From:Monte Sellers
Here is some death certificate info from Bracken County, KY

Charles C. Sellers, 6/26/1874 - 3/1/1934 wife Ada Sellers, still living
father - J. R. Sellers, birthplace, Bracken Co KY
mother - Mary E. Frank, birthplace, Bracken Co KY
informant - Ada Sellers
occupation - gas station operator in Brooksville
The burial looks like "K of P" Brooksville

James Robert Sellers 3/2/1868 - 3/2/1915, widower
father - George Sellers, b. Bracken co KY
mother - S---- Gregston, b. Bracken co KY (looks like Sonny or Sarry)
informant - John Sellers
occupation - driver of G----- Wagon
burial at Augusta KY, Paris Cemetery (I THINK it's Paris)

Anderson Lloyd Sellers 3/18/1903 - 1/7/1918, single
father - John Sellers b. KY
mother - Effa Smith b, KY
informant - Effa Sellers, his mother
occupation --or making in --or factory
burial - Paris Cemetery, Augusta KY

These last two were brothers

William Johnson Sellers 12/26/1847 - 12/1/1919, single
father - John Sellers, b. KY
mother - Hannah Tibbles, b. KY
informant - H. R. Pickrell
occupation - farmer
burial at Sharon Cemetery, presumably in Augusta KY

Madison A. Sellers 10/??/1836 - 4/13/1926, married, no wife listed
father - John Sellers, b. KY
mother - Hannah Tibbles, b. KY
informant - H. R. Pickrell
occupation - farmer
burial at Sharon Cemetery, presumably in Augusta KY

These people may or may not be related to me, as I have not linked my
great great grandparents (John Sellers and Charlotte Vaughn) to any of
the the other Bracken county Sellers.

I'd be elated to hear from anyone who can supplement the above info,
and/or confirm/correct my guesses at spelling.

Monte Sellers, Atlanta

             "Sherri Hall" <>

The following is the transcription from the death certificate of Mary
Margaret "Maggie" Strunk Sellers, my great-grandmother.  I have added some
additional information in parenthesis to help clarify the relationships
and/or locations.

KY Death Certificate 8731
Registered No. 39
Registration District 980
Primary Registration District No. 2490
  (Full name is Mary Margaret Strunk Sellers)
Date of Death: March 5, 1918 10 a.m.
Place of Death: Ferguson, Pulaski County, KY
Sex: female
Race: White
Marital status: widow
(Spouse's name was Thomas Jefferson Sellers, Sr.)
Date of Birth (Feb.) 1858
Age: 60
Occupation: Housekeeper
Birthplace: Kentucky
Father's Name: Alexander Strunk, birthplace KY
Mother's Name: Rachel Roberts, birthplace, KY
Cause of Death: Carcinoma of uterus
Certifying physician: A. J. Nally, M.D., Chairman of Somerset Board of
Health, Somerset, KY
Informant: T. J. Sellers, Indian Head, KY
Burial: March 6, 1918, Indian Head, KY (Piney Grove Cemetery)
Undertaker: White's Funeral Home, Somerset, KY

Maggie Sellers is buried close to Ava Sellers Souleyret, her daughter.  One
of the grave diggers was Lon Souleyrette (son-un-law).  He marked the grave
with a field stone and carved the initials "MS" by hand in it.

I have a copy of this (and Ava's) death certificate that was made from
microfilm.  I will scan and send to anyone that would like a copy.


             "Sherri Hall" <>

The following is the transcribed death certificate for Ava Sellers
Souleyrette, my grandmother.  I have added additional information in
parenthesis to help clarify the relationship/and or counties involved.

KY Death Certificate:  File No. 15219
Registred No. 77
Registration District 112
Primary Registration District No. 2050
Residence: 467 High St., Danville, KY
Sex: female
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: blank ("Lon" Souleyrette was spouse)
Date of Death: June 18, 1937 time 8:12 a.m.
Place of Death: Danville, Boyle county, KY
Date of Birth: April 13, 1895
Birthplace: KY (Indian Head, Pulaski County)
Usual Occupation: Housewife
Age: 42 years, 2 months, 4 days
Father's Name: Thomas (Jefferson) Sellers, born KY
Mother's Name: Mary M. (Maggie) Strunk, born KY
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Certifying Physician: E. G. Guttery (?), M. D,
Informant: T. J. Sellers (son)
Burial: 6/20/1937 Stearns, KY
Undertaker: G. T. Thurmond, Danville, KY
Filed: 18 Jun 1937



KY Death Certificate
Death Volume: 1912
Death Certificate: #29954
County of Death: Campbell; Voting Precinct: Mentor, KY
Full Name: Julie Ann Sellers
Date of Death: 8 Dec 1912
Date of birth: 7 Dec 1828
Age: 84
Sex: Female
Race: White
Marrital Status: Widowed
Place of Birth: Harrison Co.
Father: Geo Carr
Father's Place of Birth: Harrison Co., KY
Mother: Julian Carr
Mother's Place of Birth: Harrison Co., KY
Cause of Death: General Paresis
Informant: J.V. Jolly
Cemetery: Grand View Cemetery
Date of Burial: 10 Dec 1912
Undertaker: Fryer & Ellis; address Butler, KY


Sherri []


Susan M. Zellers, date of death 14 Dec 1912 in Jefferson Co., KY. She is listed as being a white female, widowed, born on 15 Sep 1862 in Ohio. Father David Albert of OH, mother Lizzia Tapphammer of PA. David B. Albert was listed as the informant. She is buried in Eastern Cemetery in Louisville.

Anyone know where she fits in?



Name: Clarence Zeller
Date of Death: July 22, 1913
Date of birth: 14 Jun 1868
County of Death: Jefferson
Age: 45 years, 1 mo., 8 days
Occupation: bookkeeper
Birth Place: Cinal (?), Fulton, Ohio
Father: John Zeller
Father's birthplace: Ohio
Mother: not known
Mother's birthplace: Germany
Informant: Mrs. Myrtle Zeller
Place of burial: Cave Hill Cemetery (Louisville, KY)
Undertaker: John Maer. & Bro.