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Area map of Kentucky showing the "Wilderness Road" and important settlements of the area between 1774 and 1785.


KENTUCKY LAND OFFICE including Revolutionary Land Warrants


KENTUCKY LAND RECORDS - Online Free - no time limit (2008)
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http://sos.ky.gov/land/ and download the PowerPoint presentation on land records in Kentucky.
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Sellers' Western Kentucky Obituaries

JOHN HINKSON - timeline at bottom of this page




1777 this area was KENTUCKY CO, VIRGINIA(all land west of CUMBERLAND mtns)
1772          was FINCASTLE CO, VA
1769               was BOTETOURT CO, VA
1745               was AUGUSTA CO, VA

1776 = JOHN SELLERS makes improvements to land (in 1798 this area is BOURBON CO, KY (SCOTS CO PAPERS)
(kids born VA? or probably KY? by land changes? msh)

jan 20, 2003

Subject:  [COUNTRYMAN-L] (no subject)
Katherine Rosado

George Rogers Clark and his Men, Military Records, 1778 - 1784. (publication)
 Document  58, 18 July - 21 August 1780

        A Pay Roll for Capt. Peter Asturgus Company of Kentucky County
Militia in Actual Service on an Expedition Against the Shawnee town under the
command of Colonel George Rogers Clark. Commencing July 18th 1780 and ending
August 21st. Both days included.
Peter Asturgus, Captain - dead
Samuel Adams, Lieutenant
Sinnaca McCrackin, Lieutenant
James Asturgus, Ensign
Christopher Shoult, Sergeant
Philip Taylor, Sergeant - absent
Benjamin Phillips, Sergeant
Robert Brenton, Sergeant
Privates: Samuel Anderson, Zach Hole, Peter Bellows, Jonas Eaton - absent,
Isaac Romine, Jacob Hubbs, William Logston, John Neal - dead, Adam Wolf -
absent, John Coy, Theadorous Davis, Matthew Jefferies, Thomas Phillips,
NATHAN SELLERS, Thomas Boyd, JOHN SELLERS, Hugh Coughran, John Pringle,
Hankerson Ashby - dead, James Brenton, John Phillips, Samuel Brenton, Francis
Brenton - dead, George Summit, John Lee, Henry Countryman, Charles Kennedy,
John Kennedy, George Hynch. 



JOHN SELLERS, age, etc= both born before 1760? msh
please explain,
Thank YOU for sharing SELLERS info.
 marie, iowa   

Yes, Kentucky County VA was divided into 3 more counties of Va sometime during the year of 1780. Those 3 counties became the state of Kentucky in the year 1792. I'm so pleased that someone also had a connection in this Document.:)
Warm Wishes,
Kat Rosado  


1780 they made 3 counties from KENTUCKY CO, VIRGINIA =

1780 Fincastle Co, Va =JOHN SELLERS, 400 acres of So.Fk. LICKING CREEK

1781 Jefferson Co, KY = JOHN SELLERS , delegate (Willis Green area)

1785 Fayette Co, KY = NATHANIEL SELLERS, petition for ferry at the mouth of HICKMAN (being 65 miles from Lexington)

1785 Fayette Co, KY = NATHAN SELLERS, petition NOT to divide BOURBON CO, KY into three counties

1786 BOURBON CO , KY is made from the southwest part of FAYETTE CO, KY

1786 MERCER CO, KY is made from LINCOLN CO, KY (laying at the northwest side of

1786 MADISON CO, KY is made from LINCOLN CO, KY (laying on the southwest side of BOURBON CO, KY)

1788 District of KY, Danville area = petition NOT to erect into independant state.
                                                        JAMES SELLERS
                                                        JOHN SELLERS
                                                        NATHAN SELLERS
                                                        SAMUEL SELLERS
                                                        WILLIAM SELLERS
                                                         JOSEPH SELLERS

SELLERS: James (58), John (58), Joseph (58), Nathaniel/Nathan (28,33,58), Samuel (58), William (58).

