Sellers, Anna           10/8/1857 - 2/14/1943
Sellers, Anna L.                Mother 1926-1971
Sellers, Bertie         Wife of George 10/23/1899-10/17/1918
Sellers Charles C.      6/30/1874 - 3/1/1934
Sellers, Charles E.     5/1/1923 - 11/13/1984 Pvt 1st Class Army WWII
Sellers, Darlene Louise     Our baby 12/12/1952-2/5/1953
Sellers, David E.       9/28/1948 - 11/7/1948
Sellers, Earl W.                Cpl. U.S.Army WWII 1917-1985
Sellers, Elmer C.     Ky Pvt 1st Cl 321 Rep&Sal Co. 1/27/1890 - 10/7/1954
Sellers, Erma           1904 - 1958
Sellers, Ida G.                 Mother 1901-1962
Sellers, James Robert     Ky Pvt1stClass Co. B. WWI  5/12/1897 - 6/15/1957
Sellers, John I.                no information on stone
Sellers, Leslie         11/24/1856 - 7/4/1921
Sellers, Marvin Dale   1951 - 1954
Sellers, Mayme          Wife of Webster 1883-1965
Sellers, Sylvia M.      1920 - 1981
Sellers, Walter         Ky PvtMilPolice 3/25/1956 no other dates
Sellers, Webster        Husband of Mayme 1876 - 1948

Sellers, Thomas R.      1890 - 1920

Sells, Michael          8/11/1802 - 10/20/1871
Sells, Michael          Son of Wk&ME  7/11/1859 - 5/10/1860

Cemetery locations available upon request.
INSCRIPTIONS, VOLUME 1, compiled by John E. Leming, Jr.
published by the Bracken County Historical Society, Brooksville, Ky 41004,

Volume 2 is being worked on presently.

Mary Ann Case Ashworth
Pasadena, California

        From:MARY ANN

Maybe this information will be helpful to someone, even to me, but have not
had a chance to check it out.

This is a SELLERS CEMETERY, in Bracken County, Ky., that possibly has never
been recorded before.

In memory of Elisabeth A. the daughter of John & Hannah Sellers who died an
accidental death June 24, 1845 age 4 years 3 mo. 9 days.

>From the just published, Millenium Edition, of BRACKEN COUNTY , KENTUCKY
1796-1999 published (and can be obtained from) by the Bracken County
Historical Society, Brooksville, Ky. 41004
Mary Ann Case Ashworth
formerly of Bracken County, Ky.
transplanted to Pasadena, CA

       Mary Ann Case Ashworth <>

This information from the Millenium Edition of the book:

Dillman, Andrew 1751-1823
Soldier of the Revolution
Dillman, Barbara Roush 1759-1842
A crumbled stone behind the Dillman's and all you can read is 82 yrs. 11

mo. Contact the Bracken County Historical Society and maybe their
inventory paperwork will give you an answer. Their e mail address is
They only read their email once a week so don't expect an immediate


From: Kathy Lynch <>
Sent: Tue, February 9, 2010 10:00:50 AM
Subject: John and Hannah Sellers, Bracken Co., KY


This is a long shot but my
daughter and her husband built a home last year in Bracken Co., KY The address
is 596 East Gillespie Lane, Augusta, KY. My daughter, knowing I do genealogy
research, called me yesterday to say her husband found 3 headstones in the
field across the road from their house. One is of an infant, Isabella Sellers,
died 1845 and the other two are for John and Hannah Sellers. He said he couldn't
read the dates on John and Hannah very well. If you or anyone you correspond
with are interested in these stones I'm sure we could take pictures for you.
They are close to an old house which should have been torn down a long time ago
and is very grown up with vegetation.
Hope to hear back from you.

Kathy Hill Lynch
Gallipolis, Gallia Co.,



From: Kathy Lynch
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 11:21 PM
To: Kathy Lynch
Subject: Sellers

I found this 1926 Seller's Reunion photo attached to Ida May Sellers profile on Ancestry Family Tree. She was the daughter of Hezeciah Sellers, b. 1866 Bracken Co., KY and granddaughter of George Sellers b. 1820-1822 Bracken Co., KY. This house looks enough like one the one close to my daughter's property that I could safely say it is the one and the same. Do either of you know who George Seller's parents were? Could he have been a brother of John Sellers? I have written the submitter to ask if they know the location of where the photo was taken but have not heard back from them as yet.
The other attachment is of a home right across the road from my daughter that is currently for sale. It is a two story brick that was built in the 1840's and is adjacent to the land where the old house and headstones are. Click on the link at the bottom for additional information to download a "pdf" file with aerial photograph and survey. This may help to give you an idea of where this land is located.
Its possible and likely that George Sellers was a younger brother of John Sellers, Jr.  Thus, George's parents may have been John Sellers, Sr. and Elizabeth Fee.  I see a house in the background, to the right in the picture.  That isn't the brick house built in the 1840s, is it?  Probably not but figured I'd ask.


