The Bracken County Kentucky Marriages and Bonds 1797-1859 can be purchased
from the Bracken County Historical Society, P. O. Box 66, Brooksville, Ky
Contact them at to get the particulars.

        From: MARY ANN

John McDonald/McDaniel/McDannel married Polly Sellars.
Marriage Bond 3/17/1800
Marriage 2/15/1800
(Dates don't match very well, if the bond comes first!)
John McDonald(s-McDaniel) and Michael Sellars, secs.
M. Marshall, attest to MB; minister-Joseph Morris

George Sellars to Mary Jacquis?/Jacquest
Marriage Bond 6/26/1842
Marriage 6/26/1842
George Sellars & Richard Grayston, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-James Savage; father of bride-Harrison Jacquns?
Richard Grayston, oath that Mary Jacquns? is 21

Henry Sellars to Amanda Sellars
Marriage Bond 4/27/1842
Marriage 4/28/1842
Henry Sellars and John Leatham, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-E. W. Simmons

James S. Sellars to Susan B. Taylor
Marriage License 9/15/1856
Marriage Certificate 9/17/1856
minister-John T. Brooks; M at Wm. Taylor's; Richd J. Hughey, Attest to ML
Richard Byers, Bethia Jane Byers and David Brooks, wit. to M

John Sellars to Elizabeth Fee
Marriage Bond 8/5/1798
Marriage 8/8/1798
John Sellars and Michael Sellars, secs.; William Jones, attest to MB
minister-John King; father of the bride-George Fee, consent

John Sellars to Elizabeth Patterson/Pattison
Marriage Bond8/4/1817
John Sellars and Thomas Patterson (s-Pattison), secs.
Green W. Davis, attest to MB

John A. Sellars to Martha Ann Welden/Weldon/Weldin
Marriage Bond 5/23/1846
Marriage 5/24/1846
Marriage Return 8/24/1846
John A. Sellars and Lambert Welden/Weldon/Weldin, secs.; John Payne,
to MB
J. S. Tomlinson  (Marriage Return, original filed under Littleton T. Case,

John R. Sellars to Mary Ann Frank
Marriage License 2/12/1856
Marriage 2/14/1856
minister-Geo. W. Coons; Geo. O'Neal and Mortimore Byers, wit. to M
Richd. J. Hughey, Attest to ML

Joshua Sellars to Harriett Henderson
Marriage Bond 8/7/1822
Marriage 8/8/1822
Joshua Sellers and Jacob Maines, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-Joseph Carter

Michael Sellars to Susannah Long
Marriage Bond 5/26/1810
Marriage 5/29/1810
Michael Sellars and Benjamin Long, secs.; Arthur Bonwell, attest to MB
minister-Archd. Alexander

Philip Sellars/Sellers to Kezziah/Kessine Greene
Marriage Bond 2/9/1828
Marriage 2/9/1828
Consent 2/8/1828  (consent from LDS film 0344098)
Philip Sellers (s-Sellars) and John Wilson, secs.; John Payne, attest to
Kissine Greene-her own consent and that she is 22; John McDaniel, wit to C
minister-J.M. Blackerby

Benjamin Franklin Sellers to Mary Ellen Goldon/Golden
Marriage License 10/28/1857
Marriage Consent 10/29/1857
Marriage Return-no date
BFS- age 24, born Bracken County, Ky.
MEG-age 15, born Scott County, Ky.
minister-Thomas Elrod; Lewis Goldon/Golden and George W. Goldon/Golden,
to M
Richd. J. Hughey, attest to ML

George Sellers to Polly/Sally Patterson
Marriage Bond 9/29/1817
Marriage 9/29/1817
George Sellers and Thomas Patterson, secs.; minister-Edward Patterson

George Sellers to Margaret Case
Marriage Bond 2/8/1847
George Sellers and Henry C. Sellers, secs.