1789 MASON CO, KY is made from BOURBON CO, KY (east part of old FAYETTE CO, KY and laying along the east side of Bourbon Co,KY)

1789 WOODFORD CO, KY is made from BOURBON CO, KY (laying at the nw part of BOURBON CO, KY (old FAYETTE CO , KY) and the ne side connects to the nw tip of Mason Co,KY.

(1-6-1780 Rowan Co,NC = Jeremiah Sellers married Jane McCullock, bondsman, John Erwin, witness B.Booth Boote)
(Pa has Jeremiah SELLERS born 1799)
WHERE is he in 1800? and WHO is he? msh





Elisabeth SELLERS









From Register of Ky. Historical Society, 1921, Vo. 19, pp. 314-317

Early Station, Trail or Place Name Location

Barrens Meade and Hardin Cos.

Barrens Barren, Warren and Edmonson Big Forks of Elkhorn Franklin Co.
"Bigg Meadow" South of Cumberland River Blue Licks (Upper and Lower) Nicholas Co.
Boiling Springs Mercer Co.
Boonesborough Madison Co.
Boones Station Same as Boonesborough
Boones Trace "Wilderness Road" through Cumberland Gap to Boonesborough
Bowman's Station Mercer Co.
Brashear's Station Bullitt Co.
Bryan's Station Fayette Co. 5 miles from Lexington
Buffaloe Trace From Blue Licks to Big Bone Lick through
Nicholas, Harrison, Scott, Franklin, Henry, Owen and Boone Cos
Bullitt's Salt Lick Bullitt Co.

Carpenter's Station Lincoln Co.
Clark's Station Boyle Co.
Clark's Station Mason Co.
Cooper's Station Bourbon Co.
Coxes Settlement Nelson Co.
Nelson Co. Crab Orchard Lincoln Co.
Craig's Station Garrard Co.
Crittenden'sCabbins Probably in Bourbon Co
Crittenden's Camp Woodford Co.
Crow's Station Boyle Co.

Drenning's Salt Lick (Drennon) Henry Co.
English Station Lincoln Co.
Falls of the Ohio Louisville, Jefferson Co.
Floyd's Station Jefferson Co., Mouth of Bear Grass
Floyd's Station Jefferson Co. 6 miles from Falls
Floyd's Fork Station Oldham Co., 18 miles from Louisville
Fountain Blue (Fontainebleau) Mercer Co.
Fort Liberty Mercer Co.

Germantown (Mason/Bracken Co Line)

Grover's Station Green Co.
(Greensburg) Goar's Station Franklin Co.
Gordon's Station Mercer Co.
Grant Station Fayette Co.
Great Crossings Scott Co.
Haggin's Station Mercer Co. Same as Trigg's
Handcock Taylor's Grave Madison Co.
Hardin's Station Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co.
Harrodsburg Mercer Co.
Harrod's Landing Kentucky River, Mercer Co.
Harrod's Station Mercer Co., 6 miles from Harrodsburg
Hart's (White Oak Springs) Madison Co.
Haycraft Station Hardin Co.
Hazel  Patch Laurel Co.
Helm's Station Hardin Co.
Hickory Bottom Carrol Co.
Higgen's  Blockhouse Harrison Co.
Hinde's (Hynde's) Hardin Co.
Hinkstones' Station (Hingstone) Same as Riddles or Ruddles
Holder's Station Madison Co.
Hoy's Station Madison Co.
Huston's Station Paris, Bourbon Co.
Hynes Station Same as Hends or Hindes Indian Town (Indian Old Fields) Clark Co.

Irvine's Station Madison Co.

Jacob Grott's Settlement Bourbon Co.
Kellar's Station Jefferson Co.
Kenton's (Simon) Station Mason Co.
Kenton's, John, Station Mason Co.
Kennedy's Station Garrard Co.
Kinchloe's Station Spencer Co.
Knob Lick Station Lincoln Co.
Knocks Buckle. -
Kuykendall Station Jefferson Co.