Michael Sellers []

Hi Michael,
The house in the background is not the house for sale in the Broker's ad. I don't think the house in the background still exists. Construction on the AA (KY 9) Highway began in the 1980's and it went through about where that house was located. In the reunion photo you can see that the road on which the people are standing stops. There is now an extension of this road and the 1840's brick is about a quarter of a mile farther down on the same side. Were you able to pull up the broker's site? There is a picture of the 1840's home.
I spoke with Jimmy, my son-in-law on Wed and he said the other 2 stones are not readable and appear to be much older than the Isabella stone. Hers says "daughter of John and Hannah" so he assumed the other stones were her parents. That means now we don't really know who they are. Hopefully I can get the photos on my next visit.
Hi Marie,
I have no connection to the Sellers family. My daughter and her husband Jimmy Wolfe bought land and built a home on Gillespie Lane in Augusta, Bracken Co., KY last year. Last week he found the 3 headstones on land very near their property. He thinks the land on which the old house and stones are located is owned by Bracken County since it is mowed/maintained by the county. I'll have him look into finding out if he can obtain information from the county about original owner. The photo: 1926 Sellers Reunion I sent was attached to a tree on Ancestry. I think the house in the picture is the same house where he found the stones, at least it looks the same to me and I have seen this house many times while visiting. It is attached to Ida May Sellers (1895 Bracken, KY- 1959) and her father, Hesiciah Sellers (d. 1940 Bracken, KY). His father is listed as George Sellers (1822- aft. 1880), mother Sarah Gregston. They have no parents listed for George Sellers. If this is the same house then it seems natural to me to assume George is in the same family as John and Hannah Sellers, maybe a younger brother of John. There is also a two story brick home built in the 1840's directly across the road from their home which is now for sale and I will send you a link from the realtor. Bracken Creek runs through this land if that has any meaning to you. It is a country setting about 8 miles from the town of Augusta and about 20 miles from Maysville, KY. My thinking is that all this land was once a one large farm that was sectioned off and sold as individual lots by the county. I'll get back to you with whatever I can find out. I will be visiting my daughter in the near future and will photograph the house and headstones at that time. Unfortunately my daughter doesn't have internet or we could get these to you sooner.
All the Best,
Kathy Hill Lynch
Gallipolis, Gallia, OH

From: marie sellers hollinger
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2010 10:01 PM
To: 'Kathy Lynch' ; 'Michael Sellers' ;
Cc: marie sellers hollinger
Subject: RE: Sellers

I rec'd one picture.
If another link at bottom, I don't think I rec'd or found. 
Please resend.
We need the legal description of land. Which will be on their tax receipt/deed, etc. 
This will follow back to original owners.
How do you/them connect to SELLERS? I may have missed a letter, etc. Please Understand.
GEORGE SELLERS 1822? I don't show proven to a parent. He says dad born PA, mom born KY.
Son  says MARRIED when she died? kinda indicates husband still alive.
so was GEO still alive and son gave the info??

Thank You for sharing any SELLERS info.
I don't know if I can send this type of letter thro rootsweb to our SELLERS group for your help. Its gray and sent how?
marie, iowa
Marie, this link shows property where old house where headstones are located. Click on additional information at the bottom of the page to bring up a a survey map. Old house is on the property line between Tract 1 and Tract 2. The historic 2 story brick home built 1840's shown in the picture is on Tract 4 and directly across from my daughter's home.  Kathy

I NEVER did find a picture of the OLD house. someone has, resend. marie, iowa




misc notes of msh

5740 59-03-07 WOLFE JAMES 596 E GILLESPIE LANE 2,855.34 2,898.4

Little Bracken Creek
lat 384615N
long. 0835926W


Sellers Cemetery

Bracken County
Kentucky  USA

Cemetery notes and/or description:
AA Highway east to Hook-Gillespie Road and turn left. Go 100 feet and turn right. Go down the farm lane for 4/10 of a mile. The stone will be located next to a tree 50 feet off the lane next to a tree.

Sellers, Elisabeth A 63372487 b. Mar. 15, 1841 d. Jun. 24, 1845 Sellers Cemetery Augusta Bracken County Kentucky, USA

Birth: Mar. 15, 1841 Death: Jun. 24, 1845 In memory of Elisabeth A, the daughter of John & Hannah Sellers who died an accidental death June 24, 1845 age 4yrs 3mos 9ds Burial: Sellers Cemetery Augusta Bracken County Kentucky, USA
Created by: Debbie J