BOYLE CO, KY (made in Lincoln and Mercer Counties on 15 February 1842)
lays next to



1842: Joseph Sellers, Robert H. Sellers,

From: Harry Carpenter (harry carpenter)

This Jacob Carpenter B. 8-5-1807 D. 5-14-1868
is the son of Henry & Catherine (Sellers) Carpenter of Lincoln Co. Ky.
and the grandson
of George #1 (Zimmerman) Carpenter of Rockingham Co. Va.
Jacob moved from LIncoln Co. to Mercer Co. Ky. between 1830 and 1837
where he bought land. In 1842 Boyle Co. Ky was created from Lincoln and
Mercer Co's, the county line ran through the middle of his land.
Jacob died unexpectedly with out making a will
so his land had to be probated by the courts.

Boyle County, Ky, Deed bk. 11 page 271

Jacob Carpenter heirs to Jacob Carpenter Heirs;;
A petition was filed in the Boyle Co. Court on Nov.26,1868 by the widow
and heirs of Jacob Carpenter, dec'd.. seeking an allotment and
division of land on Chaplin in Boyle and Mercer Co's which belonged to
Jacob Carpenter at the time of his death. A committee was appointed by
the court on May 1869 to divide the land among the heirs.
Lot #1- Nancy Carpenter- widow
Lot #2 - James B. Carpenter
Lot #3 - George Carpenter
Lot #4 & 5 - Sallie J. Bradley and J.T. her husband
Lot # 6 - W. C. Carpenter
Lot # 7 - Geneva Crain and T. L., her husband
Lot # 8 - Samantha Carpenter and F. M., her husband
Lot # 9 - Elizabeth A. McGraw and F.M., her husband
Lot # 10 - Nannie Bell Carpenter
Lot # 11 - Leetha Martin and G.C., her husband

Mercer County Ky., Deed book 47 - page 516
Sept. 26. 1870
The widow and heirs of the late Jacob Carpenter of Boyle Co. Ky. convey
to J.T. Bradley, of Mercer Co., 45 acres and 40 poles of land for
$1123.53. This document is a conveyance to the right. title, and
interest which the heirs have and hold on the parcel of land which is
bound by George Martin's line, Jacob Carpenter's line, Hamilton's line
and J.T. Bradley's line.

Nancy Carpenter,  widow
Besty Ann McGraw
G.C. Martin
Aletha M. Martin
Talton L. Crain
Geneva Crain
F.M. Carpenter
Samantha Carpenter
W. C. Carpenter

Recorded March 1, 1880

Elizabeth and Besty Ann McGraw are the same
This land is located about 2 miles north of the Perryville Battle Field,

what is now Battlefield Rd. or Hwy. 1920.
The land that was probated to Sarah and J. T. Bradley is still owned by
the Bradley descendants to this day.

Jacob Carpenter was my Great-Grandfather,

Harry Carpenter