Leach's  Station Bracken Co.
Leitch's Station Campbell Co.
Lee's Station Mason Co.
Leestown Franklin Co.
Lewis' Station Mason Co.
Lexington Fayette Co.
 Liberty Fort Mercer Co.
Licking Station Harrison Co.
Lidia Mount. - Limestone Mason Co.
Linn's Garrison Jefferson Co.
Littell's Station Grant Co
Littell's Station Pendleton Co.
Little Fort, The Twetty's Fort, Madison Co.
Locust  Thicket Fort Madison Co.
Logan's Fort (or Station) St. Asaphs, 1 mile from Stanford, Lincoln Co.
Stanford, Lincoln Co.
Louden's Station Probably on Kentucky River in Henry Co.
Lynch's Station, same as Squire Boone's Shelby Co.

McAfee's Station   Near Harrodsburg, Mercer Co.
McAfee's Station, James 6 or 7 miles from Harrodsburg
McAfee's Station, William Mercer Co., on Shawnee Run
McClellan"s  Fort or Station Georgetown, Scott Co.
McConnell's Station Near Lexington
McCowan's Station Mercer Co.
McGary's Station Mercer Co.
McGee's Station Fayette Co.
McGuire's Station same as McGee's McKinney's Station Lincoln Co.
McMillin's Fort Bourbon or Harrison Co
Marble Creek Station Madison Co.
Martin's Station Bourbon Co.
Masterton's Station Fayette Co. Maulding Station Logan Co.
Montgomery Station Lincoln Co.
Mud Garrison Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co.
Muddy River Licks Logan Co.
Nelson, Fort Louisville, cor. 9th and Ohio River
New Market Henry Co.
Old Town Harrodsburg
Old Town (Indian) Greenup Co.
Owen's Brackett Station Near Shelbyville
Painted Stone Squire Boone's Station in Shelby Co.
Paint Lick Station Garrard Co.
Pettit Station Lincoln Co.
Phillip's Fort Larue Co.
Pittman's Station Green Co.
Poplar Level Jefferson Co.

Red Banks Daviess Co.
Reed Station Near Danville, same as Given's Riddle's Station Same as Ruddles Rogers' Station Clark Co.
Rogers' Station Nelson Co.
"Rock Dunda." - Ruddles' Station Harrison Co.

Salt River Garrison. Sandusky Station Washington Co.
Scott's Station Harrison Co.
Shannon's Trace Scott Co.
Shallow Ford Station Madison Co.
Skagg's or Skegg's Station Green Co.
Slate Blockhouse Bath Co.
Spring Station Jefferson Co.
Squire Boone's Station Shelby Co.
St. Asaphs' Lincoln Co.
(Stanford) Stamping Ground Scott Co.
Stations on Beargrass Jefferson Co.
Stevenson's Station Garrard Co.
Stockfields Madison Co.
Stoner's Settlement Bourbon Co.
Strode's Station Clark Co.
Sturgus (Asturgus) Station Jefferson Co.
Sullivan's Station Jefferson Co.
Taylor's Creek Station Campbell Co.
Tick Creek Shelby Co.
Todd's Station, Capt. Jessamine Co.
Trigg's Station (Viney Grove) Mercer Co
Tyler's Station Shelby Co.

Vance's Station On Green River, 15 miles from M. Vanmeter's Fort Hardin Co.
Vienna McLean Co.
Viney Grove Trigg's Station War Road Same as Whitley, Lincoln Co.

Wells Station Shelby Co.
Wells Station Mason Co.
Whaley's Station Mason Co.
Wheatley Same as Whitley, Lincoln Co.
Whittaker's Station Bullitt Co.
White Oak Springs (Hart Station) Madison Co.
Whitley's Station Lincoln Co., 2 miles from Crab Orchard
Wilderness Road from Virginia Williamson's Run Fleming Co.
Wilson Station Mercer Co.
Woods Station Madison Co.
Woodstock "8 miles N.W. from Boonesboro"
Worthington Station Lincoln Co.
Yellow Banks Daviess Co.