George A. Sellers to Ruth Sellers/Sellars
Marriage Bond 3/1/1840
George A. Sellers and George W. Morford, secs.; R. J. Hughes, attest to MB

John Sellers to Hannah Tibbs
Marriage Bond 10/17/1825
John Sellers and George Sellers, secs.; Robt. C. Flora, Attest to MB
mother of bride-Margret Tibbs, consent;____?Anderson, wit to C
(Consent from LDS film 0344098)

John Sellers to Charlotte Vaughn
Marriage Bond 12/20/1833
Marriage 12/22/1833
Consent 12/10/1833
John Sellers and Samuel Dunbuck, secs.; Henry R. Reeders, attest to MB
Thomas Vaughn, consent; Samuel L. Dunbuck, wit to C
minister-Peter Mains

John Sellers to Sarah Fields
Marriage Bond 12/9/1834
Marriage 12/11/1834
John Sellers and Levin Fields, sec.; minister-Robt. Elrod

John R. Sellers/Sellars to Mary Ann Frank   (listed previously)
Marriage Bond 12/12/1856
John R. Sellers/Sellars and George H. Frank, secs.; R. J. Hughey, attest
to MB

Michael Sellers to Caty Cowell
Marriage Bond 10/24/1812
Michael Sellers and John Hill, secs.; Wm. T. Taliaferro, attest to MB
Marriage 10/27/1812
minister-Geo. Tarvin

Philip Sellers to Nancy Cooper
Marriage Bond 12/13/1809
Philip Sellers and Micajah Cooper, secs.; S. D. Davidson, Attest to MB

Robert Sellers to Mary E. Mains
Marriage Bond 2/28/1848
Marriage 2/28/1848
Marriage Return no date
Robert Sellers and Henry Huddlingstun (s-Huddlestun), secs.
Alfred Murray, attest to MB
Marriage Return, original filed under T. M. Bruin, 1847

William Sellers to Rebecca Jane Boone
Marriage Bond 2/27/1854
Marriage 3/1/1854
William Sellers and John W. Bravard, secs.; Richd. J. Hughey, Attest to MB
and ML
minister-Thomas Mullen, J.P./ David A. Weaver and James Donovan, wit. to M

William J. Sellers to Jane Ann Fannen
Marriage Bond 8/15/1846
Marriage 8/16/1846
Marriage Return 8/17/1846
Oath 8/15/1846
William J. Sellers and William Botts, secs.; G. W. Hamilton, attest to MB
minister-Wm. A. Landen; mother of bride-Rachel Fannen
William Boots made oath that Jane Ann Fannen, is 21

William D. Sellers/Sellars to Isabella Mains
Marriage Bond 3/29/1855
Marriage License 3/29/1855
Marriage 3/29/1855
Marriage Return 3/30/1855
William D. Selles/Sellars and Robert Sellers, secs.
Francis T. Hord, Jr., Attest to MB; Richd J. Hughey, Attest to ML
minister-Thomas Mullen, J.P.; Robert Sellers and Mary Sellers, wit to M

That is it for the male Sellers marriages as shown in the book BRACKEN
KENTUCKY MARRIAGES AND BONDS, 1797-1859 compiled by Rosemarie Bonwell
published by the Bracken County Historical Society, Brooksville, Ky.
in 1997.

Will post the female Sellers soon.
Mary Ann Case Ashworth
formerly of Bracken County
transplanted to Pasadena, CA

Amanda Sellars/Sellers to Henry Sellars
Marriage Bond 4/27/1842
Marriage 4/28/1842
Henry Sellars and John Leatham, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-E. W. Simmons

Eliza Sellars/Sellers to Richd. Gragson/Griggson
Marriage Bond 3/7/1834
Marriage 3/9/1834
Consent 3/6/1834
Richd. Gragson and Micajah Cooper, sec.; H. R. Reeder, Attest to MB
minister-Peter Mains;  Philip Sellers, consent; James Lucas, wit to C

Eliza M. Sellars to William M. Byar/s
Marriage License 2/8/1858
Marriage 2/11/1858
Marriage Return 1/10/1859
EMS age 21, born Bracken County, Ky.
WMB age 28, born Bracken County, Ky.
minister-F.T. Johns; M at John Sellars; George Taylor and Lucy Mathews, wi toM
Richd. J. Hughey, Attest to ML
MR states they are first cousins
Marriage return, original filed under Wm. M. Byars, 1858

