government and my name is not on any pension roll. Given under my hand this 5th day of January, 1839.
                                    John Adams

Deposition of John B. Luke of Hendricks County, Indiana,
        [John B. Luke] was fife major in Captain Redden's Company, in Col. Scott's Regiment, in said war, and that he was well aquanted with the said John Adams during their respective services in the companies and regiments aforesiad, and was in the daily habit of conversing with him, that while the said Adams was in the service aforesaid in the war aforesaid, and under the officers aforesaid, at the battle of River Raisin, on or about the 22nd day of January 1813, he the said Adams was wounded by a large ball in the left shoulder just below the shoulder joint; that affiant was near by at the time said wound was received, within the same piquet and that he saw and examined the wound while it was still bleeding profusly; that from the appearance of the wound the ball must have lodged against the bone; and affiant is informed and believes that it remained in the shoulder of the said Adams for twenty years; that affiant has recently examined the scar occasioned by said wound, and that he thinks it has had the tendancy of paralyzing and disabling the left arm of the said Adams, so that he is now , and has been, for many years unable to perform such manual labor as required the use of both arms and hands.  January 4, 1855
                                                        John B. Luke

        Affidavit of Rebecca Adams who states she is the identical Rebecca Adams who is applicant No. 1652 for pension under the act of Feb. 14th 1871 on account of the services and death of her deceased husband John Adams who was a private in Capt. William Ellis' Company, Kentucky volunteers in the war of 1812.  She further states that her said husband left his home in Harrison County Kentucky on or about the 30th day of August 1852 when he informed her that he was going to Missouri for the purpose of entering a land warrant.  Since which time she has been unable (after repeated research and inquiry) to here from him and that since she made said above indicated application for pension 24 April 1871.  She has exhausted every effort by having her friends writing my letter of inquiry after her said husband.  And now she says she cannot here of him.  And she herewith offers the affidavit of two of her old neighbors Polcer Hiles and Lewis L. Conner as the very best evidence of the death of her said husband that she can produce and that her Post Office address is Connersville, Harrison County, Kentucky.
                                                Rebeca   X   Adams 

 George FINLY will 5-19-1818/7-1818=
Wife, Polly
dau, Jane
dau, not named
Exec, not named
Wit = Benjamin Overstake, George Parrner, Polly BARNS
James HINTON 4-17-1828/8-1828
wife, Rebecca
son, Solomon
son, Jeremiah
son, James
son, Asher
son, William
dau, Rebecca
dau, Deborah
dau, Polly
dau, Eleanor
dau, Caty
dauy, Darcus
Exec, James ADAMS
wit = Joseph D. Brockman, William Pavey, Martin SELLERS
Humphrey LYON will 4-4-1829/5-1829
wife, Peggy
adopted son, Humphrey Hinkson
Susan Hinkson, wife of Samuel Hinkson, relation not given
Exec = Charles Lair, Humphrey Hinkson
Wit = William Thornton, James H. Fisher
Francis McDANIEL 7-16-1826/12-1829
dau, Sidney Howard
son, Enos
dau, Polly Hoggins
dau, Rachel Coonrod
son, John
dau, Chesiah McDaniel
dau, Suffrona West
dau, Nancy Parker
son, James
son Andrew
Exec, Wm Tucker
Wit = Samuel Tucker, Benj Ward, Dolly Ward

My references =(need Francis McDaniels age on 1800/10/20 census)
Need All McDaniels on 1800/20 Harrison Co,Ky census=
some are only name patterns=
Francis McDaniel married 1-18-1794 Bourbon Co,Ky Dolly McNew
Sidney McDaniel married 7-28-1808 Bourbon Eli McGaw
Sophonia McDaniel married 7-16-1826 Harrison John F. West
Need John COPAGE, will 1818 =

AGE 82

       "Mary Denney" <medenney@kih.net>
Subject:  [DENNEY] James Denny & Phoebe/Scott Co., Ky.

Phoebe (widow of John Campbell) md. James Denny of Scott Co.,
Ky.  Her maiden name was Phoebe Sellers.  She md. John
Campbell ca 1778 in Harrison Co., Ky.  John died 1793 in Scott Co.
The marriage of James Denney and Phoebe was probably his
second marriage also.  If you have birthdates of James' children,
you may be able to tell if Phoebe was the mother of some of them.
.....Mary in KY
Mary Denney