Stations and Settlements as listed in other sources
Station, Fort or Blockhouse Location

Adam's (Geo.) Station Garrard Co
Arnold's (John) Station On Little Benson Creek, 7 miles above Frankfort
Arrington's Station Southern KY (1788)
Ballard's (Bland) Station - usually called Tyler's Shelby Co.
Bell's Station Madison Co.
Blockhouse on Big Sandy River Near or above Louis, Lawrence Co.
Boone (George) 2.5 mi. NW of Richmond
Burnt Station On or near Simpson's Creek, Nelson Co.
Campbell's Station On the Dry Ridge 3 mi. N. of Williamstown, 33 miles from the mouth of Licking River, Grant Co.
Cartwright's Station (bef. 1792) Clark's Station On Clark's Run, a branch of Dix River (bef. 1779)
Collins' Station On Rockcastle River Cooper's Station On Cooper's run 2 mi. from Kiser's, Bourbon Co.
Craig's (Elijah) Station 5 miles from Versailles (1783)
Crews' (David) Station Madison Co.(1781)
Curtis' Station Mason Co.
Daviess' (James) Station about 5 mi. W. of Whitley's
Dover Station Waters of Dix River, Garrard Co.
Downing's Station E. and near Dix River, not far from Danville Ellis' Station Ellisville, Nicholas Co.
English's Station South bank of Dix River, 3 mi. E. of Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co.
Estill's New Station Station 5 mi. SE of Richmond Field's Station 1.5 mi. W. of Danville
Fisher's (Stephen) Station near Danville

Florer's Station S. bank of Dix River, 3 mi. E. of Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co.
Forks of Elkhorn Settlement Near Scott/Franklin Co. line
Fox's (Arthur) Station Same as Washington Givens' (Samuel) Station - afterwards called John Reed's Station 1 1/4 mi. SW of Danville on branch of Clark's run (bef/ 1780)
Goar's Station N. side of Elkhorn Creek, Franklin Co.
Great Crossing Station - same as Col. Johnson's abt. 2 mi. W. of Georgetown, Scott Co.
Harbeson's Station Prob. in E. part of Washington Co. on road from Harrodsburg to Bardstown

Holder's Station on KY river, 2 mi. below Boonesboro
Hood's Station Clark Co. (bef. 1792) Irish Station Between Danville and mouth of Dix River
Johnson's (Col. Robert) Station At the Great Buffalo Crossings on North Elkhorn, Scott Co. (winter of 1783-84)

Kenton's (Simon) Station (July 1784)
Kennedy's Station Between Paint Lick and Dix River, Garrard Co.
Leitch's (Maj. David) Station 6 mi. above the mouth of the Licking, on the E. bank - now Campbell Co. (1790)
Liberty Fort 3/4 mi. below McAfee's Station on Salt River in Mercer Co.
The Little Fort or Twetty's 5 mi. south of Richmond
Lindsay's Station near Lecompt's Run in Scott Co.
Locus Thicket Fort Madison Co. (bef. 1780) Marble Creek Station 7 mi. from Boonesboro
Masterson's (James) Station 5 mi. NW of Lexington - home of first Meth. Episc. church erected here in 1790 or before May's Lick Settlement Mayslick, Mason Co.

McConnell's Station at the royal spring Fayette/Scott Co.not so fortified as to be regarded as a regular station - (1783 or earlier)
McCormick's Station on top of first ridge N or NW of Knob Lick fork of Hanging Fork of Dix River
McGuire's Station same as McGee's but James McGurier was prominent here in 1780 McKinley's (James) Blockhouse on the old buffalo trace S of Washington, Mason Co. (built 1785) McMillin's Fort Bourbon or Harrison Co.(1779)
Meux's Station probably Boyle or Mercer Co. (1789)
Meek's Station waters of Drennon's Lick, 20 miles from the Ohio River at the mouth of 18 Mile Creek
Owen's (Bracket) Station near Shelbyville (1782)
Owings'Station on road from Lexington to Paris Paint Lick Station near Madison Co. line, in Garrard Co.
Pond Station 4 mi. SW of Calhoon, McLean Co. (1790)
Reed's (John) Station near Danville, same as Givens' Rogers' Station toward Strode's Station, Clark Co.