Elizabeth Sellars to George Washington McClanahan
Marriage Bond 1/15/1820
Marriage 1/16/1820
Washington McClanahan and Michael Sellars, secs.; John Colglazer, attest
to MB
minister-Jeremiah Lawson

Elizabeth Sellars/Sellers to Henry Sidwell
Marriage Bond 3/13/1841
Marriage 3/14/1841
Henry Sidwell and Edward Norris, secs.; R. J. Hughey, Attest to MB
minister-Thos. Elrod

Frances Sellars/Sellers to James/David Wood/s
Marriage Bond 6/23/1835
Marriage 6/23/1835
James Wood and John Story, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB; minister-Peter

Mary Sellars to Thomas Gragston
Marriage 4/16/1829
minister-Joseph Carter

Nancy Sellars to John Sims/Simms
Marriage Bond 2/21/1831
Marriage 2/22/1831
John Sims and John Sellars, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-James Savage

Polly/Polley Sellars to John McDonald/McDaniel
Marriage bond 3/17/1800
Marriage 2/15/1800
John McDonald(s-McDaniel) and Michael Sellors, secs.
M. Marshall, attest to MB; minister-Joseph Morris

Polly Sellars to John Patterson
Marriage Bond 3/27/1810
John Patterson and George Sellars, secs.

Ruth Sellars, to Matthew Perkins/Pirkins
Marriage Bond 9/5/1797
Marriage 9/7/1797
Matthew Perkins (s-Pirkins_ and Levi Perkins (s-Pirkins), secs.
minister Simeon Walton/ Simeon Walton, Attest to MB

Christiana Sells to Isaac Gallagher
Marriage Bond 9/11/1841
Marriage 9/12/1841
Isaac Gallagher and John W. Baker, secs.; minister-Ja. S. Tomlinson

Francis M. Sells (male) to Augusta M. Keene
Marriage Bond 12/18/1850
Marriage 12/19/1850
Francis H. Sells and Augustus Keene, secs.; Ben. G. Willis, Attest to MB
minister-J.S. Tomlinson

Michael Sells to CAtharine Black
Marriage Bond 10/23/1826
Marriage 11/20/1826
Michael Sells and Frederick Fishback, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-John M. Blackerby

Michael Sells to Mary Miller
Marriage Bond 10/26/1834
Marriage 10/26/1834
Michael Sells and Aaron Baker, secs.; Henry R. Reeder, attest to MB
minister-Burr H. McCown

William M. Sells to Mary E. Morford
Marriage Bond 11/5/1851
Marriage 11/6/1851
Marriage Return 6/8/1852
Consent 11/5/1851
William E. Sells and Aaron Morford, secs.; minister-Jas. L. H. Henderson
N?-Sells, consent; P. S. Blades, wit to C
Marriage Return, original filed under Albert G. Folger, 1851

Amelia Reeder to John Hook
Marriage Bond 8/2/1838
Marriage 8/3/1839
John Hook and Solomon Taylor, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister- Robert Elrod

Nancy Reeder to John C. Stroube
Marriage Bond 9/1/1834
Marriage 9/21/1834
John Stroube and Henry R. Reeder, secs.;
minister-Rob. Elrod

Susanna Reeder to Matthew Kilanda/Kilander
Marriage Bond 8/18/1818
Matthew Kilanda/Kilander and Jacob Kilanda/Kilander, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB; Thomas A. Reeder, consent
Consent 8/18/1818, consent info from film #0344098, very dark.