Scrivner's Station Madison Co.
Salt River Garrison (bef. 1780)

Shallow-Ford Station Madison Co.
Smith's Station on road from Danville to mouth of Dix River
Stevenson's Station on Paint Lick Creek, probably Garrard Co.
Summit Station 12 mi. from Lower Blue Licks, Nicholas Co.
Tanner's (John) Station 6 mi. NW of Richmond Tanner's Station Lower Blue Licks (1784) Twetty's Fort - the first fort in KY 5 mi. S of Richmond
Vance's Station 15 mi. from mouth of Green River (bef. Apr. 1780)
Vancouver's (Charles) Fort Fork of Big Sandy River (Settled 1789, abandoned 1790) Vanmeter's Station Hardin Co. (bef. 1790)
Vienna Station falls of Green River, now Calhoon, McLean Co.
Warner's Station Otter Creek, Madison Co.
Warren's (Thos) Station Madison Co. Wells' Station west part of Mason Co.
Wells' (Samuel) Station 3.5 mi. NW of Shelbyville
Whaley's Station Mason Co.
William's (David) Station 6 mi. NE of Harrodsburg
Woods' Station Madison Co. 
John Hinkson Timeline

1729: Born in Belfast, Ireland. 1

1763: Travels to Ireland and marries Margaret McCracken, remains two years, then returns to
America, settling in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.2

1764: Living in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, near Shippenburg. 3

1768: John Haggin listed as living in the same township as John. 4

June 8, 1773: John Haggin to John Hinkson and Thomas Woods of Fairfield adjoining Enos
McDonald, John Haggin's improvement. 5

March 28, 1774: John Hinkson and Thomas Woods to John Thompson of Cumberland Co. for 50 pounds. 6

May 29, 1774: Arthur St. Clair, a neighbor of Hinkson, notifies the Pennsylvania Assembly
accusing John Hinkson and James Cooper of the murder of Joseph Wipey. 7

July 12, 1774: Arthur St. Clair writes to Pennsylvania Governor John Penn indicating that Hinkson and Cooper are in Hannastown, Pennsylvania. 8

July 28, 1774: Governor Penn's Warrant for the arrest of John Hinkson and James Cooper for the murder of Joseph Wipey. 9 On the same day, John enlists as lieutenant in Dunmore's War.10

August 29, 1774: John Hinkson for 200 pounds to Thomas Galbraith of Ligonier in Westmoreland,
2 improvements adjoining the lands of Joseph Brady, Samuel Gibb, Michael Huffnagle, George
Finley (or Findley), Abraham Hendricks, Robt. Johnson and George Cummins.11

August 29, 1774: John Hinkson to T. Galbraith 400 pounds, 270 acres on Conemaugh bounded
by William McCune,12 John Woods, being the Squirrel Hill Old Town.13

1775: Visits Kentucky, returns to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, the same year.14

Spring, 1776: Establishes fort in Kentucky, known as "Hinkston's fort."15

July 21, 1776: Hinkston settlement abandoned.16

June 10, 1777: Appears on Officer Roster of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.17

September-December, 1777: Involved in skirmishes with Indians along the frontier forts in

November, 1777: Goes on scouting sortie with COL James Smith.19

February 10-March 10, 1778: Commands company of 18 men in General Edward Hand's
"Squaw Campaign."20

1779: Commands Pennsylvania company.21

June 24, 1780: Defender of Ruddle's Fort.22

Jan 10, 1780: William McCune to Barnard Dougherty, 750 pounds on north side of Conemaugh;
William McCune to B. Dougherty, 2000 pounds, on north side of Conemaugh bounded by David
Wilson on the east. 336 acres. 23

1780: At Mann's Lick in 1780, an old salt station located near the present town of Sheppardsville,KY.24

April, 1781: Appears in Jefferson County Court with John Sellers and appeared on a poll to elect

September, 1781: Moves to Haggin's Station near Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

November, 1782: Serves as private in Capt. John Smith's company on Clark's campaign, Lincoln
County, Kentucky.25

1783-1784: Surveys land with John Sellers and others around Ruddles Station. Moves back to that area about this time.26

1785: Elected Major in the militia.27

1785 or 1786: Serves in Harmar's Campaign.28

1788: Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel and becomes Sheriff of Bourbon County, Kentucky.29

1789: Makes rank of Colonel, accompanies Lawrence Harrison, brother to Benj.Harrison, to
Missouri to look at the country. He dies at New Madrid, Missouri.30 


             "Sellars, James SSgt (NEW)" <James.Sellars@kadena.af.mil>
   Sellers researchers,

Most of the information on the Hinkson timeline was submitted by myself
to Bob Frances. If anyone has any questions regarding the information I
may be able to help.

Alexander Ritchey and William Leggit purchased land from Samuel Sellers
in 1774. Both men conveyed it back to Samuel, a mortgage, until it was
payed for. In the Land record Alexander's last name was "Richardson."
The payments were to be made once a year from 1774-1782. 1774 was about
the time that Samuel's health was failing him and he moved in with his
brothers family until his death about the year 1776 (year of will).

As for the McDonalds/McDaniels, there were several of this name living
near Hinkson in Westmoreland County, PA. Hinkson's plantation was at
what was called Squirrel Hill sometimes called the Squirrel Hill Old
Town. It was an old Delaware Indian town on the banks of the Conemaugh
River. Hinkson sold his farm in 1774. According to a land record of John
Woods dated Dec 1775, John Sellers had a "land claim" adjoining Woods
land. Hinkson and Sellers signed the deed of Woods as witnesses. John
Woods' plantation was called Walnut Grove and was near HInkson's land.
According to information found in the "Sellers Letters" John Sellers'
wife was Mary Woods. Possible kin to John and Thomas Woods who lived
near Sellers in Westmoreland County. In 1777 Capt Hinkson commanded a
company of Rangers with John Sellers and John Woods as Lieutenants and
Thomas Woods as ensign. Thomas was killed by the Indians in a skirmish
in Sept. of '77.

In HInkson's company muster roll dated about 1779 there were two
McDonalds listed in the company, I think a Robert and James, not too
sure. The muster roll is in my notes on Bob Frances' web page. There was
also an Enos McDonald listed in a land record in Westmoreland County.

Many of the people who lived in the Ligonier Valley of Westmoreland
County moved to Kentucky and settled in the area between Cynthiana and
Paris, Kentucky. John Hinkson was living in Hopewell Township,
Cumberland County, PA near Shippensburgh from about 1765-1769 (he went
Ireland to get married abt. 1765) where he probably became acquainted
with John Sellers. These are some of the Ligonier Valley people who
moved to Bourbon/Harrison from Westmoreland County, PA:

1. John and Margaret (McCracken) Hinkson - Eventually attained rank of
Col. in Kentucky, died at New Madrid, MO in 1789
2. William and Elizabeth McCune - Hinkson's half brother, taken at
Ruddles Station by Indians in 1780
3. John and Nancy Haggin - Nancy was Hinkson's and McCune's neice, John
settled Haggin's Station near Harrodsburg
4. John and Mary (Woods) Sellers - served as Hinkson's Lt. from
5. Garrett Pendergrass - killed by Indians in Kentucky in Jan 1777 near
6. James and Mary Cooper - James was killed by Indians in Jul 1776 near
Hinkson's Station
7. John Townsend
8. William Huskins - sold portions of his land to Nathan Sellers in 1786
9. John Martin - settled Martin's Station
10. David Wilson - served as Hinkson's ensign after Thomas Woods' death
11. Benjamin and Mary (Newell) Harrison - Harrison County named after
12. Thomas Moore - served as Lt under Capt. Ben Harrison
13. George Gray
14. John Woods - served as Hinkson's Lt from 1777-1778, later became a

There are many others including McDaniels and/or McDonalds. Still trying
to fit all the peices of the puzzle together.