Catharine Sellers/Sellars to John Story
Marriage Bond 6/22/1829
John Story and John Sellers, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB and O
brother of the bride-John Sellars oath that Catharine Sellars is 21

Elizabeth Sellers to Solomon Reese
Marriage Bond 8/4/1823
Marriage 8/6/1823
Solomon Reese and George Sellers, secs.; Thos. Payne, attest to MB

Elizabeth D. Sellers/Sellars to John G. Tucker
Marriage Bond 8/27/1853
Marriage License 8/27/1853
Marriage 8/27/1853
John G. Tucker and G. S. Sellers/Sellars, secs.; P. W. Weaver, attest to
and ML
minister-Thomas Mullen, JP; Joshua Sellers and Richard Sellers, wit to M

Ellen Sellers/Sellars to George Washington Dean
Marriage Bond 3/21/1850
Marriage 3/22/1850
George Washington Dean and Jofheed?Sellers, secs.;
minister-Joseph Mitchell

Malisa B. Sellers to William Wiley
Marriage Bond 12/19/1843
Marriage 1/22/1844
Consent 12/13/1843
William Wiley and Payne R. Lucas, secs.; Jas. M. Warren, attest to MB
minister-Wm. S. Patterson; father of the bride-John Sellers, consent;
R. Lucas, wit. to C
(consent info from LDS film 0344098)

Nancy Sellers to Alexander Holton
Marriage Bond 9/1/1829
Marriage 9/3/1829
Alexander Holton and George Sellers Sr., secs.; O. H. Browning, attest to
minister-Francis Landrum

Nancy Sellers to Lewis Boyd
Marriage Bond 11/3/1829
Lewis Boyd and Madison Boyd, secs.; Peter G. Winn, attest to MB

Ruth Sellers/Sellars to George A. Sellers
Marriage Bond 3/1/1841
George A. Sellers and George W. Morford, secs.;
R. J. Hughey, attest to MB

Sellers, Rutha to John Holton
Marriage Bond 12/26/1825
John Holton and John Sellers, secs.; R. C. Florer, attest to MB

Sally Sellers to William Waters
Marriage Bond 1/17/1815
William Waters and George Sellers, secs.; W. T. Taliaferro, attest to MB

Rel./Andrew Waters / Harriet Newel Clany or Clary
  MB Isham Lanier Waters May, 14.1818 =Bracken CO. Ky.

Sarah Sellers to John Palmer
Marriage Bond 3/20/1846
Marriage 3/22/1846
John Palmer and Richard Gregson, secs.; John Payne, attest to MB
minister-Joseph Mitchell

Susan Sellers/Sellars to Stephen Thomas
Marriage Bond 11/11/1824
Consent 11/11/1824
Stephen Thomas and John Boyd, secs.; Robert C. Florer, attest to MB
mother of bride-Florah Sellars, consent
consent info from film #0344098

1797-1859 compiled by Rosemarie Bonwell Pell, published by the Bracken
Historical Society, Brooksville, Ky. 1997

Thank you Rosemarie for all your hard work.......

Mary Ann Ashworth
Pasadena, California

MB-March 17, 1800; M-Feb. 15, 1800 (latter from marriage register
book--an error?)
John McDonald/McDaniel/McDannel and Polly Sellars
John McDaniel & Michael Sellars, secs.
M. Marshall attest to MB; m-Joseph Morris

Children and marriages believed to be

1.  MB-January 26, 1818; M-January 26, 1818
Elizabeth McDaniel and Thomas Vaughn/Vaun
John McDaniel & Thomas Vaughn, secs.
John Payne attest to MB; m-Edward Patterson

2.  MB-September 3, 1800; M-September 8, 1800
James McDaniel and Sarah King
James (X) McDaniel, John McDaniel & Rich'd King, secs. (book omits
John's name, but I have
bond and it is there)
M. Marshall attest to MB; m-Enos Woodward

3.  MB-November 5, 1822
Sarah McDaniel and Thomas Gilham
John McDaniel & Thomas Gilham, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB
John Gilham, father of groom, consent

4. MB-January 1, 1824
Catherine McDaniel and William Harry
Geo. Patterson & William Harry, secs.
Hugh B. Payne, attest to MB
(This is only one without John McDaniel's names.  Patterson
associated with both my King family
and with Sellers.  Think my family.)

5.  MB-July 26, 1825
Matilda McDaniel and John Wilson
John McDaniel & John Wilson, secs.
Robert Florer attest to MB
(Note: John Wilson on Philip Sellers/Kizziah Green marriage bond.)