Va Land Law of 1779 sent Va commisioners to Ky  the bad winter of 1779-80
AND FOLLOWING,rto hear testomony about corn rights.  'The Journal of
Daniel Trabue" abt 1975 publkication,says  THAT THE land appplicants had
swamped the stations where the land commisioners 1st appeared,taking more
food,and lodging,than the station had. So, it was set up that one person
would appear before the land commisioners for several applicants. And
that Trabue's brother,was at RUDDLES REPRESENTING Danile TRABUE,and
others,for the Va land commisioners were due,when Byrd,and his Indians
appeared, and brother TRABUE did not survive,nor did the land papers he
My Jousha McQueen has a long interview in DRAPERS PAPERS. hE WAS ONE OF
THE COMPANY UNDER CAPT GIBSON,who spent the winter besieged at Ft

       Barb,'55 sent maps.

       Sat, 27 Oct 2001 17:15:45 -0400
       HERMON B FAGLEY <hermfagley@juno.com>
       flyingw@bright.net, ROCAZ@ATTGLOBAL.NET, barich@fuse.net, mari@netins.net,       sherrymazzetti1@prodigy.net

Barb sent maps (KY MAPS) including Harrison Co,Ky which shows Ruddel's MILL ROAD
coming from Bourbon Co,and also the South Fork  nearby which lets one
locate the mills. The road heads not for Cythiana, but towards the Mattox's
Sycamore Creek.Eals LANE,Steffie Lane,and at Jones' Shop=Beckboro,Hedges
Rd run off
Ruddel Mill Rd. Sellers Run crosses Ruddle Mill Road. We have,on-line
SELLERS-L and KYBOURBO-L and mari@netinsnet has a great Sellers Web page.
Annie,you've seen the
Sellers man talk of the Ruddel's Station captives.  Marie,please pass
links of your
web page to ROCAZ@ATTGLOBAL.NET ,flyingw@bright.net,and barich@fuse.net.
Ruddel's and Milner descs. Classmates of mine.
   Barbara, on the s Fleming Co,Ky , is Sapp,and Battle Run Road. The
Brown's buried
at Kay Hannah's farm n Bethel lost bro-son Daniel Brown at the Upper [not
the more famous Lower 1782 battle]. Tradition says shot many times. Just
east is Concord,where
1791 Concord Presbyerian and then New Light church,shared  the famous
Cane Ridge
revival church's Revs Robert Wilkes Findley,and BARTON WARREN STONE.
The latter,and the Cane Ridge church,are remembered as founders of tthe
Christian church. The Locust Creek I know hits the Ohio River across from
Rt 133 at Rural. I see FOX VALLEY on the Flemingsburg-Moorehead road. Mr
Browning,at Wallingford,Fleming-a Yale grad and apple grower,told me his
people moved to
Bantam in the Civil War,and returned after the war. There was the gal
called 'the
Browning Giant" in his family.

Another database Kentucky has just released is the County court land patents
in Kentucky.
In 1835 the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation that allowed
counties to sell warrants authorizing surveys for patent applications. The County
Court Order Series, consisting of 70239 patents spanning 1835 to 2000, is the
largest patent series in the Kentucky Land Office. Prospective landowners
purchased orders, also called "Warrants", from the county court authorizing
the county surveyor to survey a tract of unappropriated land for a patent
The survey and a copy of the authorizing order(s) were then sent to the
Register of the Land Office in Frankfort. Upon approval by the Land Register and,
in some instances, the Attorney General, the Governor signed the grant
finalizing the patent.
1. Grantee: Sellers, John. Grant Book & Pg: 2 368. Survey Date:
04/27/1837. 100 acres in Pulaski County. WaterCourse: Negro Cr. Cumberland R.
Grant Date: 09/18/1838.
2. Grantee: Sellers, Liddy. Grant Book & Pg: 8 22. Survey Date:
05/18/1841. 10 acres in Henderson County. WaterCourse: Canoe Cr. Grant Date:
3. Grantee: Sellers, Rebecca. Grant Book & Pg: 11 300. Survey Date:
04/01/1840. 200 acres in Union County. WaterCourse: Caseys Cr. Grant
Date: 08/13/1844 .
4. Grantee: Sellers, Henry. Grant Book & Pg: 51 355. Survey Date:
10/24/1857. 350 acres in Whitley County. WaterCourse: Laurel Fk. Marsh Cr.
Grant Date: 04/05/1858.
Frank Sellers