6.  MB-October 21, 1833; M-October 22, 1833
Belinda McDaniel and William H. Smitson
John McDaniel & William H. Smitson, secs.
Henry R. Reeder attest to MB; m-Peter Mains
(Belinda's name is not on bond, and I have seen it written Malinda.)

7.  MB-September 21, 1837; M-September 21, 1837
Mary McDaniel and James Mefford
John McDaniel & James Mefford, secs.
John Payne attest to MB; m-Burr H. McCown

8.  MB-January 27, 1840; M-January 29, 1840
Aurany/Auraney McDaniel and Samuel Maines
John McDaniel & Samuel Maines, secs.
m-John M. Holton

9.  MB-June 10, 1843; M-June 11, 1843
John McDaniel/McDonald and Eliza Crawford
John McDaniel & Ruben Powell, secs.
W.G. Armstrong attest to MB; m-James Savage
(Since there is no Sr./Jr. designation, I wonder if this could this
be a second marriage for John.)

     Note that I have tried to identify this Eliza Crawford without
any success.   A Henry Crawford married a Jane Powell in 1835 or 1837.  Crawfords also
intermarried with Gilham and Osborne.  I have not had time to check out most of these families,
but there is a file for William H. Smitson's ancestors on one of the World Family Tree files.  Anyone
know any others???
     Finally, I will work on getting the rest of the bonds.


M.Marshall is,I suppose,the Augusta,Bracken Co lawyer. Morris Baptist
Some Harry's crossed to Williamsburg,Clermont CO. My kinsman,THOMAS
MCQUEEN,once in Bracken Co Ky,had a Vaughn wife. They died in Bartholomew
Co,Ind. Florer-Flora found near Felicity,Clermont,as was KING. These
BRACKEN cO,kY marriages took place just south of the CLERMONT CO,-Brown
Co,Oh  LINE. On Tue, 13 Jul 1999 08:38:34, -0500

I had always heard that the Wilsons and Sellers were linked, in Bracken
County and later Nicholas County.  Last summer I got some turn of the
century photos from a cousin in Carlisle.  The photos were of George &
Henry Wilson.  On the back, someone has penciled "Sellers/Vaughn".


I have finally found a little time to solve one more mystery
concerning the Sellers marriages that were listed here some time ago.
Here is the one that I can solve:

Eliza M. Sellars and William M. Byar(s)
she aged 21, born Bracken KY
he aged 28, born Bracken KY
married at John Sellers 11 Feb 1858
George Taylor and Lucy Mathews wit to marriage
Marriage return says FIRST COUSINS

     They are first cousins because their mothers were sisters.  Here is
the proof, along with a little extra to link them to FEE and DILLMAN.
There is also a possible link to my DAILEY family.  Note that I believe
that this John Sellers is the son of George Sellers.

John Byre and Jane Tibbles
John Byre & Frederich Dillman secs
mother of bride, Margaret Tibbles, consent
bond 19 Oct 1820

Hannah Tibbs (Tibbles) and John Sellers
John Sellers & George Sellers secs
mother of bride, Margaret Tibbles, consent
___ Anderson, wit to consent
bond 17 Oct 1825

[It appears clear that Jane Tibbles is mother of William M. Byars and
Hannah Tibbles is mother of Eliza M. Sellars]
Sarah Tibbles and Joshua Klingler
Joshua Klingler & John Klingler secs
mother of the bride, Margaret Tibbles, consent
Jacob Byar & John Byar, wit to consent
bond 27 July 1829

Rachel Fee and John Klingler
John Clingler/Klingler & George Fee secs
father of groom John Klingler, consent
bond 06 Aug 1808

Eve Dillman/Dilmon and Jacob Boyer/Byres
Jacob Boyer & Andrew Dillman secs
bond 03 Oct 1798

          I do not know if this belongs, but just in case the
transcription of the name is incorrect:

John Sell and Elizabeth Moyer
John Sell and John Moyer secs
bond 12 Apr 1799

That's all for now.